Guide for Parents in Choosing A Chainsaw

By | November 7, 2017

If you are considering purchasing the best chainsaw for firewood, then it is important to know what to look out for so that you can be able to make an informed choice. One thing you have to keep in mind is that a great chainsaw will depend on your project requirements and specific needs as well as your budget and physical stature. The first and most important need is defining your needs. It is only by defining your needs that you will be able to know what you want and hence look for what you want. This may include defining what you plan to use the chainsaw for, the kind of experience you have with chainsaws, the type of wood you will be cutting with the chainsaw, how often you intend to use the chainsaw and where you will be using the chainsaw. Once you have identified your needs, then you can go ahead to check for the factors to consider when buying a chainsaw. That may include:

Guide for Parents in Choosing A Chainsaw

Guide bar length

The bar length is the part that is actively involved in cutting and may be a representation of the largest part of wood the chainsaw can cut at once. You should however keep in mind that the size of the chainsaw does not determine the size of wood that can be cut as large pieces can still be cut with a small chainsaw. Normally the larger the bar length the more difficult it will be to handle the chainsaw and the harder it is to create a balance hence higher chances of injury.

Engine Power type

Different chainsaws may have different types of engine power and that includes gas chainsaws, electric chainsaws, and battery powered chainsaws. For gas powered chainsaws, the engine size is measured in cubic centimeters and the more the cc the more the powerful it is. Electric powered are measured in amps and the higher the amps the better. For battery powered chainsaws the power is measured in volts and the higher the voltage the better.


Chainsaws can be dangerous especially if you are in an environment with kids. It is therefore important to buy a chainsaw with great safety features and it should be kept well and used well to avoid injury. If need be you will have to wear protective clothing to prevent injuries.

Strength level/fitness

Your strength level or fitness level is an important consideration when you are looking to buy a chainsaw as it will determine how you will hold, handle and manipulate the chainsaw. When you are using a chainsaw, it becomes more of an extension of you. You should buy a chainsaw that you can easily handle and manipulate and use without any problem. On the flipside if you are physically fit then you can handle whatever type of chainsaw that you get.

When it comes to buying the best chainsaw just like any other thing, vast research is needed. That will help you avoid mistakes and make an informed choice.