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Exercise is Physically Healthy for the Family

Exercise is something that all parents should encourage within their families. There are many forms of exercise that work for different people and it all depends on what people want. The exercises are of different intensities, working for different muscle groups, and you’ll be surprised to find that walking even a quarter mile a day is sufficient exercise. In this article, we are going to look at the physical benefits of exercise.

Exercise controls weight

Being overweight can easily become a disease, and exercises are a great way to burn calories. The more intense the exercise, the more calories than one burns. Simple exercises, even on a busy day, include opting for the stairs and not the elevators. The key thing is to make the exercises remain constant.

Exercise combats health conditions and diseases

There are health conditions such as heart disease, high blood pressure that affect the body irrespective of one’s weight. High density lipoprotein is boosted when one is active. This refers to the body producing good cholesterol while decreasing unhealthy triglycerides, and it ensure the smooth flow of blood while decreasing any risks of cardiovascular diseases. Other health conditions include strokes, metabolic syndrome, type 2 diabetes, depression, a number of types of cancer, arthritis and falls.

Exercise improves mood

Going to the gym is a great way of blowing off steam after a busy day at the office, since it stimulates a number of brain chemicals that leave a person feeling better. It also boosts confidence and endurance, making a person feel better.

Exercise boosts energy

Exercising regularly improves muscle strength and enhances endurance. It boosts the delivery of oxygen to the tissues, improving cardiovascular health.

Exercise promotes better sleep

People tend to sleep faster and deeper after exercising, although exercising too close to your bedtime isn’t advisable because it could make you feel over energized when you go to sleep.

Exercise puts the spark back into your sex life

It boosts the intimacy levels since you don’t feel as if you’re out of shape, or too tired. Exercising regularly could also enhance arousal in women, while men have fewer incidences of erectile dysfunction. This is a big boost to your sex life.

Exercise can be fun … and social!

It is an activity that can be enjoyed and also a great way to connect with other people that are exercising.

Schwinn 270 Recumbent Bike Review – Best Value Recumbent Bike Overall

Still on the topic of exercise, we might as well review one of the most popular exercise modes, the recumbent bike. We are going to review one of the best indoor training bikes in the market, the Schwinn 270. This is made by Schwinn, a renowned outdoor bike company that also makes recumbent bikes.


  • Dual track two LCD window system for monitoring up to 13 different display feedbacks
  • Schwinn Connect goal tracking and data export keep you up to date on reaching your fitness goals
  • 29 programs, 4 user settings and goal tracking
  • 25 levels of resistance aligned with a high speed high inertia perimeter weighted flywheel for a smooth and quiet workout
  • Charging USB port and data exchange


Exercise is an activity that we should all undertake since it comes with numerous advantages to our physical being. It also gives us the opportunity to meet new people as we socialize. One of the best ways of exercising right in the comfort of your home is by using the Schwinn 270 recumbent bike since it is one of the best recumbent bikes that you can find on the market.…