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Electric Riders to Consider for Your Teen’s Next Birthday

Birthday shopping isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially when you are shopping for a teenager.  Some of the best ways to figure out what to buy is to ask your child directly or to stick to trendy gifts that just about any teen will like.  An electric rider is one of these gifting options that every teen, young adult and even child would absolutely adore because they are modern, popular and incredibly handy.  On The Electric Rider you can shop for some of the latest electric transportation devices that any teen will absolutely love for his or her next birthday.

Electric Riders to Consider for Your Teen’s Next Birthday

A hoverboard

A hoverboard is the most popular gift you can consider.  These self-balancing scooters boards are levitation boards that teens can use for transportation.  It looks kind of like a skateboard but is quite advanced since inside motors are developed to help keep the rider upright.  Hoverboards are mostly popular because celebrities like Justin Bieber, Wiz Khalifa and Nick Jonas are frequently seen hovering the malls on these trendy transportation devices.  Hoverboards are probably some of the healthiest electric rider solutions since staying upright does require a lot of effort from the riders side.

A Segway clone

A Segway clone is probably a much safer solution than a hoverboard since it has a handle that you can use for balancing and steering.  These scooters can be good for getting around on campus or for sports like golfing and more.  Segway clones may look a bit dorky but they are still quite trendy since everyone that sees them wants to give these electric riders a go at least once.

A scooter

An electric scooter can be a terrific gift if your teen lives a long while from school.  The scooter can be used to enjoy an effortless journey and they are quite safe since their top speeds usually don’t exceed 12 miles per hour.  The only downside is that these scooters can take up to 12 hours to charge.

An E-skateboard

A few years ago skateboards were insanely popular.  Every child, teen and young adult seemed to be in love with this activity.  Electric skateboards can be a terrific gift to teens that love skateboarding but already have a normal skateboard.  These skateboards are quite fast and very Porsche to popular teens that love their outdoorsy activities.

A unicycle

A unicycle probably isn’t the best gift for your teenager mostly because they are quite hard to operate.  Unicycle’s only having one wheel.  These machines can also reach up to 16 miles per hour and while your teen will probably love owning one, you might want to rather consider some of the other – safer – electric riding solutions.

An E-bike

E-bikes have two huge advantages.  You can use it as a normal bike or let the motor kick in and enjoy easy or no paddling on long journeys.  The E-bike is probably one of the healthiest and safest electric rider’s to consider for your child’s birthday.…