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How Parents Can Choose The Best Electric Shaver

An electric shaver makes getting rid of body hair a seamless process as you can achieve a smooth and clean shaven look in no time. It is great as it prevents cuts and bruises since it does not come too close to the skin. As much as all the electric shavers should serve the same purpose, not all of them are made in the same way hence you have to know what to look out for to end up with the best shaver. Having the best shaver makes all the difference. You need to first define your needs since everyone has different needs. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for an electric shaver include:

Purpose of shaving

People have different reasons for shaving, for some it is just to trim, for some they want to shave on a daily basis and for some it is once in a while. Once you understand your need, it will be easy for you to know if you need a foil or a rotary shaver. A foil shaver is best suitable for those who shave every day or would want to trim and have sensitive skin. It is made in such a way that it has a thin metal foil to prevent the razor from being in direct contact with your skin to prevent skin irritation. A rotary shaver on the other hand has a spinning disc with a floating head that adjusts well to facial contours helping you easily reach hard to reach areas. It is best suitable for long hair.

Power consumption and supply

When it comes to electric shavers, you can either find the battery powered shavers, those made with a plug in charging unit and corded razors. With the plug in mode types, it is important to make sure that the shaver is fully charged before getting to use it so that it may not run out of charge in the middle of usage. If you plan on using the shaver every day, the battery powered type may not be very ideal though it is great for those who are traveling. Corded shavers on the other hand are not so common since they cause inconvenience during usage.

Wet/dry electric shavers

Wet shavers are appropriate for those who prefer to shave while taking a shower or those that like shaving using a shaving cream due to sensitivity. Dry shavers as the name suggests are meant to be used dry. There is however some shavers that can be both dry and wet.

Ease of cleaning

Every electric razor you will have to clean them at some point. There are those that will give you ease of cleaning while there are those that are not as easy to clean for example foil razors are easier to clean than rotary razors. The cleaning type will depend on the kind of razor that you have.

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