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Photography Skills for Kids – Simple Tips

Photography is something that we all live with nowadays, and especially since cameras are easy to come by, unlike back in the days. Most smartphones come with cameras that can take decent photos, and they have even improvised so that people can take selfies with front facing cameras. Kids haven’t been left out in this craze and even their phones and tablets can be found with cameras. This is a good thing because they get to learn about photography from an early age. In this article, we are going to take a look at some photography skills for kids.

Don’t Start Too Early

This isn’t such a good idea because the little toddlers could easily drop and damage the phone or camera, and besides, their hands aren’t yet stable enough to take clear photographs.

Teach Them to Stand Still

Photography is something that requires stability while holding the camera straight without blocking the lens and flash, and this is something that we should train our children.

Don’t Tell Them What to Photograph

One of the biggest advantages about photography nowadays is the fact that we don’t need to worry over the cost of every shot, thanks to digital photography. Don’t limit what your kids should photograph but instead get an insight into their view of the physical world.

Show Them the Possibilities

There are countless possibilities when it comes to photography and you’ll even find children enjoying things that they previously didn’t like doing, such as hiking, due to the possibilities of taking great photos there.

Corporate Events Photo Booths

Photography is also something that can be done on a professional level and used for things like marketing. In this part of the article, we are going to feature Montreal Photo Booth, a photography company that focuses of bringing events photo booths to the corporate world. Their branded photo booths come with the option of the one fixed backdrop version and the green screen version, and the clients can decide on the backgrounds that work best for them. Some of the corporates that have worked with Montreal Photo Booth include BMW Laval, land Rover Laval, Dell, and Eventex.

Features of the photo booths

  • In order to create high quality photos, they offer professional cameras, professional lighting, and professional printers
  • The photos can be customized with company logos and messages
  • Fast printing that delivers photos in less than ten seconds
  • Unlimited single prints
  • Tons of props
  • Eight background options
  • Easy to use touch screen to select backgrounds
  • Large screen with instant slideshow of pictures taken
  • A Large monitor where the guests can check out their poses
  • Latest technology and equipment
  • Technician on site at all times
  • Interactive animator/attendant to assist guests (extra charge)
  • Delivery and installation

Different variations

  • Green screen with instant multiple background selection
  • One fixed backdrop from their inventory
  • One fixed custom printed backdrop with an image or design of the client’s choice.


It is important to nurture your children’s photography skills from a tender age when they can keep their hands stable. Let them chase their unknown dreams because one day they might become well known photographers.…

Helpful photography tips for parents

We all love our children and capturing their first years in life by means of photographs. It is quite costly to hire a professional photographer.  If parents take the photos themselves they are able to capture the most precious moments and also take the best photographs in natural situations. When taking our little ones for a photo session we have to deal with the nightmare of formality and getting them to smile on demand. The question is how do we get the perfect photograph when we aren’t professionally trained and how can we make the best of what we have at home when it comes to photography? Here are a few helpful tips when taking pictures of your children.

Helpful photography tips for parents

First of all make the most of natural light. To do that you need to take the pictures during the day. You can easily find a spot in your home where the light isn’t too harsh but rather a soft light. Make the ideal setting with fluffy blankets and toys and snap away. You might also want to use a real camera instead of a digital one. Take a look at reasons why real cameras are still better here.

When capturing the perfect shot you need to be present during all those everyday moments. During feeding and nap time you will be able to capture creative shots that will give you memories that will last a lifetime. Cherished moments are those natural moments. Make sure that you get close up shots for these as they will be adorable and look like it was taken by a professional. If you are a professional photographer you might want to take a look at these seo tips for photographers. By knowing how to optimize your keywords you will have more visitors to your website and you will get more clients and recognition. It is incredibly important to not get lost in the many websites about photography so make sure your website is optimized.

Another great tip for your photos is to include mom or dad. Your children would like to see you in their photos when they are all grown up so make sure you involve your significant other to help you snap the pictures that you are keeping. As previously mentioned close up photographs will give you the opportunity to capture the beautiful features of your creation. Take as many photos ads you possibly can in order to find the ones that stand out the most. You can also capture the most beautiful photos by taking photos of hands and feet especially if you have an infant.

You should also change your perspective when taking pictures of your little one in other words stand on a chair or from afar to make sure you get the whole picture. Click here to learn more about photo perspective. With all the apps that you can find online you can edit the picture and have it just as you like so be sure to use apps for photo editing and refining that perfect photo.…