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How To Childproof Your Pool

Now that summer is here, your swimming pool is going to be the new target attraction for family activities. That said, most kids don’t really have an understanding of the water’s possible danger, so their curiosity could lead to informative circumstances. In places known for having plenty of pools, there are more cases of younger children losing their lives by drowning instead of those from traffic accidents. With that in mind, it’s important to keep pool remodeling in focus this time of year to make your pool childproof for your kids.

Children, by nature, tend to go over any barriers that adults put up. To promote safety, get multiple backups to make sure that your kids or even any nosy neighborhood children do not get unsupervised access to your pool. These include:

Pool covers

Built to keep children out, pool covers are likely the safest barrier if made and utilized properly. A decent pool cover will be able to handle an adult’s body weight. To keep kids out of the pool safely, your pool cover should be connected securely in position. If rainwater accumulated, drain and pump the fluid away as soon as possible.

Even a few inches of rainwater in a depressed pool cover could risk your child’s safety. When you go for a swim in the pool, take off the cover to prevent the risk of someone getting trapped under it. And if there are no adults near the poolside, put the cover back in position.

Pool fences

A regular pool cover might not suit your pool if it is really big or designed irregularly. Even if you have a cover, a childproof pool must be fenced to make sure it is completely off limits when the pool is unsupervised. Put all furniture and other objects that can be climbed over away from your pool fence.

An automatically closing or latching gate ensures that your pool isn’t accidentally still open. A locked gate gives you additional security. Pool fences are generally regulated, very strictly, using building codes. Typically, a fence should be 5 to 6 feet tall, with the slats and uprights no further than 4 inches apart. If a part of the building or your house acts as an additional part of the pool fence, there should be no doors and windows. The fence should also be far enough from the edge of the pool, about 3 feet away, so anyone can pass safely without falling.

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