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Great Thanks For Being an Awesome Dad’ Gift Ideas

Dads are awesome.  They are always the ones that make home life fun.  They do the craziest things and think of the wackiest ideas.  They take the drama out of raising kids and they are a family’s protective barrier.  They support you when you have ideas, lift you up when you are down, carry you when you are weak and challenge you when you feel like giving up.  Dads or husbands don’t just deserve a special gift on father’s day.  They deserve to be thanked and reminded of what they mean to the family much more frequently.   If you and your kids aren’t good with words then let a small gift of gratitude do all the talking for you.  Here are some of the best gifting ideas for super dads.

Great ‘Thanks For Being an Awesome Dad’ Gift Ideas

Pocket knife

All men love pocket knives.  It is a practical gift that can be used for just about anything.  Corporate dads can use a pocket knife for opening envelopes.  Hunting dads can use it for their hunts.  Handy men can use it for their work and the list just goes on and on.

Knife sharpener

Knife sharpening is as much a hobby as hunting is.  It takes a lot of skill to sharpen knives properly without harming the blade.  This is a great gift to any dad who loves knives.  The top three best knife sharpeners currently on the market is the Apex 1 sharpener, the Smith’s adjustable edge pro and the KME sharpening system.  Any one of these three will be a fantastic thank you gift.


All guys love torches, and for good reason.  A torch can help you out of a lot of trouble when you have a breakdown beside the road and can save dad from danger when he is inspecting the house for danger or when he is checking things out outside.


Is your dad hip and does he travels a lot? Then a set of prescription shades might just be the thing for him.  It’s always hard to switch between specs and shades for driving but with prescription shades he can wear his shades all day and still enjoy great vision.

Grooming kit

Lots of men love to maintain a well groomed appearance.  A grooming kit is a great way to help dads stay in style while he works hard to keep you fed and cared for. With a grooming kit, dad can even start exploring some of the popular guy trends and become completely fashionable.

Beer making kit

Beer making kits are great gifts for dads who love to be creative and to those who…well…love beer.  With a beer making kit dad can learn how beer is made and he can make wonderful and unique flavors of his own.

Personalized leather wallet

A wallet is something every man carries around with them wherever they go.  By giving a personalized leather wallet you are giving something of high quality that will constantly remind dad that his family loves and supports him.…