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Why Every Parent Should Incorporate Cardamom Into Their Diet

Cardamom does not only add flavor to food as a spice, but has many health benefits too and that is why every parent should incorporate this great spice into their diet.  Some of the great benefits of cardamoms include:

Why Every Parent Should Incorporate Cardamom Into Their Diet

Cardiovascular health: According to studies, the administration of cardamoms to people with cardiovascular conditions led to a lower heartbeat, a controlled rhythm or control of hypertension. Studies suggest that cardamoms contain micronutrients that counteract surge of lipids in the body. The enzymes in cardamoms also help to control the cholesterol levels in the body.

Protection from gastrointestinal diseases:  Cardamom contains methanolic extract that helps in controlling against gastrointestinal disorders such as acidity, flatulence and stomach crumps.

Antimicrobial properties: Cardamom oil has been used to treat and inhibit the growth and spread of some dangerous microbes that are known for causing food poisoning. The antimicrobial properties of cardamom have made it to be long used for the treatment of dental diseases as it only deals with the infectious microbes leaving the probiotic bacteria alone.

Anti-Asthmatic Property: Cardamom can also be used as a remedy for asthma and other respiratory issues. Cardamom has crude extracts that are responsible for opening up constricted wind pipes in lab animals. The crude extracts also caused relaxation of the tracheal tissues.

Detoxification: Cardamom acts as a detoxifying agent to remove toxins from our bodies which is the major causes of diseases.  The different processes in our bodies produce toxins which need to be flushed out do that they are not harmful to our bodies. Accumulation of toxins can cause diseases including cancer which can even be fatal. Cardamoms are rich in minerals and vitamins such as vitamin A, B, C niacin and riboflavin which are a great blood purifier and help to remove excess urea and toxins from the kidney. That is why you should incorporate cardamom to your diet.

Improved Blood Circulation: Cardamom has been known to improve blood circulation in the body and that is why the oil has been commonly used in aromatherapy. This has been used to improve blood circulation in the lungs curing the symptoms of asthma and bronchitis.

Antioxidants: Cardamoms contain phytonutrients, vitamins and essential oils that are full of antioxidants and helps to clean up free radicals from the body and prevents cellular aging.

Oral health: Cardamom has been used for the cure of bad breath and mouth infections.


There are many other benefits of cardamoms; those are just but a few. Cardamoms can be consumed in many ways, including in food, drinks, and as oil among many other ways, it depends on how you prefer it. The spice is readily available in many stores, both online and offline stores. Check here if you would love to find out more about the benefits of the spice and how you can make a purchase. If you are just trying cardamom for the first time, try it in different ways to discover what you prefer.…