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5 Works from Home Jobs Every Mom or Dad with a Toddler Should Consider

It is very important for at least one parent to be available at all times during the first three years of a child’s life.  The early years are the time when most of the learning happens.  Children go from completely immobile to fully mobile in this time and if a child is deprived of the necessary input, attention, and nutrition during this time it could result in permanent cognitive, emotional and physical issues.  It is important for parents to really be there during these first three years.  But that is easier said than done.  In our modern life, there is just no way for a family to survive on a single income.  Both parents have to pull their weight to ensure that all the financial obligations are met…and children can have so many financial obligations.

So how can mom or dad be there for a tiny tot and contribute financially?  Well, the only way to do this is by getting a work from home job.  The parent can provide children with the care they need during the day and work during nap times, the night or whenever their little ones are content with playing outside.  Here is the top work at home jobs every mom or dad with a toddler should consider:

Become a voice-over artist

There are more voice-over jobs available than ever before. This is because a growing population has created many more opportunities for radio stations to start and prosper and so many businesses require voice-over talent for advertisements and content for social media sites, websites, and blogs. A voice-over artist basically reads out a script, records it, edits it and includes sound effects to make the voice clip sound much more appealing. They are then paid if the customer is satisfied with the work.  This type of work-from-home job is surprisingly lucrative, in fact, millions of dollars of voice over jobs are paid out each and every year.  Check out this site where you can find voice over jobs and auditions so you can get your work-from-home career started.

Become a virtual assistant

A virtual assistant is basically a jack of all traits.  These virtual assistants help other people and businesses with numerous small tasks.  Their duties include all types of services like blogging, marketing, event planning, daily planning, flight bookings, meeting arrangements, and much more.

Web designer

Graphic and website designing is still a fantastic digital job to consider because all businesses constantly need to upgrade their sites and companies to stay competitive.

Digital Marketer

You don’t need a lot of skill to get into digital marketing.  Simply apply your services to businesses and handle all of their online marketing for them.  Manage social media accounts, enhance website SEO and run digital marketing campaigns on behalf of companies.

Travel agent

If you love tourism then this is the right job for you. Become a travel agent and start planning trips for companies and even families that want to go on holiday.  You might even score an international trip for yourself as a guide through this type of job.…