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How Parents Can Choose The Best Business Plan Writers

Parenting is not easy and it is more of a full time job. You may find that most of the time parents may have business ideas that they may want to implement but they lack the time to do it and do even write a business plan. However busy one may get, a business plan is mandatory for any business as it is what will determine the success of your business. Luckily, you don’t have to write the business plan yourself as you can always get someone else to do it for you. The critical plan is to choose the right business plan writer. Some of the things that you have to keep in mind when choosing a business plan writer include:

How Parents Can Choose The Best Business Plan Writers

How Parents Can Choose The Best Business Plan Writers

Experience they have

When choosing a writer you are obliged to look at the kind of experience that they have. The more the experience they have, the better it will be for you. You should ask for their portfolio, and if possible as for referrals from clients they have worked for before. That will h help you determine the success rate of the business plan. It is also good to know how many of their business plan has achieved successful funding especially if you are writing one for funding purposes.

Writing quality

The writing quality of the business plan is what will determine your success rate. You can determine the writing quality by asking for a sample of their previous work and going through it. The business plan should have grammatical flair and be free from errors and mistakes. It should also be in the right format.

Communication skills

There is nothing as bad as dealing with someone that you don’t have a rapport with. It is good to look for a writer who has good communication skills and someone who can understand you well. That will help you avoid misunderstandings and even save on time when it comes to finishing the business plan.


As much as cost is an important consideration to make since you want something that will stay within your budget, you should keep in mind that most of the times you get what you pay for. In some instances you will have to pay more for quality work. You should also keep in mind that if you are getting a business plan writer through a freelancing site such as Upwork or Fiverr, you will most likely pay more since the sites have their own commissions that they charge.

There are many other factors that one should consider when looking for a business plan writer. You first have to define your needs in order to know what to look for. The good part is that there are some sites that are specifically specialized in business writing as well as some consulting forms and hence finding a good business plan should not be a problem. You only have to do your research well and read the reviews and you are set.…

Parenting and Hoverboards

Two wheeled scooters were the hottest items on many Christmas lists last year. They are a huge hit with kids and even celebrities have not been unphased by the draw of these explosions and injuries waiting to happen. If your children have been bitten by the hoverboard bug as well, there are some things your parenting mind will want to know.

The swegway, one of several different brands of hoverboards, is not immune to the controversy. However, there have definitely been some improvements and fine tuning done in order to ensure that previous negative experiences do not occur again. That said, as a parent who cares for the safety of your children, it is advisable that you take note of the hoverboard’s past.

Parenting and Hoverboards

Hoverboard’s Controversy

In reality, hoverboards today are not exactly what their names imply. They do not actually hover, instead they roll around on two wheels that are electronically powered and minus a steering wheel or handlebar. This means they are solely controlled by your ability to balance on the board itself. While that would seem like the major issue in the design flaw, it is not the prime candidate. Rather, the following are the more serious issues noted with hoverboard designs:

  • They explode– This is obviously the most serious problem associated with the hoverboards that infiltrated the market last year. Apparently some sort of problem with the batteries caused spontaneous, or seemingly so, combustion and set plenty of things ablaze. Learn more.
  • They are banned– Due to their instability, both explosively and balance based, there are a number of cities and countries that will not allow them to be ridden in public spaces or even on sidewalks.
  • Can’t bring them on planes– This is attached to the potential for them to burst into flames. Obviously airlines cannot risk allowing them in their baggage claims, or storage, when there is the possibility they will catch everything on fire. This is not to mention the potential to cause a plane crash due to the fires.
  • Old ones are pretty much trash– When people realized the problems, they wanted to return their purchases but companies like Amazon and Overstock were recommending that those people just trash the hoverboards. They didn’t want them back. Read more.

Avoid some of the Issues

If you choose to allow your children to purchase and ride hoverboards there are some things you can do to avoid any negative issues. Of course, these suggestions will not protect your children from themselves. The truth is, other injuries can ensue whenever you ride an electronically powered, two wheel scooter, devoid of any handheld steering apparatus. There have been a number of children who sustained broken bones.

So, keeping all that in mind, these suggestions are only designed to assist you in decreasing the potential for injury. Here they are:

  • Spotter- Unlike skateboards, the hoverboards have the ability to increase speed regardless of your child’s skill level. Do not let them ride unsupervised and convince them to keep a spotter nearby incase the hoverboard decides to take off when they are not prepared.
  • Protective gear- The things can cause serious damage, so ensure that your children utilize helmets and pads whenever they ride.
  • Avoid traffic– While some states have banned the use of hoverboards on public streets, others have not. Still, it is not advisable to ride these things when there is the potential to be hit by a car.
  • Charge under supervision– Leaving the hoverboards to charge overnight will increase the potential for igniting the battery. Do not leave the board to charge without supervision.

You can read more about hoverboards here.…

Valuable parenting tips to prevent heat exhaustion

During the hot summer months it is important to remember that your child is at risk of heat exhaustion or bad sunburn. It is great for your child to play outside but with global warming it seems we have to be more careful and make sure our tots stay cool and protected. Heat exhaustion can be deadly for your child and sunburn is just as dangerous as it is directly related to skin cancer. Here are a few ways to prevent this from happening to your children. Click here to see what symptoms you should look out for.

The most simple step, keep them out of the sun

This is probably the easiest way to do it. At about 12AM to 2PM the sun is at its highest point. Make sure that you kids are indoors during that time to avid the extreme heat. Keep them occupied with a movie or something more pro-active at that time and then allow them to play outside after 3PM again.

Valuable parenting tips to prevent heat exhaustion

Sunscreen, not Sun-tanning lotion

I can remember as a teenager we used to use baby oil to tan faster, it just shows how stupid we were back then because I usually ended up as red as a tomato and peeling a few days after. Purchase sunscreen and make sure it is higher than SPF40 and a reliable brand. In order to avoid painful sunburn you need to use sun protection that is sufficient. It won’t help to use a low strength lotion.

Dress up but not too much!

Cover all the bits that can burn with light and preferably white clothing. This doesn’t mean you should cover your little ones in too much clothing. Overdressing them will make them get hot too quickly which immediately puts them at risk of heat exhaustion. It is scientifically proven that darker colors attract the sun and would make them feel hotter sooner.

Check the temperature of the playground

If you have a swing set, slide or any other fun play area toys you might want to get hold of an infrared thermometer. These nifty little devices enable you to check the external temperature of surfaces which can include the area where your child loves to play. There are reported cases where children actually got burnt by jungle gyms or swings. With this device you can simply point and click and immediately know if the swing, slide or jungle gym is too hot to play on. It is better to be safe than sorry and accidents happen quickly. Keep them safe by keeping on your toes.

Keep them hydrated

Thirst is the first sign of too much heat exposure. Keep lots of healthy and cold drinks at hand to keep them hydrated and also help to keep them cool. There are some fantastic ideas that include making your own healthy popsicles which will keep the little ones smiling and cool at the same time. Click here for some awesome summer cooling off ideas.…