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How to Find the Best Photography Locations

Great photographers can make the best of any location.  They are able to modify their angles and work with what they have and can take a brilliant looking shoot even though the location doesn’t have much to work with.  But we all know that a breathtaking location just makes it much easier to take great-looking photographs.  When you have a photo booth you are restricted to photo props and poses in order to create different photographs.  But if you take photos in a great looking location you have so much more room for creativeness and to get those one-in-a-million photos that guests will honor and adore for the rest of their lives.

It is also important to have more than one photography location so you can give your online viewers on social media sites something fresh and captivating to look at every day and acquire more customers for more shoots.

Finding the perfect photo spots aren’t easy but hopefully, these tips will help you identify great locations that will keep your photos interesting and your business booming.

Check Out Wedding Venues

Wedding venues in Montreal are not just handy for weddings. These breathtaking locations can be used for all sorts of photography sessions.  Contact the venues and ask about their policies.  Who knows, perhaps you could go do a few shots at the venue if there are no booked venues.  Plenty of wedding venues might even allow you to use their premises for free because it gives them extra exposure.

Tune In With Your Local Construction Company

A construction site can be a brilliant location for a shoot. Those half-built buildings with their raw cement structures often result in the most beautiful photographs.  Build a good relationship with your local construction companies and check in with them regularly to see if they might have a construction site with good photography appeal.

Contact Local Farmers

Local farmers are usually quite friendly and many of them wouldn’t mind at all if you make a booking on their property for a shoot.  Collect contact details for local farmers and ask if there are perhaps any great looking areas such as a building ruin, a river or a pond where you could snap some pictures.  Even a blossoming sunflower field or peach orchid could be a fantastic location that can be pretty lucrative for your photography business in the long run.

Contact Your Local Florist

If your florist is already busy creating beautiful bouquets for a big wedding or event then this can be a golden opportunity to do a model shoot. Ask your local florist if she is perhaps willing to exchange a short shoot period with some flower arrangement assistance from your side.  Fresh flowers always result in the most beautiful baby shoots and model shoots and if you don’t have to pay extra just to borrow flowers for a short while then that would be fantastic.

There are plenty of opportunities for great looking photographs if you only keep a sharp eye and think outside the box.  Look around, stay alert and think of locations other photographers haven’t come across yet.…