How Parents Can Choose A Thermometer

By | December 27, 2017

It is currently common to find a thermometer in many homes. This is due to the fact that most parents want to make sure that their loved ones are cared for and safe. This is especially true in an environment where there are small kinds since their temperatures are bound to fluctuate from time to time. As much as in the old days people would use their hand to test the body temperature to determine if kids have fever or not, that method is not as accurate as using a thermometer.

As much as there are many thermometers in the market, most of them are substandard which may not be accurate and fast hence not so convenient when you have a sick child. It is therefore important that parents go for quality brands of thermometer such as iProven and from iProven thermometer review it is clear it gives value for money. Some of other factors that parents should look for when looking for a thermometer include:

How Parents Can Choose A Thermometer

How Parents Can Choose A Thermometer

Speed of the thermometer

Different thermometers have different speed of displaying results depending on how they have been made. This is an important consideration especially if you have young ones as time is a really important factor.


There are some thermometers that offer a higher level of comfort than others. This is also important to consider.


Thermometers come at different costs depending on the kind of features that they have. You will get a thermometer across different price ranges and the right one will depend on what you are looking for.

Ease of use

There are some thermometers that are simpler than others when it comes to usage. For an environment with kids it is better to get one that is easy to use so that anyone can be able to use it in case of an emergency.

Since you know what to look for when looking for a thermometer, it is also good to know the types of thermometers in the market. They include:

Digital thermometers

As the name suggests they have been made in a digital way and come with run off batteries and electronic sensors that will give the body temperature. They can be used in different body parts and will give a reading within thirty seconds.

Bulb thermometers

They are more of the traditional version of thermometer hence they are not as fast and comfortable as the modern thermometers. They use mercury to determine the reading and they are prone to breakage hence are not suitable in an environment with kids. There are however some few types of bulb thermometers that do not use mercury.

Pacifier thermometer

They are great for kids that are using pacifiers as they may not notice the thermometer hence are highly unlikely to resist. They are mainly used orally.

Temperature strips

The strips are placed on the forehead to determine the temperature. The strips contain liquid crystal that will change color on reading the temperature. They are great for kids.