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How To Choose A Humidifier for Babies

It is the dream of every parent to look after their babies properly. While there are a lot of advices out there on what to use or what to do, you will rarely find an advice on best humidifier for baby. As much as it is not something that is talked about a lot of times, a humidifier is also important for a body. Humidifiers are most of the time used when babies have colds to ease mucus and protects the nasal passages of the baby. Humidifiers also help in thermoregulation making sure that there is a stable level of both heat and fluids in the body. This is especially important if there are radical weather changes. A humidifier will protect the baby against illnesses especially asthma. It will keep your baby warm and help him to be able to sleep better.

Now that there are many benefits of using a humidifier, it is worth getting one. Some of the factors to keep in mind when looking for a baby humidifier include:

Size of the room

The size of the room that you plan to use the humidifier in will determine the kind of humidifier that will be best suitable for you. Humidifiers have different capacities thus a humidifier with a small capacity will not be appropriate for use in a big room. You need a humidifier that will be effective for your space and thus you need to do a consultation prior.

Capacity of the humidifiers water tank

The size of the water tank will influence how the humidifier can be used and what space will be appropriate for it. The size of the tank will have an influence on the amount of water that it can hold and also the size of room the humidifier can be used.

Amount of water used within 24hours

The amount of water that can be used within a 24 hour period does not necessarily depend on the size of the water tank. It can also be influenced by how the humidifier operates. When it comes to babies, distilled water is advised as opposed to tap water and thus knowing the amount of water that can be used will help you know if it is manageable for you or not.

Mode of operation

As much as humidifiers all have the same function, they are operated differently.  There are those that are simple to use while they are those that are complicated. It all depends on an individual and what they consider simple or complicated.

Noise level

Humidifiers have different noise levels and thus there are those that are noisier than others. The noise level depends on what is your definition of noise and the kind of setup you have. Since you are shopping for a humidifier to use with babies, this is an important consideration to make.

Maintenance requirements

There are some humidifiers that are more demanding than others when it comes to maintenance. For instance there are those that you will need to replace filters more often.…