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How Parents can Choose a Dentist for Their Kids

Kids are very sensitive and nothing should be skipped or taken for granted when it comes to their health. A kid’s health is very important; there is nothing as bad as having a sick child at home. Even though most kids will have pediatricians, a dentist is equally important. Most parents have underestimated the need of a dentist for their children. It’s a good thing that most kids don’t have dental complications apart from a few who would need veneers to help in aligning their teeth. Since a dentist is important, some of the things to keep in mind when looking for one for your kids include:

Examine the qualifications of the dentist

Since you wouldn’t want to gamble with the health of your child, it is mandatory to check the qualifications of the dentist. This includes the professional qualifications and the experience of the dentist. It is important to check with the dentist board of your state to confirm if the dentist is certified by the board.

Ensure the dentist is child friendly

Most pediatric dentists go for further training after dental school for child psychology but that does not necessarily mean that they are kid friendly. If the dentist is not child friendly it will be difficult for the child to cooperate. Dentists come with an array of personalities and it is important to make sure that the doctor’s personality and that of your child is a match otherwise it will be hard working together.

Ensure that the dentist’s care is covered in your dental plan

Dentals visits can be costly and hence it is important to check that the dentist is covered by your insurance. Some insurance companies have covered specific dentists and there are also some dentists that accept some particular covers. It is important it check that in advance to avoid any inconveniences.


Your dentist of choice should be easily accessible. That is in terms of the location and the working hours. For most parents it is almost impossible to take a day off to take the child for a dental appointment that is why it is good to look for a dentist with flexible working hours that can blend with yours. The location should also be convenient and easily accessible.

Consider special needs

If you have a child with special needs, it is important to communicate that with the dentist prior since special kids may need extra attention. This will help the dentist to easily meet the needs of the child and treat them. In some cases special needs children may be complicated and that is why it is good to communicate prior.

Even though any dentist will comfortably take care of your child, a pediatric dentist is better since he will be able to handle your child in the right way since he has knowledge of child psychology. With proper research you should be able to find one. In some cases you may have to ask for referrals from other parents.…

Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

Parents have all experienced the reticence associated with dental care. Our kids do not want to brush their teeth. “It’s boring,” they tell us. Or, “It’s no fun,” they squeal. Yet, proper oral hygiene is essential to good health. This is why you should learn about teaching your kids about dental care. In this piece, we will show you why good oral care is essential to whole body health, and then we’ll give you some ideas to make dental care fun.

Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth

Kids don’t necessarily want to hear why you think they should brush their teeth regularly. They would much rather play video games, or spend inordinate amounts of time playing in the bathtub. Anything besides having to scrub those pearly whites to keep them thus. So, perhaps it would help if you were able to share with them the effects of bad oral health. The issues on this list are significant, and might be useful in illuminating why our teeth are so important:

  1. Memory loss– Teeth help signal the hippocampus, a significant contributor to memory. So, the more teeth you have when you are older, the better your memory will likely be.
  2. Heart disease– Coronary artery disease can be linked to gum disease and since that is a main contributor to heart disease, it is obvious how people are making the connection.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease– It is possible that brain inflammation is linked to the gums. A study linked gum disease to the dangers of cognitive dysfunction, which is also related to Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more.
  4. Heart attack– The link to heart attack and mouth plaque is still being investigated, but it is worth considering.
  5. Stomach ulcers– H. pylori can build up in the mouth. These little nasties can enter the stomach and create peptic ulcers.
  6. Exacerbated lung disease– Infected gums can allow that bacteria to get transported to your lungs whenever you undergo medical treatment requiring intubation.
  7. Worsened Rheumatoid Arthritis– The infections that cause inflammation in the gums can also trigger the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis. When oral care is improved, many people report relief from their arthritic symptomology.
  8. Erectile dysfunction– You probably won’t want to share this one with your kids, but it’s a heads up for you and your spouse!
  9. Worsened diabetes– Severe gum disease could cause increases in blood sugar. And, the infections caused therein, are particularly problematic for people dealing with an already suppressed immune system, like those with diabetes. Read more.
  10. Increased risk of cancer– Cancer caused deaths have actually been linked to high levels of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In fact, large amounts of bacteria on your teeth can increase your chances of death by oral cancer up to 80%. And, inflammation of the gums is a contributor to 20% of cancer deaths!

Making Oral Care Fun

Now that you have taught your kids the import of taking care of their teeth it is time for you to locate the right Overland Park dentists. You will want a group that will provide the starting point for a healthy smile. And, you will want to ensure that they are invested in you and your family from the beginning. The truth is, you can’t make dental care fun if you don’t get the right dentist.

Once that is accomplished, you can try these fun experiments with your kids:

  • Acid and Your Teeth
  • Taste Buds
  • Sugar Intake
  • Fluoride’s Value
  • Flossing Required
  • Fake Mouth

Full explanations can be found here.…

How to Teach Your Kids Good Oral Health

You have to realize that at an early age, you have to teach your kids how to take good care of their teeth. When you teach them this, they will remember this until they grow old. When your child has great baby teeth, there are some benefits that can be received in the process too such as the following:

  • Having healthy teeth helps your child bite into food properly.
  • Having healthy teeth helps your child have a healthy looking smile.
  • Having healthy teeth helps your child speak properly.

There are different things that you can do for your children at an early age. For example, you have to teach your kids that going to the dentist is fine. This can be hard if you are also scared of going to the dentist. You have to be a good example to your kids. Even if they are not concerned about getting natural teeth whitening, it can still help that you will bring them there.

How to Teach Your Kids Good Oral Health

There are still other tips that you have to remember so that your children will have great oral health:

  1. Make sure that you are going to brush with care.

The very first thing that you can do for your children is make sure that you will brush their teeth with care. You need to choose the right toothbrush that has soft bristles and choose a toothpaste that has enough fluoride for all of your child’s needs.

  1. When you teach your child how to brush their teeth, you should start at the age of 3.

Kids who are about 2 years of age will not be able to grasp proper techniques but once they grow older, they will realize all the right things that they have to do in order to take good care of their teeth. Properly speaking with them about the benefits that they can get when they clean their teeth will make a huge difference.

  1. Check your home’s water supply.

Do you know that your home’s water supply can be fluorinated so that it will be helpful for your children? If you know that you cannot do this, you have an option to ask your dentist to give supplements to your children so that they can get the fluoride that they need.

  1. Try to limit your child’s sugar intake.

You need to realize that while your child is still young, limiting your child’s sugar intake can be very helpful. Not only will this be good for your child’s teeth, it will also help your children to not become too hyper especially after you have gone through a hard day at work.

  1. Remember to be patient.

Your child will not immediately follow you because it will take a while for a child to understand why the teeth should be taken care of. You have to be patient. If you want, you may ask some tips from your dentist to give you the tips that you need.

With all of these tips in mind, teaching your kids proper oral health will be successful. Just be patient and it will be worth your while.…