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Enjoy Gardening on a Budget

A house without a garden is like a queen without a crown. It looks incomplete to just have a barren surrounding around our house. The good news is that you can now design your front yards as well as the backyards as per your budget. Here are a few basic, easy to do ideas for all those of you who want to utilize that little piece of land outside into a beautiful garden.

  1. Decide the shape

Looking at the piece of land that you have, think of a shape that you would like to give it. Maybe a circular bed of flowers surrounded by lush green grass or a circular grassy piece of land in the middle for keeping the garden table, connected to the main house through a pathway and flowers in the surrounding. Moreover, you could have just a simple square or oblong shaped grassy land surrounded by a bed of flowers on all sides. So all you need is a plan, a strong spade and loads of energy to dig it yourself.

  1. Plantation

Next is to find low budget plants or seeds to put in. You may also buy your favorite flowering plants, take it out of the pot and divide it into perennials and place each perennial at different spaces in your garden. When you pull the plant into two or three parts make sure there are roots and a few stems in each section. Then just dig a hole and fix the plants in at different places. They will soon grow stronger and popup flowers in beautiful colors. However, don’t forget to give them water and sunlight. If you plan to growing at indoor you can use artificial sunlight beam like Lumi Growth.

  1. Surroundings:

Look around your garden. There need to be one or two trees that make space look fuller, cooler and complete. You may invest in putting fruit trees, it attracts various insects and birds to your garden and will give you fruits as well. You may even invest in bushy green plants if you don’t want trees to cover up the garden.

  1. Beautify The Garden

Now once your garden is planted and you are waiting for the plants to grow, you may start the beautification process. Gravel is a cost-effective material and gives a good look to the garden. To lay it in place, you need to first mark out space, then you need to remove all the loose grass and clear the space, put a permeable membrane and place gravel over it. Doing that would convert your plan into a beautiful garden just the way you like.

  1. Light Up

Invest in outdoor fairy lights. It’s available all year round in online shopping stores. You can spread the lights in any way you want. Over the trees, around the bushes or even stalked up on bamboo sticks at intervals in the garden. These lights connect with regular switches so you don’t even need an electrician service and can do it yourself.

Now bring out the garden chairs, table and enjoy your favorite meal outdoors. But wait, finishing up your own garden and doing it all by yourself will make you dirty so before planning an outdoor dinner, women gardeners need to enhance their beauty and this can be done in just a few minutes at home.…

How to teach gardening to your kids

A famous garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, said,A garden is a grand teacher. It teaches patience and careful watchfulness; it teaches industry and thrift; above all it teaches entire trust.” These are incredible traits that every individual wants to build in their child’s character. If you really want your children to have passion for gardening, it’s never too late to get started. You can easily root new ideas in young minds. You can spend quality time with your kids by teaching them gardening in their own backyard. Following are some ways you can teach your kids some basic level of gardening.

Make it Fun and Exciting:

Whenever you plan something for kids, you need to create fun in everything to keep their interest tied up. You should start by shopping right tools for your kids. There are many colorful tools available in market which is especially designed for kids.

Start Small:

Small things are always easily maintained. You should start small with your kids so they can manage their plants easily. Begin by growing some indoor plants and afterwards you can take your garden to next step. Give each kid their own plant, one that can be kept easily. You should let them pick a flower or a vegetable to keep their interest intact.

Select Your Seeds:

With one packet of seeds you kids can give birth to a complete variety of flowers and vegetables. You should choose plants that are easy to grow and that can produce different edible harvest for your kids to pick and eat. This will more likely enhance their interest in gardening. Some good initial choices for gardening are: Sunflower, Tomatoes, Radishes, poppies, lettuces, squash, marigold, pansies, peas and beans etc.

Give Them a Spot:

Kids like their own places when it comes to activities like gardening. You can give them a spot in backyard garden that they can call their own. Even if you do not have a garden you can give them a container in which they can plant something as they like.

Maintain a Regular Routine:

You and your kids need to take care of your garden. Plants need regular watering and some potted in ground crops need 2 ½ centimeter of water a week. You should establish a regular routine and fix your time with your kids daily for your garden to have fruitful results.

Off Season Gardening:

Keep gardening even when the season shifts. Bring your garden indoor by creating a small nursery. Your kid will enjoy the benefits of growing plants for all year long. Some plants are specially grown in indoor environment.  Some of the best choices are a windowsill planter, a small herb garden etc. Many DIY projects are also available for indoor gardening activities. If you want, you can teach your kids about indoor gardening and growth as well by teaching them how Lumi Growth works. If you’re not too sure about it, head over to https://www.lumigrowth.com/ and learn more about the magical wonders that it does!

Final Results:

Planting a seed and watching it grow is a very fascinating activity for everyone. Your kids can store seeds for next year by collecting them at the end of the season. Children gets a great experience of food cycle when they eat the plants they grew themselves. Let your child pick the vegetable or fruit when you get final results and cook a tasty meal with your kids to enjoy.…