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How to Keep Your Child Safe from Physical Injury

Children are always at risk of acquiring different injuries. This is because they are still clumsy and their bones may be more fragile than adults. There are certain types of injuries that children may be prone to experiencing such as the following:

  • Accidental Drowning – This is true for children who may or may not know how to swim.
  • Car Accidents – Some children do not have a car seat and some children stay at the back seats with no seat belts.
  • Poisoning – Children have the tendency to taste various things that they are not supposed to place in their mouths. There are some reports of children eating coins, insects, and so much more. The situation can be worse when the child drinks poisonous items that will surely have an effect on their health.
  • Suffocation – This is especially true for babies who still need to stay inside their cribs. Children are not supposed to have a lot of pillows as they are in danger of getting suffocated.
  • Falling from Different Places – Children are usually more adventurous and they would try different things. They may try to climb trees and so much more. Some children may lose their balance and fall.

The things that are mentioned above may be purely accidental and can still be prevented as long as you know how. You can always tell your children to become more careful but you cannot stop them from being kids. You can closely monitor them though so you will be ready to help them immediately in times of emergency.

It is a different story when a child is abused. This means that the pain inflicted on the child is intentional and not accidental. Physical abuse is usually administered by another person. If you catch your hired nanny hurting your child, you need to contact an attorney in Shelby immediately. You need to describe the situation that you are in. You may also have to show proof if you have any. The more evidences you can provide, the stronger your case will be against someone who has hurt your child.

There are some signs that you have to look for to check if there is someone who may be hurting your child. Look for these signs:

  • Bruises
  • Burns
  • Head injuries
  • Fractures
  • Oral injuries

Once you see these signs and people are unable to justify how children have acquired those, you can set up a CCTV camera around your home that you can connect to your smartphone. This will give you the ability to check what is happening at your own house when you are not around.

It is the right of your child to live without being assaulted and injured by other people whether they are your family members or not. Once you have shown proof, your lawyer will inform you of the next steps that you have to take. There are times when the case would have to be discussed in court. Your lawyer should be skilled enough to help you throughout the whole ordeal.…