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Tips to Make Healthy Habits of Children at An Early Age

Children become what their parents make them. In their early years, it’s the parents whom they watch and imitate. Whatever the parents do and teach their kids, they adopt those habits. These days it is best for parents to get their children to involve in healthy activities. As much as this is the age of technology, too much exposure to technology is also not healthy for kids.

These days, parents find it easy to give technological gadgets to the children and make them happy. For the time being, they are happy, but this can have negative effects as well. So, it is better for parents to get their kids involved in healthy activities.

You should involve your kids in different tasks to give them an insight of a life ahead of them. It is always a good idea to train kids for different activities in their early age. Take them with you wherever you can and teach them how things are done.

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Here are the tips to get your kids involved in healthy activities:

  • Take them for cooking with you:

Kids are always interested to know what their mothers are doing in the kitchen. In their early years, you will find them curious to know about things. It is you who has to develop a certain interest in them. You can tell them interesting and fun facts about cooking. You can take them in the kitchen and tell them about how things are done.

Obviously, you cannot ask them to cook and play with the stove but a little help will not hurt anyone. They can help you with washing, cleaning or even baking. Baking can be a lot of fun with kids as they loved the results.

  • Tell them about plants:

It is utterly important for the children to see the outside world. These days kids are busy with the tablets, iPads or mobile phones of their parents. They have gone away from the healthy outdoor activities. You should take them out with you. If you are a busy parent, spare some time for your kids and take them out in the garden. Tell them about plants, they will be highly interested. That would develop a curiosity about insects as well.

  • Take them for grocery shopping:

Grocery shopping with the kids can be quite a chaos but you have to show some skills here. You have to teach your children how to deal with things. You have to teach them how to behave in public. Grocery shopping is the best way to teach them these manners. It also gives them the knowledge of buying things wisely. You can teach them about buying healthy food products right from the start.…

Sound Experiences that Help Children to Learn

Sounds play a huge role during the growth of children, and in this article, we are going to explore some of the ways this happens. We are also going to review some of the speakers that you can use around your home that are child friendly.

Research has found that the brain reacts to sound in microseconds, and that brain waves closely resemble the sound waves. Making sense of sound is one of the most “computationally complex” functions of the brain. Check out below how sound affects children.

Sound Experiences that Help Children to Learn

Noise Reduction

Chronic background noise makes children lose concentration. For a good example, we will look at two schools. One had classes overlooking the highway, and the other had classes overlooking a quiet field. The children in the class overlooking the quiet field tend to perform better.

Read Aloud

Even before kids are able to read themselves, hearing stories told by others develops vocabulary and builds working memory as they try to understand how a story unfolds, listeners, need to remember what was said before. For those being raised in poverty, exposure to the spoken word is especially valuable, as studies suggest that these children tend to hear up to 30 million fewer words by the age of five.

Play a Musical Instrument

There is a connection between making music and strengthening language skills, so that putting music education at the center of curricula can bring changes in the children’s cognitive, emotional, and educational health.

Listen to Audio Books and Podcasts

Stories that are told well tend to draw the children’s attention, building their attention skills and working memory.

Learn a Second Language

It is good for the child’s brain to manage two languages at the same time, and that is what growing up in a bilingual environment does. It improves the executive functions of the brain and also bolsters the connection between auditory and neural processes, strengthening the brain’s ability to focus.

Avoid White Noise Machines

A good example of white noise is those soothing tunes that some parents play to soothe their children to sleep. These devices, which emit “meaningless sound”, can interfere with how the brain develops sound-processing circuitry.


Use technology to your advantage. Everything nowadays is easily available on the internet, whether they are educative videos to learning equipment. You can also take advantage of things like headphones with noise cancelling capabilities. You can find more on this here.

We are now going to go through a number of reviews of some of the best speakers that you can buy to help your children. For the best outdoor speaker setup, this is something that you’ll want to read. There are a ton of different speaker types in the market and it can be very confusing when buying one.

Yamaha NSAW150W

Yamaha’s compact NS-AW150W bookshelf speakers provide an affordable way to enjoy your music or television programming on a deck or under a porch. You can bring them in during the cold months and set them up indoors, too: their high build quality and good sound lend them equally well to two-channel indoor listening.

The speakers, which are sold as a pair, each use a 5-inch high-compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer and .5-inch PEI dome tweeter. The drivers are optimized for high rigidity but low mass, giving them reasonably high sensitivity (80 dB with 2.83V at 1 meter), another way of saying modest amplifiers won’t have much trouble driving them. Their acoustic-suspension cabinets are sealed to prevent undue resonance or tubby, tuneless bass, which often results from low-cost ported designs.

With a nominal impedance of 6 ohms, the speakers will work nicely with amplifiers up to 35 watts per channel, nominal, or 120 watts, peak power. They boast a frequency response of 80 to 40,000 Hz (+/-3 dB), giving you decent bass output for their compact size and unusually extended high-frequency response for your most demanding digital media. For indoor use, you may want to augment their performance with a subwoofer to deliver deeper and more powerful bass; be sure to select one with a variable crossover so you can tailor its upper frequency to effectively “take over” at the point of the NS-AW150Ws’ lowest deliverable frequency.

The speakers are magnetically shielded, so you can place them on or near a TV or video monitor without fear of picture degradation from their magnetic fields. Five-way binding posts simplify connection with several different terminations of speaker cable (including banana plugs), and the NS-AW150Ws even come with two lengths of cable to get you started.

While you wouldn’t want to leave the speakers exposed on, say, the deck of a boat, they are water resistant and designed to withstand light wind and rain, a benefit of their sealed enclosures and rugged metal grilles. The speakers come with mounting bases and brackets.

What’s in the Box

Two speakers, two lengths of speaker cable, speaker bases, mounting brackets, a warranty card, and a user’s manual.


  • One pair of 2-way indoor/outdoor speakers
  • Acoustic-suspension design for clear sound and taut, controlled bass response
  • 120 watts, maximum power capacity, 35 watts nominal
  • 5-inch high-compliance, polypropylene, mica-filled woofer and .5-inch PEI dome tweeter; magnetically shielded and water resistant
  • Each speaker measures 5.41 x 10.125 x 6.16 inches (W x H x D)


  • Durable
  • Good mid and high range frequencies
  • Waterproof


  • Bass may be a bit overpowering for some


The Yamaha NSAW150W is a very durable speaker that offers an excellent mid and high range sound. To some the bass was a little overpowering, but this can be sorted by adjusting the equalizer.

Definitive Technology NECB (Single)

These technology-packed wonders feature high excursion active drivers pressure-coupled to racetrack-shaped Low-Bass Radiators to give you more than double the bass output while maintaining a weather-tight seal for ultimate placement flexibility, reliability, and performance. With their fully sealed design, aluminum grilles, and rugged PolyStone enclosures, the AWs can be fully exposed to the elements and still reliably deliver their indoor speaker sound quality for years of outdoor listening enjoyment. Their integrated galvanized steel brackets and unique shape allow a full 360 degrees of rotation allowing the listener to orient the active drivers toward the listening area. Pointing the active driver baffle towards the listener while …