Tips To Help You Master School Bake Sales So You Can Be the Coolest Parent Ever

By | January 7, 2018

Bake sales at schools are usually about much more than the raised funds.  Kids usually have heaps of fun during these events and they learn valuable money management skills as well as social and trading skills.  These events are amazing for inspiring future entrepreneurs.

But bake sales can often be embarrassing and even dramatic to kids that just don’t have something good to sell.

Plenty of kids end up with the same products during these sales which affect their ability to raise funds.  Another big issue is the quality of baked goods.  If something doesn’t look yummy then there is no way your child is going to get good sales.

Here are a few tips to help you master school bake sales so your child can learn, so you can help raise funds and so you can become the coolest parent in school.

Tips To Help You Master School Bake Sales So You Can Be the Coolest Parent Ever

Tips To Help You Master School Bake Sales So You Can Be the Coolest Parent Ever

Get a stand mixer

One of the best things you can do to become a pro-baker is to invest in a stand mixer.  This appliance is the best possible bake aid you can possibly have.  Stand mixers are easy to use, they make baking so much easier and they enable you to bake so much more.  The quality of baked goods is also boosted tremendously because the dough is mixed through better, fluffed up to perfection and there isn’t a baked delight that you cannot whip up if you have one of these mixers.

Pin like crazy

Put that Pinterest addiction you have up to good use and start pinning various recipes.  There is an endless supply of delightful snack and baked good recipes on this popular platform and you can pin as many recipes as you like for as long as you want.

Bake the right goods

There are quite a lot of different foods that you can bake that is bound to result in good cash for the fund-raising.  Here are a few ideas for goods that kids love to eat and that is bound to result in quick sales
Bars and squares – Bars and squares like blubbery crumb bars, rice krispie chewie bars, avalanche bars and more are all superb for a bake sale.  

Cookies – Cookies will always be a good sales item.  Baked cookies can be stored away for months and customers will buy cookies even if they are too full to take another bite. 

Cakes – Cake is a bit of a risk but still a good bake sale item.  Try to bake smaller cakes like cupcakes and pay attention to the décor because the look of the cake is crucial if you want to get sales.  

Bark – Make your own chocolate bark.  There are so many different recipes you can try that will look amazing and that is bound to be different from all of the other sales items. 

Sweet treats – You can also make sweet treats like cake pops, popcorn, candy or jelly treats for your bake sale.

Dress for success

Dress your child in a good looking outfit or even a chef’s outfit for the big bake sale.  The right look can boost your child’s confidence and will generate trust in the products.

With these tips, you can make a huge success out of any bake sale and your child can have fun at learning entrepreneurship.