How to Choose the Right Compound Bow for Your Kids

By | June 2, 2017

The right compound bow goes a long way, it will make sure that your kids are able to enjoy archery more and are free from any injury. As much as there are many compound bows in the market, they all differ in terms of their features. For example the right compound bow for you may not be the right compound bow for your kids, especially if they are young. We all know how kids can get petty at times, and even the kind of bow can affect their attitude towards the game. To make sure that your kids have the right attitude to archery, it is best to choose the right compound bow. The following factors should be kept in mind:

How to Choose the Right Compound Bow for Your Kids

Construction and design

Simple is always better especially due to the fact that it is kids who are going to use it. It should be able to match the body proportion and be highly adjustable. Don’t go for complicated features that your kids might not be conversant with.

The construction and design of a bow have a big influence on its performance, simpler and straightforward design is way better when it comes to choosing a bow for kids.

Shooting speed

There are compound bows that can shoot at faster speeds tan others and therefore it is good to choose a compound bow depending on the strength of the user. For example some kids may not be able to shoot at speeds of 300fps since they do not have that strength.

Axle length

This is the length of the compound bow. It can either be short or long, you should choose based on the height and muscle strength of your kids. Shorter bows are harder to shoot than longer bows.

Draw length

This is also known as the distance between the grip and bow string. In terms of draw length, less is always better, though most of the time it is adjustable.

Brace height

This is the distance from the grip to the bow string. A higher brace height is always better but this should be influence by your needs.

Draw weight

It is the amount of effort that is needed to get the bow to full draw. For kids choose a bow with a low draw weight.

Available accessories

There are bows that come with more accessories than others. You should consider the kind of accessories that come with the bow to make sure that you get value for your money.


To find the best compound bows for your kids, you will have to do a proper background check. There are many sites that deal with compound bows where you can do comparisons. So long as you know what you are looking for, then finding the right bow becomes easier. Reading user reviews also help a lot; it helps you to know other people’s experiences with the bows and can help you to avoid some mistakes that were made by others.