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Ways for Creative Teenagers to Make Money

It’s hard to keep teenagers busy.  Lately all teenagers want to do is spend time with friends and hang around on their phones.  Creativity in teens and kids seems to be disappearing and parents with creative kids need to do everything they can to keep these creative juices flowing or we are going to end up with a society that is incapable of creating beauty.  Money is always a great motivation to get kids to do something they are reluctant to do.  Combine money with something they actually like to do and you have a winning recipe because your kids will have fun, develop their social, mental and business skills and they will stay off the streets and internet.  Here are some great ways in which creative kids can use their creative skills to earn extra spending money.

Ways for Creative Teenagers to Make Money

Draw comics for magazines

Drawing comics is super fun and fresh comics are always in demand now that there are so many different companies and entertainment zones that struggle to keep the attention of their viewers.  If your creative child has a good sense of humor then perhaps he or she should give comics a try.  Stephen Collins is a modern illustrator and cartoonist that draws comics for websites, magazines and even wrote his own books. Your child can definitely learn a thing or two by checking out some of Collins’ works.

Give photography a try

Photography is not just for adults.  There is no reason why teenagers cannot study, practice and enjoy photography.  Photography does not require any hard labor.  All it takes is the right gear, the right editing program and a bit of photography skills and viola, your teen will be able to make enough spending money to buy anything they have always desired.

Make resin jewelry

Resin jewelry can be made by using various types of Resin and various techniques.  This form of jewelry making is a bit dangerous because you can easily get high on the fumes of the resin or stick your fingers together.  But once your child has the basics of working with resin down, he or she should be able to make resin jewelry relatively easily.

Make charms with shrink plastic

For shrink plastic charms you will need color pencils, as sharpie, shrink plastic and an oven.  Simply sand the shrink plastic and draw the desired picture on the paper.  You can even trace another picture in either color or black and white.  Once the picture is done, you will have to bake the plastic in an oven for 1 – 5 minutes after which the picture will automatically shrink down to a thick charm.

Create custom doormats

Buy a bunch of coconut hair rugs and get a stencil and create some custom doormats. You can paint just about any phrase you like on the doormats but funny or welcome doormats with family names or surnames is a much better sales strategy.

Make custom T-shirts

Custom T-shirts can easily be made by printing slogans, designs and even photos onto heat transfer paper and ironing the printed items to shirts with a hot iron. Teens should be able to do this easily and can earn quite a bit of cash from little work.…

Get your children to read more

With technology so present today it isn’t a common site to see a child reading a book. It is however one of the best ways for children to learn. Unfortunately some children don’t like reading. I remember when I was a child I loved getting lost in my favorite books and reading for hours. I didn’t really have technology to keep me occupied so books were my save haven. As parents it is our responsibility to keep our children’s minds sharp and to keep them reading. It is time to switch off the XBOX and go to the library for good old fashioned entertainment.

Get your children to read more

One of the most effective ways to get your little ones to read is to read stories to them. Even if they cannot read themselves yet they will love the mystical and fun experience of you reading to them. Make the story come to life by being interactive and later on bring a bit of spelling and grammar into the equation. There are also many ways to introduce writing to your little one. Magazines that are colorful, comic books and books with puzzles are a great way to start. You could perhaps get the ball rolling by playing games that have instructions. Have them help you with reminder notes or grocery lists. Click here for fun books to start reading with.

You need to create the impression that reading is fun. Ask questions during reading sessions. Let them tell you what is going to happen next. This is a great way to get them engaged and interested in the story and the book. You could also turn a reading session into a play or dress-up session. This will only make the experience much more fun and give them the desire to want to read the story on their own. The internet has great reading material so while you are reading factual political articles written by Stephen Collins, one of the most well-known political writers you can introduce your child to some light reading online. It might just open up the world of books to them in an electronic way.

Reward always works for a child when they accomplish something. Click here for tips on setting up a reward system for your child. You can set up a reward system which perhaps gives them a new book to read every time their reading gets better. Instead of hanging out at toy stores take them to a book store where they can enjoy reading corners and learn as they go. At the end of the day they will surprise you by their love of reading.  The most important thing to do is to have a variety of books available for them to read. You want to make reading fun and a choice. It shouldn’t feel like a chore and that can be done by giving options when it comes to which book they would like to read. Perseverance is very important on this one.…