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Treadmill Accessories That Miners Should Consider

Working out on a treadmill is not only fun but also has many health benefits. Since most people need an inspiration to do what they do, one of the ways of increasing consistency in using a treadmill is having a treadmill accessory.  They will keep you entertained while at the same time you will learn something new and also monitor your progress. Some of the accessories that miners should consider include:

Treadmill mat

A mat will make sure that both your treadmill and the floor are protected while you are working out. Since working out on a treadmill produces a lot of vibrations and is heavy, it can easily damage the floor if there is nothing underneath. A mat underneath will also help to absorb any moisture that may damage the machine. A mat is therefore mandatory if you want longevity of your machine.

Treadmill lubricants

They will make sure that a treadmill is able to run smoothly. One great way of maintain a treadmill is lubricating the walk way. It is however important to remember that a treadmill will not use any kind of lubricant but one that is specified for treadmills.

Heart rate monitor

Since most workouts on treadmill are cardio exercises, having a heart rate monitor will help a great deal. As much as most treadmill will come equipped with one, a third party one is much better, it will help you know the exact condition of the heart and how much you are exerting while working out.

Tablet holder

While working out on a treadmill, you can still keep up to date with your favorite apps and videos on your tablet through a tablet holder. It will make sure that the tablet is in a secure condition and gives you a good view so that it does not fall off the treadmill as you work out.

Reading Rack

Reading offers a good distraction while working out and can help you even do more than you had anticipated. With the reading rack, you can comfortably read while at the same time be able to see he controls underneath. Good thing with a reading rack is that you can also use it with a tablet or e-reader.

Treadmill cleaning kit

For a treadmill to last long, it has to be cleaned regularly and with the right products. Most of the time, a treadmill maintenance kit will contain a cleaning solution, applicator want, scrubbing brush and instructions. That will make sure that harsh products are not used on the treadmill.

BPA free water bottle

A water bottle will make sure that you stay hydrated while you work out. As much as you may buy water, having a BPA-free water bottle is still better as it will prevent you from damaging the environment.

These treadmill accessories are like the basics though there are many more that you may need depending on your interests and preference. Your budget will also be a main influence on what accessories you can use.…