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Try Natural Alternatives for These Common Health Issues

Our modern lifestyles are incredibly busy.  So busy even, that there isn’t really time to pay attention to health.  Parents find it hard to get off from work to tend their ill children and kids are mostly sent to school with all sorts of light and common medical issues such as a cough, runny nose, common cold and more.  We are so pressured to get our kids back to health that we frequently visit drugstores to get medications that will help treat these symptoms so our kids can just get through the day.

While medicines are terrific for making you feel better, they are mostly horrible for your immune system.  Those tiny bodies never learn to naturally fight off infections and diseases which leave your child with an immune system that isn’t up for the task when it comes to protection against common health issues.  Kids that are medicated on an almost permanent basis never seem to really get healthy because the medicine does all the work while their bodies never strengthen.

Natural alternatives are much better for children and adults because these remedies do offer some relief but mostly focuses on boosting the body’s immune system and strength.  Your body becomes stronger and is much more capable of fighting off infections and diseases.   If you want to win the battle of diseases then stick to your normal drugstore medications but if you want to win the war then you should try natural alternatives for these common health issues.


Coughing isn’t always bad.  In fact, it is actually very important because coughing helps your body get rid of mucus in the lungs.  On Healthy Focus, you can check out 10 natural expectorants for coughs.  These expectorants assist in breaking up phlegm and mucus so you can get it out of your system and overcome your coughing issue for good.

Cold Sores

Cold sores or herpes is something you will have to live with for the rest of your life once you get it.  The bacteria lie dormant hidden away in your body and will resurface every time your immune system is weakened. There are quite a few natural remedies that will help you treat cold sore breakouts such as peppermint, aloe vera gel, licorice root and more.  But the best natural treatment for this condition is to start focusing on natural supplements that will boost your immune system.

A Sore Throat

A sore throat is usually a sign of a disease that is in its beginning phase.  This can be tonsillitis, a common cold or various other diseases. By treating your sore throat early on, you could prevent the disease from attacking your body as in the case with the common cold.  The right natural remedy kills the infection where it starts so you can skip the entire cycle.  Some of the best natural remedies for a sore throat are ginger root tea, honey, salt water gargling, and marshmallow root.

Sore Muscles

Sore muscles are a pretty common issue in kids that enjoy sports.  You can help get the tension out of sore muscles by giving them a massage, allowing your child to soak in a hot bath, by even inhaling lavender oil which clams your senses and body.…

Let’s Keep Our Kids Healthy and Fit

If your kids are like ours, the first thing they want to do when they get home from school is grab a snack and sit in front of the TV or some other mobile device. But, this sedentary lifestyle is contributing to some very serious health issues among young people. That’s why we need to do something about it now. Let’s keep our kids healthy and fit.

True Health Diagnostics specializes in identifying early problems. They want to be able to reverse the progressive health issues that are so pervasive in today’s society. Things like diabetes and cardiovascular disease are no longer only affecting the elderly. Thankfully, their innovations and excellence in the medical field can contribute to our abilities to keep our own kids fit and healthy.

Let’s Keep Our Kids Healthy and Fit

Understand the Risks

When our kids run to the refrigerator as soon as they get home from school, we need to ensure that they are grabbing the right kinds of snacks. Fruits and yogurt are highly recommended. But then it’s important that they go outside to play rather than plop themselves down in front of some form of technology. While technology has made our lives easier in a number of ways, it has also contributed to increased obesity. And that brings with it a whole host of additional ailments:

  • Certain cancers
  • High cholesterol
  • Diabetes
  • High blood pressure
  • Heart disease (learn more)

While those mostly sound like things that our generation will be dealing with, the truth is, they are affecting young people at alarming rates. And most medical professionals and nutritionists will agree that it is hugely due to the fact that our kids are not engaged in enough physical activity and are fed a diet that includes too many calories.

Besides the illnesses and diseases that arise due to obesity, kids will be putting far too much strain on their developing joints and bones when they are overweight. And, eventually, that hefty body will contribute to some serious struggles with low self-esteem. No doubt you don’t want your kids feeling bad about themselves.

How Can Parents Make an Impact?

Surely you adore your children as much as we treasure our own. Therefore, you are wondering what you can do to make an impact on their physical and emotional well-being. So, we’ve got a list of tips for you that should help you in the endeavor to keep your kids fit and healthy. Try these suggestions:

  • Be a role model by ensuring that you eat healthy and get active.
  • Don’t stock up on the sweets that will tempt them to overindulge. Instead, get fruits and vegetables ready for those snacking needs.
  • Only buy juice that is 100% real fruit juice and then limit the amount they get to drink to a half a cup.
  • Stop giving them soda and fruit drinks. Make them drink water instead.
  • Switch your milk to the skim variety, or at least 2% instead of whole.
  • Don’t make them clean their plates, let them leave some food on it if they’re full.
  • Food should never be a reward or a punishment.
  • Try to avoid snacking while watching TV.
  • Get your kids more active by going outside with them to ride bikes, wash the car, or do other chores.
  • Kids need to get about an hour of exercise daily. Make sure that happens.

If you need additional tips or suggestions you can read this.…