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How to Childproof Your Kitchen?

Kids, when they learn to walk, are a packet of curiosity that runs around the house poking fingers in everything they find intriguing. Now, where this is a good thing, it can lead to various injuries that can also result fatally. Hence, when your child starts crawling and walking, childproofing your house is imperative.

Mothers spend almost all of their day in the kitchen which is why it becomes a compelling place for the babies to explore. It is also possible that even with parents around, children pick something or poke their fingers in something very dangerous or hazardous. Some of the ways in which you can childproof your kitchen are:


If you are a newly married couple and your first baby is on the way, remodeling your kitchen is something that will help you a lot. Since your first child is not going to be your last. Getting the contractor to shift all the switches to the upper part of the wall that is easily reachable by you but not by your child, putting child safety locks on the cabinets and getting rid of all the sharp edges are the most important points.

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Getting rid of cleaners:

Cleaning products like ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, chlorine etc. can prove hazardous even in small quantities. Hence, it is highly advised that you get rid of these products as soon as your child’s curiosity spikes in. One option is to remove the products from the kitchen and place them in the garage or a store that is inaccessible to your child. Another thing that you can do is putting these cleaners in a high cabinet or above the cabinet so your child cannot reach it.

Similarly, storing all the plastic bags and material like plastic wrap, aluminum foil etc. in places your child cannot reach. These materials can cause real damage if the child is left alone with them.

Fire and gas:

With automatic burning burners, the dangers of a child turning the fire on are even more. Make sure your stove is in perfect working condition and there are no gas leaks whatsoever. While cooking, try to use the burners on the back because children tend to grab things and the risk of grabbing a pan on the front stove is more. Try to deactivate the automatic turning on a feature of the stove, this way the risk of your child turning the stove on is very less. Putting the lid of the stove and turning the gas off is also a good option.…

Bathroom Renovation Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Parents understand the value of good bathrooms unlike any one else on the planet. We have had to experience some of the most grotesque moments known to man. And, we have had to venture into, undeniably, the most disgusting bathrooms ever. When your kids have to go, there’s really no other option. That’s why you should appreciate these bathroom renovation ideas your kids will love. Maybe they will make them more prone to go before they leave home, rather than 20 minutes down the road.

As much as we are geared to provide you with ideas for your kids, there are other bathroom renovation ideas available for you as well. After all, we can all appreciate a nice, clean, comfortable bathroom. So, when you visit that site, be prepared to learn about lighting, mirrors, tile replacement, toilet seats, grouting, painting, and other décor suggestions. But for now, we are back to making the best kids’ bathrooms around.

Bathroom Renovation Ideas Your Kids Will Love

Super Cool Kids’ Bathrooms

When it comes to designing a bathroom for your kids, it is a good idea to make it a place they like to go. As you well know, potty training, and even bath time, can turn into gigantic battles. Perhaps taking some of these ideas for super cool kids’ bathrooms will change that situation for you. We are all less reticent to spend time somewhere that appeals to our aesthetic senses. So, without further ado, put these ideas on your potential design list:

  • Barn– For that cowboy kid you love, giving a rustic look to the bathroom could pay off. Giant trough like sinks and lots of wood will help you achieve this look. Learn more.
  • Disney- Find three round mirrors. Two small ones, of the same size, and then one large one. Use the small ones as Mickey’s ears and the large as his face. Hang them over the sink. Invest in wall clings and other Disney memorabilia to complete the look. But, the mirrors will make the space, we promise.
  • Nautical- Metal framed mirrors hung like portholes against a navy blue and white bathroom will give the feel of being on a submarine. You can always find a whale rug and maybe even an anchor or ship’s wheel to attach to the wall.
  • Superheroes– Figure out how to paint a city scene mural. That will give your wee-ones the sense that they are entering Gotham, Metropolis, or Star City. Then use superhero towels to add to that flair. Read this.
  • Bright- The more colorful a bathroom is, the more it will make your younger children smile. Look for exotic and outlandish storage options, décor, and even paint. Make it scream fun because its colors are delightful.
  • Fairies- Your little girl is begging you for a magical bathroom. Paint mushrooms and ferns along the edges. Then shop thrift stores and yard sales for pre-owned fairies and miniature dolls. You can add the wings later. Glue them amidst the ferns and atop the mushrooms you painted. It will be a fairy wonderland.

In reality, you could do all kinds of 3D stuff in the kids’ bathrooms. They are kids, so texture is everything. Make a road that drives through the wall and add real hot wheels to it. Or put horses in a stall in the barn bathroom. Seriously, your creativity can shine when you design the new bathroom for your kids. Just use something they like. Here are some other potential ideas.…