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How to Introduce Cats to Children

If you are a person who loves cats, you would love your children to appreciate cats as well. There are some who love cats since the day that they are born. There are others that would start to love cats the more that they spend time with them. It is possible for your children and your cats to live well with each other.

There are a lot of young children who become excited at the thought that they are going to be introduced to cats. Some of them may be scared when they see cats for the first time. Sometimes, it will depend on how successful you would be in introducing your kids to the cats that you have chosen to live with you at home.

These are some of the tips to remember so that proper introductions can be done:

  1. Tell your child to be calm. Screaming or shouting while in the presence of the cat will make the cat scurry away. It will also make the cat uncomfortable around your child for a long time. Your child must be gentle and just calm.
  2. If you have more than one child, allow the cat to meet one child at a time. Meeting all of the children at once can be too much for your cat. The meeting might cause your cat to become anxious and just hide. At the same time, children who are together may squabble as to who should pet the cat first. Avoid arguments by allowing children to meet the cat one by one.
  3. Allow your child to have some treats so that the cat will be enticed to stay with the child on the floor. They should sit side by side. Your child can calmly place the treats near the cat. The cat may go nearer the more that it trusts your child.
  4. Show your child how the cat should be petted. This means that you would stroke from between your cat’s shoulders up to the base area of the tail. This will let your child know what areas can be touched. Cats can be very sensitive when touched in other areas.
  5. You can also teach your child how to properly hold the cat. The cat’s body should be properly supported so that it will feel secure in your arms. If your child is still too young to do this, then do not encourage holding the cat just yet. It can be taught later on.

Of course, your child’s safety should also be considered. The cat you will get should be properly checked by the veterinarian to ensure that it is not carrying any disease. You should also get a Cat deterrent if you want to turn away stray cats that may be carrying infections from your home.

You would like your cat and your child to live well together. This is possible as long as you would follow the tips that are mentioned above. Your child will grow up with cat antics that he/she may want to share with other people.…

Managing Your Child’s Routine with Work

Most of us always dream of having our own children but with the fast-paced world we live in and the increasing expenses, managing your child’s routine can be difficult especially if you are a single parent. Working is a necessity to pay bills and other expenses. If you want to give your child a happy and satisfied life, you have to be there for them, yet you have to work hard to pay all the expenses like football, swimming, college, school trips etc.

Fortunately, we are not alone in this mess and due to this, there are many businesses and helpers that can help you manage everything with work. Some of the ways you can manage all the chores and give time to your child are:

Pick and drop:

This is the most difficult part of parenting especially if you are alone. To get the pick and drop chore out of the way, you can hire a taxi cab. Now you must be thinking, “How is a taxi cab safe for my child?” Well, there is taxicab business like Taxi Kuusamo in Finland. These taxicabs are very safe and are insured. Giving the responsibility of your child’s pick and drop to a business like this not only ensures your child safety but helps you in tracking them whenever you like as well.

They have a website where you can track your cab and see if your child has been picked and dropped. You can also keep in touch with the cab driver. The taxi Kuusamo business has been expanding over the last few years mainly because of the security and high-quality service that they provide. Their charges are not very high either, so it will be not heavy on your pocket.

In addition to that, their customer service is very efficient and responsive. Your queries will be looked into and addressed at the latest convenience, unlike other taxi cab services where you have to wait for hours only to talk to the operator. Their website has all the important things listed which you can refer to. Moreover, their new recruits are educated and taught how to comply with the rules, only then they are allowed to drive the cab.


All mothers understand the fatigue of making lunches, dinners, and snacks let alone the lunchtime snack you have to give your children for school. Two things you can do to manage your entire cooking are:

  1. Make Saturday the cooking Saturday where you and your children cook together and pack lunches for the whole week. Using ziplock bags for packing lunches and making portions is a very convenient way to store all the food. Also, you can make weeks’ worth of burger patties and nuggets for quick fix lunches.
  2. If you are mostly busy on Saturdays hire a freelance cook only for Saturdays. A full-time cook charges a lot as compared to one day cook obviously. The cook can prepare whole week’s lunch and dinners. You will only have to reheat or fix the lunch for your child for the whole week. This saves a lot of time.

Ahead planning:

You would be amazed how well ahead planning works for parents. Consulting with your child’s school and other activity instructors, you can make a yearly, six months or even a monthly planner. This helps you in getting your priorities straight. No parent wants to miss their child’s games and events. If you have a planner already and know when and at what time the event is going to be, you can manage your work accordingly. It’s not like there will be events every day or every week. So, managing a few hours won’t be a problem.…