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As a mother or father, there will be times when you would like your child to be active and to do something new and different. You want them to leave the couch and go out. However, the real challenge comes when your child resists. You would have to let them know that outdoor activities are fun as well. To start off, you can make them interested in swimming. Swimming is a very good exercise, and it is fun. Likewise, it is the ultimate package you are looking for as a parent, and keep your child busy for a long while. To get your child to take an interest in swimming, here are some things you can do:

  1. Go shopping for gear

The very first step to do anything is to take your child out shopping so they can pick their favorite gear. For the best life vest, your child should be the one who chooses the color and the size. When he sees the different varieties, he will take an interest himself. Life vests come in various shapes and sizes. From cartoon drawings to more subtle designs, life vests can be used as a means of attracting the kid. If your child is small and does not fully understand the need of a life vest, you have to choose it from them. You can ask the child to wear it to make sure it fits properly. When the children are older, they can choose the vests themselves. They will know better if the vest is loose or too tight. In swimming gear, you can also buy goggles and a similar nose pin. Kids love all of this. Start off in an exciting way so that they cannot say no.

  1. The Olympic competitions

One of the best parts of Olympics is the swimming competition. To teach your child what swimming is, you should record some of the best swimming moments from Olympics and show these to your children. When they see the great champions, and they feel the adrenaline rush, they will understand what kind of an awesome sports swimming is. Various children even know the names of the most famous swimmers. You can record videos of them and show these to the whole family. Let your children know swimming is something that everyone can do if they put the effort and if they have the will to excel in it. They can be the next champions.

  1. Swimming movies

You can show your children fun movies in which swimming is the main sport. Do not show them movies where there is danger in the water. You do not want them scared before they even start. There are many movies, which are child-friendly and these show the importance of swimming and the dynamics of the sport. It is important for kids to learn by looking at such fun movies. These will serve as a lesson as well as make the children interested in the sport.

  1. Take them to trial classes

The swimming pool you use and take your child to should be one where the environment is good. Children are automatically attracted to places where the folks are friendly and where they can be free. They do not want to be at a place where everyone is strict, and swimming is practiced for the sake of it. Some fun music, colorful walls, and nice people will make your child go swimming every day. You can go to a few trial classes in different pools to select the one that is the best for you and your child.…

When should girls start wearing makeup?

The girls become obsessed for their looks, at a very early age and they try to follow other girls to become beautiful. At the young age, the girls are used to play with the makeup and jewelry of their mothers, but as the time passed, they tried to wear these things personally. The people often wonder about the right age of a girl to wear makeup because at a very early age, the makeup can harm the sensitive skin of a young girl. While raising children, it is the responsibility of parents to teach them. Before starting using makeup, a girl should wait to be 14 because it is a time when you can start using foundation, eye makeup and lip gloss. At this age, it is important for parents to guide them about the right quantity to wear a makeup.

Start Slow

The adolescent girls often find it really exciting to apply makeup, but they often find it stressful about the right application of makeup. It is your parenting responsibility to teach them that start with a light makeup, such as mascara and lip gloss. You should help them to select the right makeup because the substandard makeup can harm their skin. It is your responsibility to teach them to wear light makeup because the loud makeup may not suit their personality. Teach your daughters some skills to apply makeup to enhance her natural beauty.

Avoid Loud Makeup

If raising children are wearing loud makeup, it is time for parents to pay attention to them because it may have some meaning. For instance, if your daughter is wearing loud makeup, then it means either she has some problem on the skin or she is trying to get the attention of boys. Make your girl understand that she will look more beautiful after wearing natural makeup. Help her in the shopping of basic makeup items, such as mascara, powder, foundation and lip gloss.

Too Much Makeup and Too Soon

Some parents consider that the girls should not wear makeup at an early age because it may send a wrong message to other people. Keep it in mind that natural and no makeup role may dishearten your girl. While parenting, you have to keep an eye on the current trends and then instruct your girls how to follow these trends. Make sure to avoid strict rules and deal with her just like a friend. It will be good to show the right look of your girl by taking the help of a makeup artist. Make her realize that loud or excessive makeup can destroy her skin.

