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Best Sports for Your Kids

Teenagers must not spend a lot of time in indoor activities like watching movies or playing video games. These games are good too but are not as healthy as physical activities are. Participating in sports keeps kids healthy and reduces the risk of several diseases like osteoporosis and several heart diseases. Moreover, sports helps in the mental growth of children as sports reduces depression and hypertension.

It can be a hard task for parents to pick the sports, which are beneficial for their kids. For this parents need to consider various aspects that might prove helpful in choosing the right sports for their children. Here’s a guide:

  • Parents need to monitor and take care of their child’s activity level. If your child has a high activity level, then you can consider sports like soccer, basketball, or football for him/her. If he/she has a low activity level, then sports like tennis, or golf would be more
  • Keep a check whether your child performs best in teams or in individual sports.
  • Take advice from the child’s
  • Consider the physical traits of your child.
  • Ask your kid in what sports she/he is interested in.

Read on and find out some top sports you can choose for your children:

  1. Soccer

Soccer helps youngers in keeping their balance. Taking control of the soccer ball while passing it towards your team members improves the coordination in your body along with the improved foot movements. The sports involves constant running, which in return improves the cardiovascular health of a person. Furthermore, it improves your mental activity such as making quick decisions like in which direction, at what angle the ball should be kicked. But this sports could also prove to be a dangerous one. Head and leg injuries are very common while playing it.

  1. Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is a popular sport. It involves taking control of the disc with the help of a hockey stick while skating on ice. You need the right equipment for it. You need to make sure that you buy the best ice hockey skates for your child. The top picks for ice skates are:

  • Bauer Senior Supreme 140 Skate
  • American Athletic – Soft Boot Hockey Skates
  • Bauer Youth Supreme 140 Skate
  • Lake Placid Summit Boys Adjustable Ice Skate

Ice hockey is played on ice, which is not an easy surface to maintain your balance on. High-quality skates will show better performance on the surface. An ice hockey skate has basically three components. The first and the largest part is the boot of the skate. It is of different sizes and shape that you can choose according to your foot size.

The second part is the holder, which is made up of plastic. To the holders, the blades are attached. The last part of the skate is a runner, which is basically the blade. This part comes in contact with the ice and hence, helps in maintaining the balance on the ice. Ice hockey helps in improving the balance and coordination in the body as well.

  1. Basket Ball

Basketball can be easily played as you do not need much equipment for this sport. Just a basketball and a basket. It involves bouncing, passing, and then throwing the ball into the basket. This sport improves hand to eye coordination.

  1. Baseball

Baseball is a fun game to be played with friends. This sport is played in teams and hence your child will learn a lot about teamwork. Moreover, hand to eye coordination and physical strength can be improved.

  1. Swimming

Swimming is an outstanding activity if you want your child to be strong. Swimming makes your kid physically active and helps him/her to overcome his or her fears of height and water.…

Tips for Paddle Boarding with Your Children

Today’s world is all about gadgets and social media that dominate every household. With the passage of time, family bonding is flagging due to lack of adventurous activities and excess usage of technology. It is time that you introduce your children to an outdoor activity that is fun and healthy.  Paddle boarding is one of the best ways of spending quality time with your kids. You can enjoy this incredible activity while being assured that it will maintain a healthy routine for your kids. Paddle boarding will improve balance and strength of your children. The feel of water will calm their nerves and will connect them with nature. So what are you waiting for? Grab the best inflatable paddle board that you can find and take your kids along with you!

There are some tips and tricks that you need to follow before teaching your children about paddle boarding. We have narrowed down the following must-read tips for you that will definitely help you in introducing this amazing water sport to your children.

Be an Expert:

To teach any activity initially you have to master the concerned skills yourself. Therefore, it is of utmost importance that you are an expert of paddle boarding before teaching it to your kids. You should be stable on the board because adding extra weight to a board will disturb your balance.

Have the Right Equipment:

To make this activity perfect choose everything precisely including the equipment.  To avoid any weight problems, you should choose your paddleboard according to your requirement. If the paddleboard does not match the paddler weight then turning and steering of the board becomes very difficult. The recommended age for your kid’s solo training is 5 years and above. The only key is to make sure that paddle board matches their weight and size.

Take Safety Precautions:

Following are the safety precautions that you must follow before teaching your kids this amazing water sport.

  • Paddle boarding has an essential risk of falling into the water so make sure your kids know how to swim.
  • A life jacket is a must-have item for your kids and to build their confidence you should wear it too.
  • Choose a safe place to teach them all the basics.
  • You must check the weather forecast. Paddling in offshore winds can be dangerous.
  • You should teach only one beginner at a time to avoid unbalancing of your board.
  • Teach your child how to use a paddle board leash. It is very safe and helpful as it secures your kid’s ankle to the board.

Teach them the Basics:

You have to make this learning activity to be of fun for your kids so don’t overload them with the knowledge. Teach them basic of paddling such as steering evenly, turning, falling and jumping off the board etc. To make this activity memorable, you have to make them fall in love with paddle boarding.

Make memories and have fun:

The last but most important tip is to have fun with your kids. Make uncountable memories with them so you can cherish them throughout your life. Enjoy these moments and encourage your children confidence by sharing their excitement. Believe in their abilities and perhaps your kids might have the makings of a lifelong paddler.…