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How to Involve Your Children in Household Chores

Teaching your children to do the housework, rather than just doing it yourself, relieves your burden, as well as teaches them a few new skills. Here’s six approaches to get your children to do housework. Here are some ways you can teach your kids to actively participate in housework and household chores!

How to Involve Your Children in Household Chores

1) Brrring! It’s clean up time

Make cleaning up a piece of your children’s every day routine – simply like homework time, or sleep time stories, however be astute about the planning. For instance, a 10 minute clean up before their favorite TV show starts or just before dinner is to be served, will definitely put them to action right away. You can set up a random bell as a reminder for cleanup time for times that are outside the routine of your children. This is particularly convenient after an untidy art project, or when guests are on their way over.

2) Giggles and grime

Play some music and move around with your children while cleaning so they connect housework with fun rather than a burden. Transform ordinary family tasks into fun games. While cleaning up toys, set the kitchen clock to perceive what number of toys can be picked up before the clock goes off and, when folding the washing, get your children to coordinate the socks and hurl the balls over into the crate, such as shooting bands. Give your little ones a dusting cloth or duster feather. They’ll love clearing dust off furniture and surfaces with something fun and cushy! School kids love spray guns so request that they clean the windows with glass cleaner and splash “n” wipe the kitchen seat utilizing a surface spray.

3) Child-friendly cleaning

Make your cleaning items more child-friendly for your little partners. Remove the end of a mop and broom stick so it’s the right size for your child, at that point fill a little container with water and floor cleaner for them to wipe the floors. Old socks function awesome as cleaning gloves for children to wear while cleaning as well. Things that are better off being handled by adults should be used by you or your spouse to do the cleaning. One example is that of a pressure washer which can be used to wash your car, driveway, gutter or other stubborn and tight areas. Ensure that your respected choice does its job the way it’s meant to be done. A good engine, pump design, nozzle tips and alert system are some of the many things you should be looking out for while making your purchase!

4) Motivation tips

Educate your children that housework is everybody’s obligation and not something to do on the grounds that they get something out of it, like a gift or cash reward. So, an intermittent reward, for example, an extra awake hour on the weekend, more TV time, or a treat for completing errands, are incredible inspirations. Children adore charts! Make a chart displaying distinctive errands and have your children put a sticker under their name at whatever point they do some housework. After such a large number of stickers, give them a prize to express profound gratitude.…

A Clean Pet for Your Child’s Safety

If you have a pet in your home you are well familiar of how kids are fond of pets. It is therefore important that you pet is clean at all times for the safety of your child. Some pets especially those with long hairs may cause allergy reactions to children especially if they are not so clean but this can all be controlled by keeping the pet clean. One of the sure ways of cleaning your pet is by having the right vacuum cleaner for your pet.

There are many brands of vacuum cleaners in the market. Some of the best well-known brands are Hoover and Dyson which can be compared here. Hoover was the one that started earlier then Dyson followed later though they are both high quality models with innovative cleaning measures.

A Clean Pet for Your Child's Safety

Hoover vs. Dyson vacuum cleaners

Hoover vacuum cleaners are much bigger in size as compared to Dyson. Dyson are mainly bag less cleaners while Hoover has both bagged and bagless models. Hoover mainly make their models for commercial use while Dyson is mainly for domestic use. Some of the main features to look out for in choosing a vacuum cleaner for pet hair include:

HEPA Filtration: There are some vacuum cleaners that have filters or activated carbon filters that help in absorbing smells while there are others that don’t. This is an important factor to consider especially if you are sensitive to smells. In this case, the Hoovers models have an activated carbon filter for absorbing the smells while the Dyson model operates on a different system of a complete sealed air system. It is thus highly recommended for those who suffer from allergies. As much as Hoover has activated carbon filter, it does not completely seal in the air.

Cleaner head adjustment: There are some cleaners which the head is self-adjusting while in others you have to do the adjusting. In this case Dyson has a self-adjusting cleaning head while Hoovers you have to manually do the adjusting.

Cord length: There are some models with longer cords than others and this will depend on your preference. There are some models that come with an automatic rewind cord. In this case the Hoover has a long cord while the Dyson has an automatic rewind cord that has to be manually coiled on the hoover.

Dirt cup capacity: This is an important factor to consider in choosing a cleaner as it provides convenience in doing the cleaning. The bigger the dirt cups the better as you don’t have to empty it often. Dyson have a dirt cup that is 50% larger than the Hoovers on average.


Choosing the right vacuum cleaner will make all the difference in your home. You will not have to worry about your kids since they will be safe with the pet even if you are away. You will also reduce the amount of pet hair in the home which will make a big difference in terms of cleanliness and allergic reactions.…