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Choosing The Best Mountain Bike for Your Kids

Biking is a fun activity that most kids enjoy. Not only it is a recreational activity but it is good for their health too. We are living in an era where kids would rather stay indoors and do indoor activities while it may not be very healthy. Biking is a good way to get your kid to go out and be involved outdoors. There are however many bikes in the market and getting the right bike makes all the difference. Some of the factors that you should consider to make sure you end up with the best mountain bike for your child include:

Choosing The Best Mountain Bike for Your Kids

Type of mountain bike

There are different types of mountain bike and it is good to know the types available in the market so as to know what will be best suitable for your child. The common types of mountain bikes include trail bikes, cross country bikes, aft bikes and downhill bikes among many others. They all have been made differently t suit different terrains and different environments. The trail bikes are the most common type used especially for children.

Features of the bike

This is important to look at before going ahead to buy a mountain bike. Its features will influence its features and functionality. Some of the important features to look at are the suspension systems, brakes and material used on the handle.

Different bikes have different suspension systems that can either be rigid, hard tail or full suspension. Rigid is the kind that does not have any suspension. Hard tail bikes on the other hand have suspension on the front to absorb any impact from the front wheel but do not have suspension on the rear wheel. This is common with cross country riders. Full suspension bikes on the other hand as the name suggests are bikes made of full suspension. Both the front and the rear of the bike have suspension.

Different bikes have different wheel sizes depending on the size of the bike and many other factors. Most kids mountain bikes have a wheel size of 20 -24 in since they are smaller in size.

The frame of a mountain bike can be made of different materials and may either be aluminum alloy, steel, titanium or carbon fiber. All the materials have their pros and cons with carbon fiber being the most preferred since it is lighter and more long lasting.

Mountain bike gears: Different bikes have different number of gears and that has an influence on their speed. This is influenced by the number of chain rings and the number of sprockets on the cassette. For kids, they don’t need bikes with many gears though that will depend on your reference as a parent.

Size of the mountain bike

Since you are buying a mountain bike for a child, you don’t want something that is too big or too small. For most brands, the bikes will come with sizes of small, medium or large. It would be better to physically fit the child against the bike to make sure it is the right size for them.…