You can arrange some beauty masks, face packs and moisturizers for your daughter. If she has any skin problem, then immediately take her to a qualified dermatologist. Ask her to drink plenty of water and avoid the use of substandard products. It is a difficult time for a mother, and you should consider the requirements and trends of the new generation before making any rules.…

Tips for dealing with teenagers

Adolescence is a confusing time for raising children because they find new things around them. It is a difficult time for parents to nurture their teenagers and show them the right path. They have to deal with their children with a balanced behavior because excessive love or anger can make them angry and they will start considering you as an enemy. While parenting your teenagers, you have a heavy responsibility on your shoulders to make your children responsible. It is not good to restrict your children because you have to give some leeway to give them a chance to establish their own identity. Let them choose their career wisely without enforcing your own desires on them. There are some tips that will help you to deal with your teenagers:

Show Your Love

While raising children, it is important for you to show your love and support for them. Give them positive attention and listen to their wishes, point of views and ideas. You have to respect their feelings because only reprimanding can demoralize them and it can be fatal for their personality. It is important to form a strong bond with your teenagers and try to communicate on different topics with them. There is no need to compare them with their cousin because they have their own personality. Try to polish their skills and motivate them to turn their dreams into reality.Continue reading this.

Reduce Pressure

Unnecessary pressure on your teen will restrict his/her personality. It is important for you to give them some leeway for clothing and hairstyles. Let them go and enjoy some time with their friends. If your child is interested in body art, then make sure to explain the health risks and skin infections of body tattoos. Explain good and bad things around them and guide them to select a right thing for them.

Encourage Cyber safety

While parenting, it is one of the most important responsibilities to know the technology used by your teen. Check which websites he/she like to visit and teach them the basic safety rules, such as:

  • It is not good to share personal details and passwords on the internet.
  • You can’t trust someone you meet online.
  • It is not good to harm the reputation of a person through gossips and text messages.
  • If you get trapped in an uncomfortable situation, then talk to your parents immediately.

Set Some Limits and Rules

It is your responsibility to encourage your teen to behave well and discuss the acceptable and wrong behaviors at home and school. Try to set clear and concise rules for your teens without any threat. You have to be very polite with them because your harsh behavior can encourage them to go against you. You have to set some reasonable rules for your teens. If you want to make them responsible, then assign some household tasks to your teens. Make a reasonable schedule for them, but make sure to keep it flexible for weekends.

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Keeping kids under 3 entertained at home

Kids under 3 require your full attention and it is really difficult to entertain raising children. You have to play with them and introduce new things that should be safe enough for your child. You can have toys and water games to entertain your kids. It is significant to use a comfortable material and attractive colors. The colors really attract babies and they like to play with it. The children under 3 should get learning activities that can entertain them as well. It is your test to entertain your kids with some education and for your help; there are few activities that will help you to entertain your children under 3:

Alphabet Play Dough for Beginners

If you want to introduce your children with a letter, then you can use print material and play dough. The children have really strong senses and it will be the perfect time to introduce a series of the alphabet. Arrange a gluten-free play dough and cookie cutters in alphabetic shapes. Make sure to select cookie cutter without sharp edges. It will help you to engage your kids in entertaining activities. Give them dough and cookie cutters to cut out the letters of their own name.

Bubble Wrap Craft

It is a great way to keep your raising children engaged in an entertaining activity. The bubble wrap is easily available in the market and you can use it for preschoolers and toddlers. It will help you in parenting because some paper, self-stick bubble wrap, paint, marker, and toilet paper roll. You also need scissors and a dish scrubber to cut bubble wrap. It will be good to engage your kids in painting and other entertaining activities.

Color Mixers

You need a zip lock and a few colors to entertain your kids. Put the paint in the plastic bag and make it flat as much as you can get a new color. Ask your kids to make different shapes on the colorful bags. Feel free to use multiple colors because the colorful bags will attract your kids in a better way.

Rubber Duckie Stamping

The raising children always have a hidden talent to design unique crafts and you can involve them in these projects. Take a paper card and cut a fish or duck shape on the card. Let your children paint the fish or make different types of designs on the card.

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