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How Parents Can Choose The Right Dog Training Collar

A dog is man’s best friend and just like a parent wants the best for his child, even a dog owner wants the best for his pet. A dog that is well taken care of is a happy dog. Different dogs have different personalities and some dogs may be too much when they don’t have a collar or a leash and they may even attack our visitors when they visit. When it comes to choosing the best dog training collar, it depends on your individual dog. Some of the factors to keep in mind include:

Your situation

When it comes to choosing the best dog training collar, it all depends on your current situation and the kind of dog you have. Every dog is unique and they all have their different ways of causing trouble. There are dogs that will attack any other animal on their way when going for a walk, there are those that bark through the night, while there are those that are too aggressive. You should therefore choose a collar depending on the kind of dog you have.

Remote shock collars

They are best suitable for dogs that will not listen to you despite everything. They are also the right collar for dogs that are very aggressive and like attacking other animals without hesitation. With a remote shock collar, it normally contains a collar, a shock belt as well as a remote controller. Good thing with them is that you can set with your remote the amount of shock that you want to give your dog when it does undesired behavior. The shock ranges from 1 to 100 so you have a wide scoop to choose from. You also don’t have to necessarily shock your dog, you also have the options of beeping or vibrating. Most pet owners are not for the idea of shocking and will only use it as a last result.

Pinch and prong collars

Pinch collars contain prongs that will be so close to the skin of the dog’s neck. They sound to be cruel but they are not as cruel to the dog. They are best suitable for dogs who like wandering away when you are taking them for a walk. They will help you have more control on your dog and prevent it from tugging away. Contrary to what many may believe, they are not chocking at all.

Bark control collars

As the name suggests, they help in controlling barks and hence are best suitable for the very noisy dogs. If you normally miss out on your sleep because of your dog’s barking at night then this would be the right collar for you. It will shock your dog as soon as it barks. Professionals recommend using this collar if your dog is the very noisy type when you are away so that your neighbors can have peace. This kind of collar is very controllable and even has a remote though there are those that come already automated.…