Keep the Family Dog Pest Free With These Tips

Some dogs are just special.  There is just something about them that makes these four legged creatures seem more like a member of the family than a pet.  They have a special place in everyone’s heart, they are included in the family photos and they share a close and personal bond with each family member.  While having an indoor dog can be glorious and fun, it can also be dangerous if your dog isn’t cared for properly.  Dogs frequently expose children to all types of germs, insects like fleas and ticks, as well as parasites like worms.  These pests can easily crawl over to family members and cause terrible diseases.  It is important to keep all family pets clean, groomed and pest free at all times, especially when these family pets share a bed with family members.


Keep your dog flea and tick free

Ticks and fleas can be terribly dangerous.  They can lead to bad skin conditions, a poor immune system and can even result in temporarily paralysis in children.  Luckily there are plenty of wonderful topical flea treatment for dogs that is incredibly easy to use and lasts up to months at a time without extra labor.  It is important to treat dogs with tick and flea problems as soon as you see a problem and to keep the treatments regular to prevent infestations.


Deworm your family dog regularly

Your dog can easily become infested with intestinal parasites. Roundworms, hookworms, whipworms and tapeworms are just a few of the many parasites that infest dogs and these parasites can easily spread to humans and especially children.  The result of such an infestation can vary from a poor immune system to terrible illnesses.  Family dogs should be dewormed at least 4 times a year to keep wormy problems away.


Bath your family dog regularly

A lot of people love to snuggle up with their furry friends and there is nothing wrong with that if your dog is kept clean and groomed.  While dogs should be kept clean they shouldn’t be washed too many times.  Natural oils are important to keep a dog’s skin healthy and rash free but it can be hard to determine how frequently a dog should be bathed.  Some dogs are perfectly fine with as little as one bath a year because they are naturally odor free.  Other pets require more frequent bathing to keep them from smelling bad.  Indoor dogs are a good example of family dogs that needs frequent bathing and the frequency depends on your dog’s personality and his general smell.  Most pet owners bathe their indoor dogs one to four times a month to keep them from stinking up the linen.


Invest in good grooming gear

Grooming tools will make it a lot easier to keep your house and clothing hair free.  Invest in a good dog brush and comb furry dogs like poodles or huskies once a day during shedding times.  A vacuum cleaner is a must to suck up loose dog hair and a rubber bristle brush is a great tool to brush hairs off your clothes before stepping out of the house.