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Water safety: Protect Your Child from Drowning

Having kids around the pool can quickly turn into a tragic event if the necessary precautions are not taken. Kids are still learning, and there are some things that you need to instill in them from an early age, when they are around swimming pools and other water bodies. In this article, we are going to look at water safety, and how you can protect your child from drowning.

General water safety

  • Learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) – CPR is something that should be learned by both parents and children.
  • Supervise – Children should never be left unsupervised around swimming pools.
  • Teach children to swim – The American Academy of Pediatrics says that the majority of children that are older than 4 years old can be taught how to swim, although swimming doesn’t necessarily prevent drowning, and should never be substituted with supervision.
  • Avoid alcohol – Don’t drink alcohol when swimming or supervising children.

Residential swimming pools and spas

  • Fence it in – it is important for you to install a fence around the swimming pool, separating the area from the yard and the house. When fencing, don’t put low fences that children can climb over, and go for self-closing and self-latching gates that open away from the pool.
  • Install alarms – An alarm can inform you when there is movement near the pool, or in the water.
  • Block pool and hot tub access
  • Remove toys – When toys are left in the water, children might try to retrieve them, posing a danger.
  • Beware of drains – Avoid sitting on pool drains, since the suction could easily pull you.
  • Keep emergency equipment handy – Things like life rings with ropes, reaching poles, or shepherd’s crook should always be at hand. A phone near the pool is also handy.

Swimming Gear for Kids and Babies

We are now going to take a look at swimming gear that is necessary for kids and babies according to churchillfinsreview.com. The swimming gear is meant for safety, and it also enhances the swimming experience for the kids. They also come in different makes and models, and it is all up to your personal preference.

Below is a list of the gear for kids:

  • Floatation Suits – are usually made of buoyant foam, and they keep the children afloat, giving them comfort and added comfort.
  • Floatation Devices and Gear
  • Swim Shoes – are made of rubber and they prevent the kids from sliding on surfaces when they come out of the water.
  • Swim Diapers – these are for sanitary protection and are a requirement Fr. most public swimming pools.
  • Rash Guards – coming in long sleeve and short sleeve, they are meant to be worn over swim suits to offer additional protection from the sun.
  • Ear Plugs – prevent water from entering the ears.
  • Snorkels – enable breathing through the mouth while under water.
  • Hats – they protect the kids from the sun, and are also fashionable.
  • Swim Caps – they protect the kid’s hair against damage by chlorine.
  • Goggles – they protect the eyes against itching and aching due to contact with the water.
  • Nose Clip – these prevent water from entering the nose.
  • Swim Fins – they enhance the swimming experience by giving sufficient kick.


We now know how to protect our children from drowning, the best one of them being supervision. Aside from that, we should also get the necessary swimming essentials to give them a better swimming experience.…

Pool Covers for the Safety of Children

For those that have little children, I am pretty sure that they understand the dangers that children can be in when they are exposed to open swimming pools. They could easily attempt to swim when there are no adults around, leading to disasters that people had not planned for. That is why it is better to take protective measures and cover swimming pools that are in your compounds. The risk of kids drowning is very high and it is always better to stay safe than to regret later. One other thing about pool covers apart from preventing your kids from falling into the pool and drowning is the fact that they can prevent dirt and other stuff from falling into the water. This way, when you actually take your kids out for a swim, it is safer. They don’t risk stepping on harmful substances such as sharp rocks that could cut them while in the water.

Having seen the risks of leaving a swimming pool open, learn more about pool covers for safety of our kids. Many homeowners, owning a swimming pool is a dream, whether it is in the ground or in a frame. We would therefore like to emphasize on the importance of pool covers.

Pool Covers for the Safety of Children

Less time cleaning, more time swimming

Imagine going down to the pool for a quick swim only to realize that it is filled with leaves and other dirt. You would probably spend most of the time trying to net out the dirt instead of swimming. With a pool cover, you don’t have to worry about that because the covers keep the dirt away. These also tend to keep the maintenance costs low since the filters are clean and don’t have to be cleaned as often. There is also the fact that pool covers can regulate the temperature of the water in the pool.

Pool Cover Reviews

In The Swim Swimming Pool Solar Blanket

This is a solar blanket cover that comes in a range of different sizes which can vary in length, width and also thickness. The thinnest covers start at 5-mil, and the thickest ones are 16-mil. The covers range from 12 feet round pool covers to 30 x 60 feet square ones. Once again this is a choice that you have to make based on the size and shape of your pool.


  • Thousands of air bubbles designed to transfer and retain the solar heat into your pool
  • It’s made out of UV-stabilized resin
  • ​It could be reshaped by cutting or trimming to fit any irregularly shaped pool
  • It’s energy-saving

Sun2Solar Rectangle Blue Swimming Pool Solar Cover

This is an 18×36-feet solar heating tarp blanket designed to keep the water in the pool warm and clean. It’s one of the most convenient ways for you to capture the sun’s heat as a natural heating source.


  • Captures the Sun’s heat actually which results in 10-15-degree temperature rise
  • ​It’s made out of reliable and durable resin material
  • ​It has convenient construction of thousands of air bubbles designed to both capture and transmit heat
  • Original blue color

Intex Solar Cover for Easy Set and Frame Pools

This Solar Cover is specially designed and manufactured for 12-foot round pools by Intex Recreation Corporation. Intex Recreation Corporation is a company with a long history of manufacturing accessories for airbeds, pools as well as spas.


  • 95% reduction of water evaporation
  • Ability to increase and to retain the elevated heat of the water
  • ​It features unique drain holes to prevent water accumulation
  • ​It comes with a reusable carry bag making storage a breeze
  • ​Thousands of air bubbles designed to transfer heat evenly throughout the entire pool

Blue Wave Bronze In Ground Pool Winter Cover

This is a winter cover designated to keep your pool clean and protected throughout the seasons when it is not in use, saving you the cost of draining the pool.


  • 5-foot overlap designed to ensure there is no stretching and ripping
  • Bronze grade cover with guaranteed strength and durability
  • ​It’s made out of rugged polyethylene
  • ​It brings convenient U.V. Protection to ensure longevity
  • ​The underside is black to retard the growth of algae and to ensure a crystal-clear pool water once uncovered
  • Loops every four feet to secure the water bags


It is better to stay safe than to say I wish I knew when it is too late. Go and get yourself one of the pool covers above to protect your pool.…