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How To Involve Your Children in More Outdoor Activities

Outdoor activities are very important for the well-being of children. In today’s era when everything is about sitting inside and trying to become better at life, people often ignore outdoor activities. When you become a parent, however, you realize that your child needs the exposure to grow and to learn more about the outer world.

In such a case it might prove to be difficult to let your child out and to effectively engage them in outdoor activities. Here we have compiled some interesting ways you can involve your children in more outdoor activities:

Toys and games

For children, the most fun thing to do is to play with toys and makeup with own games. A remote control car is the best toy you can get your child which will make them stay outdoors.

To get more info on the types of remote control cars and trucks available in the market you need to log in and search the internet thoroughly. The different types of RC cars come in various shapes, colors and sizes. If your child is more into trucks and big vehicles you can easily get one for him or her. In the beginning, you will have to keep an eye out to make sure the kids are playing safely. They tend to use the remote in the wrong way and the cars can get stuck.

Secondly, with remote control cars, you must choose a safe big area where they can be driven. If the place is filled with people and the area is small your child can wander around after the car and get lost. Also, make sure there are no roads or real cars around. When the concentration is on the remote control car, nothing else seems important.

Spend time with them

One problem that has been increasing with time is that parents drop their kids in parks and other outdoor places and expect the kid to play on his own. This is the worst idea when it comes to involving children in more outdoor activities. They usually do not have a good time and miss their parents. You need to take out time and spend some quality hours with your child in outdoor settings. Think of ways you can get involved in their activities.

Soon, you will meet other parents who are also trying to spend more time with the kids and hence, a nice small community forms. Encourage each other and develop the love for outdoors. Plan sports activities that you and your kids can do together. This is also a way of teaching them about sportsman spirit and training them to be excellent athletes.

Set a routine

Sometimes the only way your child leave the house and go outside to play is when you make a routine for them. In the beginning, you have to force them and be a bit strict with them. This can involve closing down their computers or shutting off the television but in the long run, this is for their own benefit. When they get used to the routine and know that they have to go outside at say, five o’clock in the evening every day, things will become easier for you and for them.

They develop their interest and they will make new friends. These friends can become the final driving force to get them interested in outdoor activities. Setting a routine from a young age is better because this is when kids are learning. They are also easier to handle at this age so they do not question your decisions too often.…

How to Use Your Air Conditioner to Boost Children’s Health

Children are pretty sensitive to weather or climate changes.  When they feel too hot they become dehydrated, feel annoyed and tired and they can even suffer from terrible heat rash.  If it suddenly gets too cold, your child can catch a chill which could result in all sorts of health issues such as bronchitis and flu.  Those humid cold days are the worst by far because their clothes easily get damp when they run around and play and the sudden cold air can make them terribly ill.

The good news is that you can boost their health just a little bit by using your air conditioner the right way.  Here are the best ways to use your air conditioner to keep your child as healthy as can be throughout the year.

Keep Your Air Conditioners Clean

It is important to get your air conditioner serviced regularly and to get HVAC repair whenever you hear strange noises coming from it.  Mold, mildew, dust, pollen, and dirt can easily clog up the air conditioner and cause illnesses if not cleaned out properly.

Don’t Crank Up the Heat Too Much

Over-air-conditioning can cause constant mucous membrane irritation and breathing difficulties.  This and the fact that your child’s body is used to warm temperatures can make them a lot more vulnerable to colds, flu, and other illnesses.  It is perfectly fine to use your air conditioner during those chilly months but doesn’t crank up the heat too much and don’t overuse so your child’s body can acclimatize for winter.

Use a Humidifier Along With Your Air Conditioner

Air conditioners tend to extract moisture from the air which could cause dry skin as well as lung issues.  If you live in a dry area then use a humidifier along with your air conditioner to keep the air moist so you can prevent dry skin.

Allow Your Kids to Acclimatize

It is important for kids to play outside a lot.  The physical exercise and fresh air do their bodies wonders.  Use your air conditioner wisely and allow your child to acclimatize.  This basically means that you shouldn’t put your air conditioners too cold or warm or should switch it off when the room reaches an acceptable temperature. If your child can deal with the heat and cold better, the chances of heat stroke are significantly lower and your child stays a lot healthier in general.

Use an Air Conditioner during Winter Bath Time

Bath times can get pretty chilly in winter if your home isn’t properly insulated and heated.  Use an air conditioner during bath time for small children and especially babies.  The warmer temperature prevents them from catching a chill when they are all wet and naked.  This is especially important if your child is already suffering from an illness like colds and flu since the sudden chill can cause breathing issues if they are already struggling with lots of slime.

