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Must Haves for a Safe Family Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling may seem like a safe and fun holiday expedition but it is actually quite a dangerous hobby, especially if you are including kids in this type of activity.  In fact, snorkeling is the most common cause of death at most beaches and islands.  The reason for this high death risk in snorkeling is not because inexperienced snorkelers venture too deep into the sea.  In fact, most people drown in shallow waters that are just about waist deep for one simple reason; the snorkeling fins make it hard to get your feet underneath you and to stand up after being faced down.  It can take several attempts and several seconds to get into standing position and by that time you could have easily consumed several gulps of water and you are lost if panic sets in.

But that doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t enjoy snorkeling at all.  In fact, snorkeling is terrific for kids because it teaches then so much about the world and they enjoy it so much.  Thousands of children snorkel without any hazard each and every year and yours can too as long as you teach them proper safety instruction, keep them close by during snorkeling trips and invest in these must haves for your trip.

Must Haves for a Safe Family Snorkeling Trip

Underwater camera

It is always great to capture a few action shots of your kids while they are having fun.  With an underwater camera you can capture gorgeous images of the reef and of your kids as they enjoy themselves. The Snorkeling Gear Shop is the perfect website to use for finding the best underwater camera.  When you click on this link you will gain access to a detailed review that explains to you exactly what you should be looking for when shopping an underwater camera. You can also check out the top underwater cameras on the market and find out which one is the absolute best for your snorkeling trip.

Top quality snorkel set

The last thing you want is for your child to be at risk due to an ill-fitting pair of goggles or flippers. The Snorkeling Gear Shop also features all of the best and highest quality kids snorkeling sets that is bound to keep them as safe as possible on their trips.  You can choose your sets according to size and each set includes basically everything you will need including mask, fins, snorkel and a mesh carry bag.

Dive watch

A dive watch can be good to monitor just how long you are out and about on the water.  It can be so easy to lose track of time when you are having a blast and kids can only endure that much of swimming.  With a dive watch you can be sure that your snorkeling expeditions won’t become too long.

Waterproof sunblock

Skin cancer is no joke and that is exactly why you need good quality waterproof sunblock for your trips.

Remember to hydrate and snack up

It is important to stay hydrated between snorkeling trips and to keep snacks close by because snorkeling can take up a lot of your energy and you don’t want to be too tired to stay afloat when you are out there in the big blue.…

Take the Kids Snorkeling

Doing things with your kids is infinitely better for their development than buying things for them. It’s a lot easier, we know, to just get them a toy and call it a day. But, if you really want to shape them and mold them into independent, loving, healthy people, you are going to have to invest a good deal more than money. We suggest you take the kids snorkeling. There are a number of health benefits for them (and you), and they will enjoy the memories made while on, and under, the water.

First things first, you will need to get some snorkeling gear for kids. In the beginning, it’s ok to get an entry level set up that will probably range between $13 and $69. Your kids will be able to use these in the ocean and the pool or bathtub. Make sure you get an easily adjustable mask that doesn’t leak and adjustable fins so that they can grow with your child. Then, check out these places to snorkel with your kids!

Take the Kids Snorkeling

Great Places to Take the Kids Snorkeling

If you have long loved the beach, it is probably a good time to instill that love in your own children. Plan an opportunity to visit one of these great places to take the kids snorkeling. You can show them some incredible sights and encourage them to seek out the wonder in life. Introducing them to marine life and the love of natural beauty will do a great deal for their morale and appreciation of the world around them. Therefore, don’t miss these incredible places for your family snorkeling excursions:

  • Molokini Crater– If you ever happen to get your family over to Maui, this crater is only a few miles away from the shore. Your kids will have access to sights that include over 250 species of fish and nearly 40 types of coral. There are dolphins and sea turtles there as well. It is, essentially, a paradise that your kids will probably never want to leave. And, you can see 150 feet down into its clear water. Follow this link for additional information.
  • Watermelon Cay– If Maui isn’t calling you, maybe the British Virgin Islands, particularly St. John, will. You’ll need to take the kids on a hike along the Leinster Bay Trail before you make it to the beach. But once you have enjoyed that hike, you will be able to offer them snorkeling that could potentially give them glimpses of parrotfish, Bluehead grasses, blue tangs, starfish, rays, and turtles. And, there are colorful sponges and coral too. Be sure to keep your eye out for nurse sharks, especially if their babies are nearby.
  • Margaritaville– Jimmy Buffet knew what he was talking about. Located in Cozumel, Mexico, his theme song locale will provide you with incredible views of coral and scores of fish. There’s a waterpark that offers a slide from the pool into the ocean. Those Caribbean waters are something you do not want your kids to miss, even if you’re enjoying a frozen concoction on the water’s edge.
  • Tamarindo Beach– You’ll need to hop on the ferry to reach this island off of Puerto Rico, Culebra. But once you’re there, you will enjoy the coral reef, sea turtles, blue tang, and manta rays. By the way, this is a protected wildlife refuge. And, there are a number of endangered sea turtles that consider this their nesting grounds. Learn more about nesting cycles.

If you need some other places to go snorkeling with the family, here’s another great resource.…