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How to Choose the Right Videos for Your Children

There are so many YouTube video creators that can be found online. These creators may not be too familiar to you but ask your children about it and they can share information about the different creators and their channels. A lot of videos are usually funny. They have jokes that can be appreciated by different people but the question still remains: are they appropriate for your kids?

You may think that choosing documentaries and educational videos with explainer video voiceovers are enough for your children to become entertained. A lot of kids do not get entertained with these types of videos anymore. What you can do instead is to monitor the videos that your children are watching. This way, you can be sure that they are getting content that is appropriate for their age.

Take note that you just cannot stop your children from watching the videos that they love. It might cause them to become aloof towards you. They will feel that you are controlling their lives too much. Unfortunately, this is the way that most children think nowadays. These are some ideas that will help you regulate the videos that your children watch without making them feel that you are intruding too much:

  • You can watch the videos with them. You can ask them why they like the videos so much and try watching a few episodes. You will see how the videos entertain your children and you will also realize that they are not choosing videos that are “bad” for them. They just do not want to become bored.
  • You can watch the videos when you are alone. There are moments when your children would not like to share the details about the videos that they normally watch. There are different methods you can do to find the videos they normally watch. Watch the videos so you can get a feel of the content.
  • If you think that the videos they normally watch from some channels are appropriate for their age, you can encourage them to subscribe. This will lessen the possibility of other videos from other YouTube channels from appearing in the recommended page. This is something that you can do if you trust the creator of the YouTube channel you have checked.

There are still other things that you have to consider that will help you decide if your children are watching videos that are appropriate for them:

  • Take a look at the advertisements – Advertisers would choose videos that they think will reach their target market. If the ads are too mature, this means that the videos are not fit for your children’s age yet.
  • You can turn on the restricted mode – This will help restrict the videos that your children can access. You do not want them to see things that they are not ready for just yet, right?
  • You can choose the watch later option – This will help you screen the videos first before allowing your children to watch the same videos later on.

With these tips in mind, you can closely monitor the videos that your children watch online.…