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A Guide to Changing Your Baby’s Diaper

Changing diapers is frequently a source of fear, dread, and humor for unseasoned parents and caretakers. Infants and toddlers who are not potty-trained need their diapers changed at regular intervals to stay away from rashes and inconvenience. Make a diaper changing station so you can easily change diapers immediately.

Wash your hands. Before you change the diaper, wash your hands with soap water. In the event that you don’t approach a sink, you can make use of hand sanitizer. In the event that you don’t have hand sanitizer, you can even make use of baby wipes.

Prepare the clean diaper. Place the infant on the changing area and get out another diaper. In case you’re utilizing a disposable diaper, unfold it. In case you’re utilizing a cloth diaper, fold it or stuff it with an absorbent insert contingent upon the style of diaper you have. If you want to learn about the benefits of cloth diapers and why they’re the perfect choice for your baby, you can see more here. Set the diaper to the side so it’s prepared once you’ve disposed of the dirty diaper.

Unfasten and remove the dirty diaper. Force away the tabs, snaps, or velcro from the dirty diaper to detach it. Draw down the front piece of the dirty diaper and delicately lift your child’s legs up a bit. On the off chance that the diaper is wet, slide the back of the messy diaper out from under the infant’s back. In the event that there is poop, utilize the front portion of the dirty diaper to scoop as quite a bit of it off your child as you can. Put the dirty diaper aside until the point when you can fold it. Ensure that you put the dirty diaper out of the child’s reach. In the event that you have an infant who pees amid diaper changes, consider laying a clean cloth over his penis while you change him.

Wipe the child’s bottom with a wipe or a damp cloth. Take a baby wipe or damp cloth and wipe the child’s privates from front to back (towards the bottom). Cleaning is imperative to prevent bacterial infections. To clean poop, you’ll presumably require another wipe or two. Tenderly lift your child’s legs by the lower legs and wipe in the middle of the infant’s bottom. Guarantee that there’s no poop around the infant’s private parts or along the inside of their thighs.

Air dry the skin for a minute. You can prevent diaper rashes by keeping your infant’s bottom clean and dry. Give the infant’s bottom a couple of moments to dry out before you put on the spotless diaper. In the event that your infant has a rash, apply diaper cream or oil before you put the new diaper on.

Lay the clean diaper under the infant. Unfold the opened clean diaper and lay its back portion underneath the infant. The diaper ought to be close to your infant’s midriff. In case you’re changing a kid’s diaper, point his penis down to direct any pee into the new diaper. Draw the front portion of the tidy diaper up onto the infant’s stomach. Guarantee that your child doesn’t fold their legs or the diaper may be awkward. Attempt to spread the infant’s legs so the diaper will fit properly. In case you’re changing an infant diaper, utilize an infant diaper that leaves space for the umbilical string stump. Or on the other hand overlay over the front of the diaper so you don’t cover it.…

Reasons Why Parents Should Baby-Proof The House

When babies start crawling, this is a stage when they would explore their everyday environment. Their safety becomes parents’ concern as they would touch and take anything in their mouth which can lead to injuries. Stopping them to move around would affect their growth and it is not even possible to do this. The best solution to it is babyproofing your house. This way, you can let your kid explore, yet prevent them from health hazards.

Some parents still do not find it convincing. However, we have come up with lots of reasons to make you realize the importance of babyproofing.

Kids are always falling:

Toddlers are continuously growing and they quickly develop new skills. You may not realize it before they try it and get injured. As a parent, you would have an idea how kids can escape your vision. Usually, kids are not afraid of trying new things. Likewise, they will try what they see you doing. To prevent them falling and getting injured, keep an eye on them. And, find out places where they can reach and clear those places.

Electricity is dangerous:

A survey shows that nearly 7 kids end up in hospital emergency rooms each day because of electrical shocks and burn injuries. This happens when kids temper with wall outlets. This can be dangerous than you can imagine. In such situation, you would wish that you had it under control. Childproof electrical outlet caps are available in the market that works great to prevent such dangerous incidents.

Kids falling from windows:

Windows is a big concern, particularly if your accommodation is at one of the top stories. Kids are energetic and they would climb the furniture every now and then. If you have any piece of furniture that your kid can climb near a window, he/she has chances to fall from the window. You will find lots of such incidents where kids fall down from the window. Watch out for any chance your kid can climb up to the window.

Kids falling off stairs:

Infants and toddlers would always head to the stairs to learn to navigate his/her surroundings. And, falling down stairs can lead to some serious injuries. Install high-quality safety gates to keep kids away from stairs.

The places you should baby-proof:

First of all, observe the places in the kitchen that can prove to be dangerous for kids. Such as the places you keep knives, heavy pots and pans and the drawers full of different stuff. The drawers and cupboards can be made childproof with the fasteners that are attached to the handles. As far as the heavy objects are concerned, you can baby proof these as well if you do not keep them in a drawer. You will find knife blocks from the market that have a release button on the side that your baby cannot find. Moreover, you have various appliances in the kitchen. Keep these in the place where your kids cannot reach.

The things you need to be concerned about in bathroom are cleaning chemicals, screen, and shower curtains. Be careful when bathing your kid, never leave them in the bathtub even if there is no water in it. The floor can be slippery and lead to injuries.

In your bedroom and living area, changing table, cribs, and toys can prove to be harmful. Always get your child the toys that are safe to play. If you are leaving him/her in the living room, childproof your power outlets and chords, fireplaces, electronic devices, and the furniture.

