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Choosing The Right Drumsticks for Your Kids

Contrary to popular belief, a drumstick is not just a drumstick, it serves different purposes. Different drumsticks give different effects of sounds hence it is important that you know about them prior so that you may choose the right drumsticks for your kids. The best drum sticks will basically depends on your individual needs since they are all different. Most of the times you will find the drumsticks have a particular letter or number, it is important to understand that so that you may make the right choice. Some of the factors to consider when looking for drumsticks include:

Music style

Different kinds of music will need different kind of sticks and that is why the come in different letters and numbers.

S: is mainly meant for street style drumming such as drum corps and marching bands.

B: Meant for band applications such as brass bands and symphonic orchestras

A: They are mainly meant for orchestra bands such as dance orchestras.

Numbers: The drumsticks will come in different numbers and they numbers are used to show the circumference of the stick. Low numbers are an indication of thick sticks as that will mean it has a big circumference

Material used

Drumstick will either be made of wood or nylon. When it comes to wood it will either be hickory, maple or oak. Maple is very light and hence it best suitable for low volume situations. It will also give fast playing. Hickory is dense and heavy and also rigid. It is therefore great as a shock absorber reducing fatigue. That is why it is the most common wood stick used. Oak on the other hand is also dense, very durable and also heavy.

Synthetic sticks are made of a variety of materials that may include polyurethane and aluminum. They are very durable and their main advantage is that they can be replaced.

Nylon tips are also popular since they are more durable and will help in giving a distinct sound.


Drumsticks will come with different tips which all have different effects. There are mainly four shapes of tips and all have different tonal qualities.

Round tips: They are the best choice is you are looking for a specific sound since they deliver a focused sound. They are good especially n cymbals.

Barrel tips: They are great if you are not specific about your sound requirements since they are used on a large contact area for a broad diffuse tone.

Pointed or triangle tips: They are great for a focused sound but in a medium tone.

Tear drop/ olive shaped tips: They give versatility of use since they will a wide range of sounds that are diffused depending on how they are held.

Basically the best drum sticks will depend on an individual as best is relative. With further research, you can get the best drumsticks for your kids that will add oomph to their drumming experience and help them have more fun.…