Proper Ventilation Is Important

Air conditioners can circulate germs through the air.  Ventilate properly while you are using your air conditioner so your children can breathe in some fresh, clean air.…

What Parents Should Know About CDB Extract

Modern medicine sure is fascinating.  New medical treatments seem to be surfacing on almost a daily basis and what modern medication is capable of achieving is quite extraordinary.  Many modern medical treatments are making pretty big headlines and luring out quite a lot of controversy.  Medical Marijuana is one of these modern medical treatments that still have lots of people at war.  Many people believe that marijuana should be banned and for a long time, these plants were banned in most countries across the globe.  But since people discovered that the marijuana plant could be used for health purposes instead of just getting high, a lot of people’s opinions started to change and many countries even lifted their ban on the plant.

While there are still lots of controversy regarding whether to legalize the plant or not, we simply cannot ignore all the incredible success stories of people who use marijuana extracts to improve their health.  These extracts are used to cure epilepsy, treat Parkinson’s disease and for many other purposes and there is a no bigger example of the success of these plants than the extract; Charlotte’s Web dubbed after Charlotte Figi, a girl suffering from Dravet syndrome who was on the verge of death due to suffering from over 300 seizures a day.

What Exactly Is CDB?

CDB is extracted from the Marijuana plant but the way CDB is extracted results in a liquid that can be used for lots of good and positive benefits without the risk of psychoactive effects.  This extract is used by adults and even children in order to overcome many medical issues.

What Medical Problems Can Be Treated With CDB Extract?

There are many reasons your doctor might prescribe medical marijuana and scientists are still busy discovering the exact possibilities of these extracts.  Thus far, CDB extract have been successful in treating various conditions such as the following;

  • Treat muscle spasms
  • Reduce nausea from chemotherapy
  • Improve poor appetite caused by diseases like HIV or nerve pain issues
  • Reduce seizures that result from various disorders
  • Treat Chron’s disease
  • Used for pain management incurable diseases and conditions such as Arthritis, stomach cancer and more.
  • Calm and reduce shaking in Parkinson’s disease
  • Treat and reduce the number of attacks and seizures from epilepsy sufferers
  • Treat spinal cord injuries and disease
  • Used to reduce pain and stress during end of life care

Can You Buy CDB in Your Region

CDB extract is available for market consumption.  Check out this link if you are wondering where to buy cbd in my area so you can find the best suppliers of good quality organic CDB extract.

Is It Safe?

CDB, like any other over the counter and prescription drug, can be dangerous if misused.  There is no one who can tell you for sure whether you should or shouldn’t give this type of treatment a try.  It is all up to you and it is incredibly important to stick to the recommended dosages and to never start misusing CBD.  This is an incredible alternative for those who cannot find relief through drugstore medications that are available today or for those who simply cannot enjoy life due to a terrible disease or medical condition.…

How Parents Can Choose The Right Dog Training Collar

A dog is man’s best friend and just like a parent wants the best for his child, even a dog owner wants the best for his pet. A dog that is well taken care of is a happy dog. Different dogs have different personalities and some dogs may be too much when they don’t have a collar or a leash and they may even attack our visitors when they visit. When it comes to choosing the best dog training collar, it depends on your individual dog. Some of the factors to keep in mind include:

Your situation

When it comes to choosing the best dog training collar, it all depends on your current situation and the kind of dog you have. Every dog is unique and they all have their different ways of causing trouble. There are dogs that will attack any other animal on their way when going for a walk, there are those that bark through the night, while there are those that are too aggressive. You should therefore choose a collar depending on the kind of dog you have.

Remote shock collars

They are best suitable for dogs that will not listen to you despite everything. They are also the right collar for dogs that are very aggressive and like attacking other animals without hesitation. With a remote shock collar, it normally contains a collar, a shock belt as well as a remote controller. Good thing with them is that you can set with your remote the amount of shock that you want to give your dog when it does undesired behavior. The shock ranges from 1 to 100 so you have a wide scoop to choose from. You also don’t have to necessarily shock your dog, you also have the options of beeping or vibrating. Most pet owners are not for the idea of shocking and will only use it as a last result.

Pinch and prong collars

Pinch collars contain prongs that will be so close to the skin of the dog’s neck. They sound to be cruel but they are not as cruel to the dog. They are best suitable for dogs who like wandering away when you are taking them for a walk. They will help you have more control on your dog and prevent it from tugging away. Contrary to what many may believe, they are not chocking at all.

Bark control collars

As the name suggests, they help in controlling barks and hence are best suitable for the very noisy dogs. If you normally miss out on your sleep because of your dog’s barking at night then this would be the right collar for you. It will shock your dog as soon as it barks. Professionals recommend using this collar if your dog is the very noisy type when you are away so that your neighbors can have peace. This kind of collar is very controllable and even has a remote though there are those that come already automated.…

The Best Beauty Tools for Busy Moms

Pregnancy and raising busy little kids take a lot out of your body.  Body transformations like scars, stretch marks, weight gain, and signs are not easy to accept but you do welcome them just the same because there is no way you would ever take back the decision to have kids just so you can be beautiful.  But even though you are now a mom who is constantly seen in baggy pants and sneakers that allow you to sprint along with your kids, you still want to look your best, right?  You are still a lover, woman, wife and you are still the same beautiful you.