For a further guide for babyproofing your home, visit getbabychair.com…

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Assuming that you’re a new parent, that is when you’ll discover just how tricky choosing the right baby carrier can be. That is because they come in all sorts of types and sizes, and you would probably be wondering which one would fit your baby most comfortably. Choosing the wrong baby carrier could prove to be a nightmare due to discomfort and other things that could be harmful to the baby. In this article, we are going to discuss everything that you need to know about how to choose a baby carrier.


Wraps consist of rectangular fabrics that you use to tie the baby around yourself, and they work best for newborn babies that can’t hold their heads up on their own. As the babies become older and are able to move their heads on their own, wraps sort of become restrictive and uncomfortable.


Carriers usually come with soft structures, aimed at the older babies. For the younger ones, extra padding can be added, or adjusting of the straps can be done. For the heavier babies, you would want carriers with padded straps and waistbands for better support. When looking for a carrier, take the following things into consideration:

  • Go for one that can be worn with the baby high in a way that you can even kiss the top of their head.
  • Go for one with a wide or adjustable seat since this one will help to distribute the baby’s weight, while the hips are kept healthy.

Remember, you also need to consider if they can be used with inserts, the high weight limit, and whether the carrier is front or back facing.

How to Choose a Baby Carrier

Ring Slings

These come in the form of boxers or briefs, and they are best for hotter climates since they allow air flow. One downside is that they put all the weight on the shoulders of the parents.

What carrier suits the weather?

You need to make sure that the carrier suits the weather, going for breathable fabric with mesh during the summer, and heavier wraps during colder weather.


There are some carriers that are bulky, while there are some that are so compact, they can easily fit into a diaper bag. Considering how much you’ll be moving around, you might want to go for one that will suit your circumstances the best.

Advantages of Baby Carriers

Baby carriers come with several advantages, and we are now going to rush through some of them in this baby carrier guide.

Carried Babies Cry Less

Babies tend to cry less when they are carried in carriers, and according to one study that was carried out on a group of random babies, crying was reduced by up to 43%.

Babywearing is Physically Good for the Infant

It comes with physical advantages to the infant since the upright position massages their abdomens, encourages good digestion, and preventing physical abnormalities.

Promotes Healthy Emotional and Mental Development

It is great for emotional and mental development as the baby can breastfeed when they are hungry, while keeping warm at the same time. They also become alert with their surroundings, even improving their interactions through eye level contact.

It Makes Parenting Easier

Parenting is easier as parents can do other things when their babies are strapped to them. This is also good for the infancy stages of their lives.

It Promotes Attachment

Babies tend to bond with their parents more than they would if they were in strollers. Skin-to-skin contact is a proven medical way of healing sick infants.

It Is Economical

Baby carriers are cheaper than strollers, and unlike strollers that the baby can outgrow, strollers can easily be adjusted to fit the growing baby.

Baby Carrier Accessories

  • Covers for bad weather
  • Bibs
  • Teething pads

Top Manufacturers

  • Ergobaby
  • Babybjorn
  • Lillebaby


It is important for parents to get for their babies’ baby carriers. They come with numerous advantages, and they tend to make the parenting role much easier. Go for one from the mentioned top manufacturers for the ultimate baby experience.…

The Non CIO Method for Getting Baby to Sleep through the Night

A lot of parents and baby experts will tell you the best way to get your baby to sleep through the night is with the CIO (Cry it out) method.  Basically you just put your baby in the crib and let him cry himself to sleep… night after night… until he gets used to it.  While there is probably nothing wrong with the CIO method you really do need to be tough to handle it.  Listening to your little one cry without attending him is nerve wrecking and conflicts with your natural instinct.  The CIO method just isn’t for all parents or children.  If there is absolutely no way you can stand this type of sleep method then perhaps these sleep training tips can help you get your baby to sleep alone.

The Non CIO Method for Getting Baby to Sleep through the Night

Establish a strict nap schedule

The most important factor for successful sleep training is to stick to a strict nap schedule, day in and day out so your little one’s body will start craving sleep during certain times.

Prep for nap time

It is good to tell your child in advance that nap time is approaching.  Some parents do this by scheduling a bath just before bed time; others prefer a routine song or reading time.  The important thing is to inform your child that nap time is approaching so they can mentally start preparing – even though they don’t want to sleep.

Every nap time is a chance to bond

One of the best benefits of the non CIO method is that you get to bond with your child when it is time for naps.  Try reading a book, singing quiet songs or simply snuggle together when it is time to go to bed.

Sleeping in his or her own bedroom is a must

Babies from the age of six months can remember where they were when they last fell asleep.  Removing your child from your bed and transferring them to another room or bed is terrifying to them because they are suddenly faced with a huge change.  It is important to get your child to fall asleep where he or she is going to sleep the entire night.  That way everything is familiar to them when they wake during the night and the chances are much better that baby will fall right back to sleep again.

Get a baby monitor

A video baby monitor is crucial for the non CIO method.  Babies and small kids will wake several times throughout the night, they will stir, cry and moan without being fully awake.  When you have a monitor you can give it a few minutes before you respond to crying to see if the child will go back to sleep.  Parents also sleep much better because they can hear if anything goes wrong or if your baby is fully awake so they won’t end up terrified of waking alone and having no one to come to their aid.  Parents can also do a bit of spying to see when their little ones are just playing around in the crib without notifying your little one that you are close by so they won’t start seeking your attention.…