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Why Should Parent Bikers Not Give Up Riding?

Life is a name of changes. You never know what comes its way. It turns around with the idea of having children. This is not some negative change. Kids are a source of happiness but you tend to give up lots of things for them. When the riding a bike is your passion, continuing to this is a big decision as your life is now associated with your kids. It seems near to impossible when you are a woman. Safety is the main factor that comes along. Then come the finances and time.

However, there are other factors as well that tell you to continue with your passion. What are those reason, read below!

You need hobbies:

Complete riddance of hobbies can escalate your stress. Being a parent is already nerve-wracking. You might have very limited time for hobbies but it should be part of life as it plays a significant role in your wellbeing. Opting something you love the most as a hobby can make you live a happier and more balanced life. Setting your hobbies aside for your children is not something you should go for. Many parents out there are doing more than you can imagine. Why can’t you ride? Just never forget to keep your protective gears with you.


A life without passion is a life of a loser. Passion is as important for you as it is for your kinds. You would want your kid to be passionate about achieving something. Why can’t you? Imagine your kids seeing you this passionate. Wouldn’t it have a positive impact on them? Sure, it would! Be an example for them by not leaving your passion. Your passion for riding shouldn’t fade away. You can make your kid part of it once they are grownups. Stay motivated and dedicated and let your kid learn.

A sense of self:

Leaving something you love is like leaving a part of you. Holding onto it becomes difficult when you hear ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ more than your name. However, once you get the courage to do it, you are on your way to a satisfied life.

The bike you should get your hands on:

After all the above reasons, you might be motivated to continue with your passion. Now you are thinking of getting a bike you once left off for your kids. Well, you’d stumble upon a wide range of choices, all with incredible performance. The choice on the basis of reviews always proves to be wise. We cannot provide the review on all of them but you can get Triumph Bonneville Bobber review here.

This guy on timeless2wheels.com shares his one year experience with triumph bobber. This person has done a lot of research and talked to many other experienced riders regarding bike selection. He found many others who have been in the saddle of triumph bobber with great experience. He also did some replacements like backlight fitting and indicators which were swapped with multifunctional lights. Triumph bobber originally doesn’t have any storage space. However, you can get a tool bag for your bike as ancient hippy got it from bike brothers in Germany.

Getting the looks of your bike as desired is a great and satisfying thing to do and bobber lets you do it in many ways. Next thing comes to the handlebars. You can the better ones like handlebars with hidden front indicators. There is a lot more to get the work done with like exhausts, the booster plugs, and the seat. You can read the rest in the detailed review.…