Prepping Tips for Your Big Baby Shoot

By | August 15, 2018

It is so important to capture those first years of your little one on camera.  They grow so fast and these oldies are incredibly cute and great for bringing back fond memories of those cute little feet, sweet little face and those tiny hands. 


If you are busy prepping for your big baby shoot with your local photographer then you probably checked out numerous baby photography ideas on Pinterest.   It is just amazing what some photographers are capable of and you cannot help but wonder how on earth these photographers could possibly manage to get those babies to smile, act perfect and sit still while the shoot is ongoing.  


Photography sessions are not cheap and you probably want your big baby shoot to go off without a hitch.  Here are a few tips to help you prepare for a picture perfect shoot. 

Schedule Your Shoot at The Right Time 

Your photo session shouldn’t be squeezed in on one of those incredibly busy days.  When photographers are shooting babies they need a lot of time to plan out the shots, to get your little one to pose and to make them comfortable with all the strange equipment and flashing lights.  Book your shoot on a day where there will be lots of time for a long and relaxing photo shoot. 

Plan Nap Times Correct 

Most babies prefer routine and they get tired around nap time.  Ensure that your little one took his or her nap before the big shoot.  A cranky and tired baby is any photographer’s worst nightmare because there is just no working with them.  Newborn shoots, however, are a completely different story.   These tiny babies cannot stay awake for too long and most photographers prefer to work with newborns as they sleep because it results in the best photographs. 

Get the Right Outfit 

You need a great looking outfit for your little one.  On you can shop all the best and most beautiful baby clothes and photography outfits.  If you are having a family shoot then try to find an outfit that will fit well with the color scheme of mommy and daddy’s outfits.  While you are shopping for the perfect outfit you shouldn’t buy something that is identical in color and design as your outfits.  Family shoots tend to look great if everyone’s clothes fit well together but are not identical.  Twinning your attire will only make everything look all too uniform and planned out where harmonious outfit styles and colors look much more natural. 

Take Along A Few Snacks 

A few mess-free snacks can keep your little one calm and content if the shoot is taking up a bit more time than expected.  Stock up on some yummy snacks like cookies, jelly sweets or fruit bites and avoid foods that might mess up your little one’s outfit. 

Have Fun 

Children can sense what you are feeling.  If you are all stressed out from the shoot then they will also become stressed and nervous.  Instead of aiming for a painstakingly perfect shoot, have some fun. Your photos don’t have to be perfect.  The messes and mistakes we make usually result in the best memories and photographs.