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How to Childproof Your Kitchen?

Kids, when they learn to walk, are a packet of curiosity that runs around the house poking fingers in everything they find intriguing. Now, where this is a good thing, it can lead to various injuries that can also result fatally. Hence, when your child starts crawling and walking, childproofing your house is imperative.

Mothers spend almost all of their day in the kitchen which is why it becomes a compelling place for the babies to explore. It is also possible that even with parents around, children pick something or poke their fingers in something very dangerous or hazardous. Some of the ways in which you can childproof your kitchen are:


If you are a newly married couple and your first baby is on the way, remodeling your kitchen is something that will help you a lot. Since your first child is not going to be your last. Getting the contractor to shift all the switches to the upper part of the wall that is easily reachable by you but not by your child, putting child safety locks on the cabinets and getting rid of all the sharp edges are the most important points.

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Getting rid of cleaners:

Cleaning products like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine etc. can prove hazardous even in small quantities. Hence, it is highly advised that you get rid of these products as soon as your child’s curiosity spikes in. One option is to remove the products from the kitchen and place them in the garage or a store that is inaccessible to your child. Another thing that you can do is putting these cleaners in a high cabinet or above the cabinet so your child cannot reach it.

Similarly, storing all the plastic bags and material like plastic wrap, aluminum foil etc. in places your child cannot reach. These materials can cause real damage if the child is left alone with them.

Fire and gas:

With automatic burning burners, the dangers of a child turning the fire on are even more. Make sure your stove is in perfect working condition and there are no gas leaks whatsoever. While cooking, try to use the burners on the back because children tend to grab things and the risk of grabbing a pan on the front stove is more. Try to deactivate the automatic turning on a feature of the stove, this way the risk of your child turning the stove on is very less. Putting the lid of the stove and turning the gas off is also a good option.…

How to Keep Your Kids Away from A Gun and Avoid Vulnerabilities

Owning a gun is now mainstream as crime rates are on its rise and everyone ferrets out the ways to keep him and his family safe. Numerous kids live in the houses with a gun that, therefore, increases the risks the weapon may pose. Parents have to ensure that their child does not come into contact with a weapon. Children, in this age, are smart enough to know how to pull the trigger. Moreover, it increases the risks of suicide. What you can do about this is to be vigilant and follow these tips:

How to Keep Your Kids Away from A Gun and Avoid Vulnerabilities

Use Gun Safes:

Keeping the gun in a case where your junior cannot approach is the best way to keep it away from his/her sight. Do not go for any safe you find at some store. Biometric safe from sentry safe ensures that your weapon is accessible to only those who should have it. It has biometric fingerprint reader that limits the access to only people you approve.

Many folks think that keeping the weapon in a safe cannot help in an emergency situation because you would already be made by the burglar until you get your hands on the weapon. However, this biometric safe won’t let it happen. You have it opened in a blink after it recognizes your fingerprints. Sentry Safe co-reviews can further make your mind.

Use Trigger Locks:

Trigger locks are an easy way to that blocks the gun from being loaded. Most new guns now come with a trigger lock in the box. No one can manipulate the trigger when trigger shoe is nailed down around the trigger housing. These locks are not very high priced, and sometimes you get them free through some community programs. It has to be installed correctly to deter an unintentional discharge. Yes, these are helpful but still not as secure as gun safes. There are chances that you might forget to put a trigger lock on your gun. The consequences can be dangerous if your young gets it.

Tell Your Child About The Danger Of Gun:

The television shows kids watch or video games they play can expose them to gun violence. Many kids play the games in which they have to kill their enemies with the weapon. Talk to your junior about this if you are allowing him to play such games. Make him learn about the difference between the situations in games and real lives. Tell him how troubling can it be to touch a real gun. They should know that they can get killed or injured by this toy-like black thing.

Let Them Follow Strictly ‘Don’t Touch’ Policy:

Talking about gun dangers is not only crucial if you have a gun at home. It is equally important for those parents who do not own one. Your child may come across this weapon at some friend’s place. Moreover, there they need to know what they are supposed to do. Strictly advise them not to touch it if he sees it. Once your child knows it is dangerous, train them to get away and leave that spot without delay. After getting away, next thing he needs to do is to tell an adult about the gun. If his friend’s parents are not around, he should call you.


Parents always do what is in the best interest of their kids, but sometimes we do not realize how things around us can be a danger. Everything discussed above is as vital as keeping the gun. Just a bit negligence and it can take a life away.…