How Can Parents Deal With The Effects of Humidity?

By | August 10, 2018

As a parent, there is nothing more stressful than the changing weather. Children tend to get sick and this causes the daily routine to disrupt. The changing weather does not only refer to summers and winters, the weather in between is also a major challenge as it has no set timings or pattern.

Humidity and extreme dryness tend to come in this weather. For parents, there is a need for more awareness as to how to deal with this kind of weather. The main thing is humidity and this article will help you deal with it:

How Can Parents Deal With The Effects of Humidity?

How Can Parents Deal With The Effects of Humidity?


A dehumidifier is a machine that deals with humidity. The dehumidifier lifespan tends to last for more than three years. So, if you are looking for a long-term inexpensive solution and that will do the work for you, then you should go with this equipment. A dehumidifier can be used as often as you like. It does not harm the health of any child no matter their age.

The only thing you have to be careful about is not exposing your kid directly to the dehumidifier. It is a machine, after all, and the electricity that runs through the wires can be damaging. You can put the dehumidifier in one room in your house and keep the doors to the other rooms open. The whole house will feel the benefits and the humidity level will come down to zero very easily.

To get the most out of a dehumidifier, you should maintain it properly. There are certain ways to clean it so that the dirt does not get into the system. Another way to clean the dehumidifier is by using a cleaning chemical on the outside and rubbing it with a clean cloth.

Install pedestal fans

Pedestal fans are not new in the market. They have been used for many decades and especially in the developing countries, these fans are the main means for keeping cool and dealing with humidity. A pedestal fan can be bought from anywhere. There are different brands in the markets which produce some excellent quality fans.

The main thing parents worry about when they buy pedestal fans is that these can be dangerous for kids. While this is not entirely false, the new fans available in the market are much safer. They come with a protective shield that revolves around the fan and no one can put their hand inside this shield. Some of the fans also operate on batteries so if you are worried about electricity usage you should take it easy. The children will not even trip on loose wires.

Regular showers

By regular showers, we do not mean the showers that your kids take after every other day. When it is hot and humid, the regularity of showers must be increased considerably. Indeed studies have shown that in extreme humidity you must take at least two showers in one day. As a parent, this will be a difficult task because children do not like to take their clothes off and on again and again.

They might not even understand why you are making them do it. However, this is for the betterment of the child and is one of the easiest methods to get rid of the hot sticky bodies. Humidity also causes germs, so more showers mean a better health overall. To make this process a bit less tiresome, getting your children into the bathtub in the morning and at night before going to bed is a good idea.