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How To Stay Connected With Your Kids After A Divorce

It is a tough scenario, but after a lot of trial and tribulation, you and your partner decided to split ways and see other people. However, this can take a huge toll on your relationship with your kids. Your kids must deal with the trauma of choosing a parent. If that is not enough, they will only be able to see one of you all the time. They might grow up disliking and resenting you for not being there for their school play or for not picking them up after school. You might start another family, and they might feel jealous and hateful. These are all signs of an unhealthy relationship with your kids.

Whatever differences you have with your partner, it is essential that you build a good relationship with them as well. This is extremely necessary, so the kids do not grow up thinking their parents hate each other or that love never lasts!

You must find some time for your kids. Take them out for ice cream or to the big game. Be involved in their life so they know they can count on you if any trouble arises.

Try these ways to stay connected with your kids even after a bitter divorce:

Never Miss a Birthday/ Special Occasion:

Yes, your child might be angry with you, and they might answer your calls or cards. This does not mean you can let them be and not contact them anymore. If they do not respond, keep calling. You will eventually get through to them with your love and care. Your relationship is very fragile, so you need to make sure you never miss a special occasion in your child’s lives. Be it a parent-teacher conference or an award ceremony; you need to be there to cheer your kids on! They need to know they can count on you to show up. It will give their morale a boost.

Improve Your Communication with your Co-parent:

When co-parenting, your kids will find it extremely hard to watch their parents bicker all the time or look at each other with hate in your eyes. Listening to them is essential. Even if you disagree with them, at least listen to what they must say. You can later convey that you disagree with them. Make requests to them and do not give ultimatums. It might be hard at first; however, with consistent talks and communication you will ease into them and be like old friends. Keep your conversations kid-focused; this will help you to ensure your kids get the best of both parents.

Take them out for a Getaway:

The best way to bring the family closer is to take them out on vacation. Communicate with your co-parent and set a date where you and the kids can easily go out for a vacation. These vacations can be fun for both the kids and the parents. You can choose Disney world as it will surely get your kids excited.

You can bond with your co-parent as well. Maintaining a good friendship with them will help rebuild your family.

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Not to mention, it is one of the best ways to make your bonding strong with your kids.…

Choosing The Right Snorkeling Tour for Your Kids

There are many fun activities that kids can engage in over the holidays and snorkeling is one of them. The good thing with snorkeling is that they don’t have to be necessarily to be a good swimmer to snorkel, so long as you know how to float. With kids a snorkeling tour is better than going for snorkeling individually. With the many snorkeling companies such as El Cielo Cozumel, finding a snorkeling tour company for your kids should not be a problem. Some of the factors to consider when choosing a snorkeling company include:


You definitely want to choose a snorkeling company that is within your reach. It should be easily accessible and operate in your areas of interest.  You would not want to choose a company that operates where there are a lot of waves especially since it is kids involved.

The kind of packages they have

There are some companies that do snorkeling from the deep sea only while there are those that also do it from the beach. It is good to know the packages that are offered by the company and they should be friendly with the kids. For kids most of the time, it is best to do it from the beach or from the shallow waters unless they are very good swimmers. There are also companies that prefer you go with your own group of kids while there are those that organize the kids in groups, you need to know that prior so that you choose something that is favorable for your kids.

What is offered by the company?

There are some companies that will offer snorkeling gear as part of the package while there are those that you have to rent your own packaging gear. It is good to confirm if the company has snorkeling gear to make sure that the kids have snorkeling gear before the date. It should be able to have a good fit so that they can have a good snorkeling experience.

Experience of the company

A company that has more experience on the field is better than a company that does not. Most of the time a company will get better with time and hence more experience most of the time translates to better service.

Reviews about the company

Reviews will give you a glimpse of what to expect from the company. Good thing is that there are companies such as Yelp from which you can get reviews on the different companies. The more the positive reviews the better as that means that you are likely to get good services.  It is however always advisable to look for reviews from other sites other than the company website since the company website may have biased reviews. Company website reviews should be taken with a grain of salt since it may be sponsored reviews.

When you have chosen a snorkeling tour company try to make the kids try on the masks prior to make sure they know how to use them and they are the right fit.…