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A Parents’ Guide to Keeping the House Clean

When you’ve got small kids, having a spotless house is a fantasy. There’s very little we can do to ensure that everything is back where we want it at the end of the day. In fact, it can truly feel like an uphill battle that never reaches its pinnacle. Some of us give up and succumb to the disaster we call home. But, for those of us who are determined, here’s a parents’ guide to keeping the house clean.

Though our houses might feel like natural disasters more days than not, there is hope. And, if a day comes when a true cleaning disaster hits, like a burst pipe, we suggest you get in touch with people who can provide Kansas City emergency water removal. Don’t let your valuables become worthless due to water damage. Utilize the assistance of Kade Cleaning Systems, people who understand the urgency and have a means in which to care for it properly.

A Parents’ Guide to Keeping the House Clean

Thankfully, most days only feel like weapons of mass destruction have targeted our homes. So, for days like those, we’ve got some advice for you.

4 Ways to Keep Your House Moderately Clean

We understand that getting the kids to clean up all their messes and pick up all their toys is a chore. And, we know that sometimes it seems wholly impossible. That’s why we are not suggesting that we have the end all be all answer to your messy home troubles. Instead we just want to offer you 4 ways to keep your house moderately clean:

  1. Reconsider your personal definition of clean. As moms, we like to see everything back in its place. We want all usable surfaces clear of debris. And, basically, we want our homes to always be “almost” ready for whatever friends might happen to drop by. However, we need to understand that not everything is going to be as we desire. So, think “clean” as more like toys are in the kids’ rooms. Hopefully, your company won’t be doing spot inspections while they are there. Read this.
  2. Figure out how to fight less against the grain. You know full well your kids don’t want to clean up. Understand that your kids aren’t destroying your house to make you look bad when company shows up. Stop treating them like they are little terrorists trying to wreak havoc. Instead, let them have set times to be disorderly. And, then when that time is up, have everyone work together to get things back where you want them.
  3. Consider taking daily, tidying-up, walk throughs. Use nap time as a means to get things back the way you really want it. And, before the kids go to bed, ensure that they’ve put up all their stuff, then do another quick clean. If you do these things regularly and periodically throughout the day you can almost guarantee that your house will look better than it used to.
  4. Learn how to organize well. Ever noticed how everything seems to end up on the kitchen counter or the vintage typewriter desk? That’s because you haven’t established an orderly system. Get one in place and then teach your kids how to abide by the system you design. You could even have a gigantic toy box and just let the kids throw all their toys in there as a means of ensuring these things get picked up and put away daily. Learn more.

While we don’t pretend to keep an immaculate house, we do know that there are ways to work with your kids to get the tidiness-level you desire. But, if you still need more help, read this.…