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How to Choose a Good Backpack for the Family Trip

As a family, it is good to spend time together even though we live in such hectic times where we barely even have time for ourselves. As such, it is important for us to set out days when we can go on holidays so that we can bond as a family, and especially if we have children amongst us. Some of those vacations can be adventurous and take on trekking, camping, walking, or biking trips. That why in this reason we are going to look at how to choose a good backpack for the family trip. If you go and buy a backpack blindly you might be very disappointed when you go on the actual adventure trip.

How to Choose a Good Backpack for the Family Trip


Two things to consider when choosing size are:

  • Torso length – this is the measurement from the shoulder strap to the hip belt, and it should fit comfortably.
  • Capacity – this is usually measured in liters.


Water-resistant material

If the backpack isn’t water resistant, it should at least be semi-resistant. This could be a good thing in the event that you come across rains along your way.


Backpacks with compartments make it easier to know where you have stored your things. You can distribute the evenly in the backpack, and when you need a particular thing, you’ll know exactly where to look.

Back support frame

There are internal frames and external ones. You would want to go for the external ones since they give the backpack more suspension when trekking with it, also allowing air down your back to avoid a sweaty mess that internal ones would cause.

Padded hip belt and shoulder straps

Go for those that are heavily padded since they reduce the pressure applied on the shoulders and hips. Ake sure that they are adjustable and the compartments have lockable zips for safety.

Best Survival Backpacks

We are now going to review some of the best backpacks that you can find on the market right now. There are very many backpacks on the market, and choosing the right one can be quite a challenge choosing the right survival backpack, and especially if you have no experience with buying them.

Best Survival Backpack Under $30

CVLIFE Outdoor Tactical Military Backpack

This is a waterproof survival backpack that comes with a 30-liter capacity and at an affordable price. and at a great price too. The 30-liter capacity can fit everything that you’ll need for your trip. The backpack comes in three different designs that you can choose from. Comfort coming as a priority with the padded shoulder straps, waist belts, and sternum straps. Some users have complained that it is not very durable, but the biggest plus is the huge storage capacity. It has different compartments to keep your things well organized.


  • 30L capacity
  • Three different colors and designs
  • Made of waterproof nylon material
  • Padded shoulder straps for comfort

Eyourlife Military Tactical Backpack 20L

This is a more compact 20-liter capacity backpack that comes with features such as a MOLLE system capability, accessory loops, mesh panels and padded shoulder straps. It is made of 600D nylon Oxford cloth that is finished off with a waterproof coating. It is a more budget friendly bag and the quality isn’t as good as some of the other bags.


  • 20L capacity
  • Made from 600D Oxford cloth with a waterproof covering
  • MOLLE system possible but not included
  • Accessory loops, mesh panels, and shoulder straps
  • Six different colors and patterns to choose from

Best Survival Backpack Over $30

Army CamoUSA 40L Outdoor Expandable Backpack

This is a backpack that comes loaded with features to make life easier. Coming with a 40L capacity, which is more than enough space for your things. It is waterproof but it cannot be soaked in water. It is made of 600 denier polyester, giving it a rugged look. On the downside, it isn’t as comfortable as we would have liked despite the padded straps. This means that it isn’t suitable for hiking or camping.


  • 40L capacity
  • Made of high quality 600 denier polyester material and heavy duty zips and locks
  • Main area can expand by 10” more
  • Comes with a mountaineering hook and room for a hydration bladder
  • More than five different designs to choose from

Reebow Tactical Military Tactical Assault Pack Backpack

This bag is double stitched for durability, also coming with heavy duty zippers of the highest quality. It comes with padded, ventilated shoulder straps ensuring that you’re cool and comfortable, as well as a built-in bladder system where you can store a water bottle. It is made from high-density fabric that is water resistant and durable, the only downside being the unreliable straps. All the same, coming with a 34L capacity, it should take care of most storage needs.


  • 34L capacity
  • Double stitched and with heavy duty zippers
  • Back and shoulder padding
  • Hydration bladder
  • Small sized backpack for smaller bodied people


When choosing a backpack, it is important to know what to look for, and by following this back pack buying guide, you’re bound to get something that will suite your needs the next time that you go on that trip with your family. You can choose any of the above options, and especially being that they are very comfortable.…