Scooter and skateboard safety tips for your children

By | March 10, 2017

Falling off a bicycle, skateboard or scooter is part of learning to ride. It is never easy for a parent to witness though. There are ways to make sure the damage is as little as possible though. Protective gear, lessons and a safe environment is a good starting point. As a parent you can’t control everything and that includes bruises and scratches. You can be there with a helping hand and a band aid but little spills and falls will happen. It is important to take the necessary measures to make sure they don’t fall too hard or break anything. Click here for tips on teaching your little ones to ride a bicycle.

Scooter and skateboard safety tips for your children

First and most important make sure your child is wearing a reliable helmet. This is by far one of the best and most innovative discoveries in time. With a helmet you can prevent the chances of your child getting a serious head injury. There are such great helmets that have been designed today including motorcycle helmets with bluetooth that has been designed for those individuals that need to stay in touch while they are on their motorcycle. It is a safe and effective way to chat on your phone if you have to without having to use your hands or deal with noise as the Bluetooth device is located in your helmet. By wearing a helmet you are setting a good example for your child.

Teach your child to be able to control the bike on different types of surfaces and to always be aware of cars and other vehicles around him. You might not think so but inform them of road rules that apply to cyclists and drivers. You need to give your child lots of supervision at first before you him independence which can start with flat, open surfaces at first. As a parent make sure you check the condition of the bike at all times. Check that the brakes work correctly, the chains is oiled and the tires are firm. You might also want to check if the pedals spin easily. Make sure that your child is not riding a bicycle that is too big as this could be quite dangerous for him or her.

Make sure that you don’t let them ride during wet weather conditions or at night until they are completely confident and you have the safety gear installed that will make them completely visible to other drivers on the road. Click here to take a look at safety equipment for night cycling.  It is important to be safe and to sound like the strict parent in this regard because your child’s life is in your hands and by teaching them correctly and patiently you just might give them what they need to avoid any nasty situations. When teaching your child try and do it away from any distractions or any other traffic. You will need the space to make sure you can be right alongside them to keep an eye open.