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5 Ways for Mom to Stay Hair Free

Staying smooth and hair free was a lot easier before having children than after becoming a mom.  Before kids there was actually time for you to take long and relaxing baths where you could sit comfortably and shave.  You could also enjoy relaxing bath times on a daily basis which made grooming quite simple and sustainable.  Life as a mom is however very different.  First of all, there is no such thing as mommy or self-pampering time.  As a mom you are lucky to enjoy 10 minute uninterrupted showers.  Bathing is out of the question because you have absolutely no privacy anymore and the moment you slip into that delicious warm bath you will immediately be the center of attention. Staying smooth and hair free is quite a challenge for most moms and especially for moms with young kids.  Unfortunately there is no quick fix to solve your self-pampering time problems but there are a lot of different hair removal options that you can consider that might just fit your schedule better.

5 Ways for Mom to Stay Hair Free

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5 Best ways to remove hair

Up next we are going to discuss the 5 best ways to get body hair removed quickly without resulting in skin irritations or bumps.


This is the most common hair removal solution.  Shaving is great for removing hair from legs, arms, underarms and more but this hair removal method doesn’t always have the best result.  Shaving frequently results in razor burn and ingrown hairs in especially your bikini area.  It is however one of the best quick fix solutions if you are in a tight spot.


Moms should never ever shave facial hair.  Shaving results in thicker regrowth.  The best way to remove facial hair is through plucking.  You can use a tweezer to shape your eyebrows and to remove any unwanted facial hair.

Hair removal creams

These creams are also known as depilatory creams are available at most grocery and cosmetic stores.  These creams are not suitable for the pubic or facial area and you have to be careful not to leave the cream on for too long because the cream can burn your skin.  Some moms love hair removal creams but others complain that shaving has longer lasting result.

Hot waxing

Hot waxing is a good solution if you don’t want hair to grow back thicker.  Waxing has smoother results than shaving but it can be messy, painful and you often have to combine tweezing and waxing to get all hair removed.  Hot waxing is mostly used by moms on bikini areas and on the upper lip but isn’t the best option if you don’t have much time.

Laser hair removal

This treatment can be done at a salon or home if you have the right gear.  Laser hair removal has longer lasting and smoother results and may even prevent hair from ever growing back again.  The treatments do take longer than shaving but is still a good option for moms especially if you consider that you may never have to shave again.…