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Choosing The Best Family Golf Cart

If you have a family and you are into golfing, it may be a good move to just buy a golf cart for the family rather than having to hire one every day. Good thing with owning one is the convenience of having your own, which is the right size for your family and you don’t have to do bookings in advance. Since it is a family golf cart, there are factors that you have to keep in mind especially if you have children. There are many golf carts in the market and not knowing what you want may make you to end up with something that you don’t need. Some of the things that you have to consider when choosing a family golf cart include:

Choosing The Best Family Golf Cart

Size of the family

The size of the family will determine the size of golf cart that will be appropriate. The golf cart should be in such a way that it has enough number of seats for the whole family. In some cases you may need a golf cart that has enough space for putting all the golfing equipment. Most big family carts will have at least a four-seater cart going on. There are however those that have a few number of seats but they are wide and hence they have enough space for the whole family.

Type of golf cart

There are different types of golf carts depending on how they are powered. It can either be gas powered or electric powered. Normally gas powered carts are more long lasting though they require more maintenance as compared to electric ones.  As for the electric powered ones they need to be charged for a sufficient time so that they don’t power off while they are in use. This makes them cheaper as compared to their gas powered counterparts. The gas powered carts are better in the sense that they have more acceleration power making them fast if it is what you are looking for. If you however have a young family and kids are involved, it is better to go for the electric powered ones since they have moderate speed and hence safer. If you will be in the golf course for longer, a gas powered cart would be a better alternative. Generally both the gas powered and electric powered carts have their own pros and cons and it basically depends on what you are looking for and what best suits your family.


A golf cart can be cheap or expensive depending on what you are looking for. As mentioned before the gas powered carts are normally more expensive as compared to the electric powered ones. Basically your choice will depend on your budget and what you consider a priority. If you check for golf carts for sale in bc you will get guidelines that will help you make an informed choice. There are also many payment plans where you can choose what best works for you depending on what you want.…