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What Are The Possibilities For Kids Who Love To Draw Toons?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Every single parent under the sun will eventually ask their child this question, often numerous times.  Everyone wants their children to grow up to live a successful and financially secure life.  It is only natural to worry about your child when he or she isn’t doing well at school or doesn’t seem to have the needed skill set for a specific dream job.

Most parents encourage or at least try to guide their kids towards a specific career path such as medical, engineering or more.  You might even start discouraging some activities your child loves to do such as swimming, dancing or drawing because these skills usually don’t do too well in the employment sector.  And many times your child will just refuse to stop doing those things they love to do.

Drawing is something that most kids love to do but some children cannot seem to stop obsessing about art, drawing, doodling, and anime. If a child has a true passion for something specific then it is important not to try to extinguish that passion.  Our modern world is much more diverse than ever before and your child might just enjoy surprisingly good success even though their chosen career path doesn’t usually result in success.

So if that little one of yours cannot seem to stop drawing animations and seems to be getting quite good at it, don’t discourage them.  There are quite a few future career possibilities for kids who love to animate such as the following:

Freelance artist – Freelancers work online and deliver work across the globe.  Your little anime artist could perhaps become a freelance artist and start drawing animations and artworks for other companies around the world.

Become an animator – Anime is now more popular than ever before and in countries like Japan, this is one of the most lucrative industries to be found.  Your child can study and become an animator.  Animators can fall in with various sectors in the entertainment industry and work as part of large teams to develop animation series, animation films, comic books and much more.  Check out AnimeWhiz to find out more about becoming an animator.

Become an illustrator – Become a children’s book illustrator and work directly with some of the best publishing companies and some of the greatest writers in the world.

Become a cartoonist – Cartoonists are not as popular as they used to be but that doesn’t mean that your child cannot be successful in this sector.  He or she can become a cartoonist and develop comic strips for websites and magazines.  Entertainment industries are constantly battling to find great content and many are willing to pay surprisingly good for unique and captivating content.

Write an anime – There are lots of different forms of writing and animation or comic books are still pretty popular even though they are now mostly available in digital form.  Your child can write an animation series and publish it online.  People from all over can read these and if enough interest is gained, your child could earn lots of money or perhaps even get the attention of a filming industry who might be interested in producing a full animation.…