Here are a few of the best beauty tools that will help moms stay and look gorgeous despite the fact that you are probably wearing an old pair baggy jeans or gym clothes in order to keep up with your young wildlings.

Cleansing Brush

Your skin is the biggest organ in your body and has the biggest impact on your beauty.  Beautiful radiant skin makes you look younger and improves your look whether you are rocking a messy bun or actually spending time on some beach waves.  On you can check out some reviews on cleansing brushes that works amazing for reviving your skin.  These cleansing brushes are easy and quick to use and they help in different ways such as the following;

  • Cleans your pores
  • Removes dirt and oil
  • Removes dead skin
  • Improves blood circulation
  • Stimulates cell and tissue regeneration

Teeth Whitener

Coffee is what gets you through the day but this delicious beverage isn’t very good for your skin.  Invest a LED teeth whitener kit so you can whiten up that smile from time to time at home.

Ladies Electric Shaver

Those 5-minute showers are no good for a proper shave but you can still enjoy beautiful legs if you invest in a good electric shaver.  Dry electric shavers can be used on your legs and bikini line and are much less likely to cause bumps on your bikini area.   You can also use your electric shaver to trim those legs just before going out.

Home Laser Hair Removal Kit

It is important to never ever EVER shave your face.  Facial hair grows back a lot thicker and darker if you shave it – even if you are a woman.  If you don’t have the courage to wax or pluck that woman beard or stash then you should invest in a home laser hair remover.  The hair will grow back thinner and less with every use and these devices have permanent results.

Foot Spa

Foot spas are incredible for two big reasons; One they soothe the stress and tension right out of your body and two, they help improve your feet.  A good foot spa session is fantastic for softening up your skin and getting all dirt off your heels.  This is especially a good investment if you struggle with cracked heels.

With these beauty tools in your home, you can take much better care of yourself and stay beautiful despite being exhausted and pressed for time.…

How To Childproof Your Pool

Now that summer is here, your swimming pool is going to be the new target attraction for family activities. That said, most kids don’t really have an understanding of the water’s possible danger, so their curiosity could lead to informative circumstances. In places known for having plenty of pools, there are more cases of younger children losing their lives by drowning instead of those from traffic accidents. With that in mind, it’s important to keep pool remodeling in focus this time of year to make your pool childproof for your kids.

Children, by nature, tend to go over any barriers that adults put up. To promote safety, get multiple backups to make sure that your kids or even any nosy neighborhood children do not get unsupervised access to your pool. These include:

Pool covers

Built to keep children out, pool covers are likely the safest barrier if made and utilized properly. A decent pool cover will be able to handle an adult’s body weight. To keep kids out of the pool safely, your pool cover should be connected securely in position. If rainwater accumulated, drain and pump the fluid away as soon as possible.

Even a few inches of rainwater in a depressed pool cover could risk your child’s safety. When you go for a swim in the pool, take off the cover to prevent the risk of someone getting trapped under it. And if there are no adults near the poolside, put the cover back in position.

Pool fences

A regular pool cover might not suit your pool if it is really big or designed irregularly. Even if you have a cover, a childproof pool must be fenced to make sure it is completely off limits when the pool is unsupervised. Put all furniture and other objects that can be climbed over away from your pool fence.

An automatically closing or latching gate ensures that your pool isn’t accidentally still open. A locked gate gives you additional security. Pool fences are generally regulated, very strictly, using building codes. Typically, a fence should be 5 to 6 feet tall, with the slats and uprights no further than 4 inches apart. If a part of the building or your house acts as an additional part of the pool fence, there should be no doors and windows. The fence should also be far enough from the edge of the pool, about 3 feet away, so anyone can pass safely without falling.

To make sure all these renovations are installed or the pool decked is remodeled and repaired safely, contact Ross Services for your pool renovations now. Ross Services is a pool remodeling company that is known for its amazing services including the complete renovation of any pool deck, as well as the remodeling and resurfacing provision in every South Florida area plus Miami and Fort Lauderdale. The team is known for its brilliant workmanship and attention to detail. No resurfacing or renovation task is too big or too difficult for the company.

You can contact them for a variety of different services, including focusing on pool pavers, putting in travertine decks, building waterfalls, pool resurfacing and even working on your patio. What’s great is that they make sure that their assigned task is finished in a week’s time! Ross Services also provides you with the benefit of free at-home estimations and designs regardless of whether you’re a new or repeat client.

The company is different from other pool renovation services in that it provides you with a 3-year warranty so that you know just how dependable and quality-regulated the services are. All the workers and employees at the company have experience in doing the best innovative renovations and remodeling for any pool or patio. So, call now!…

Ways to Avoid Gaining Too Much Pregnancy Weight

Pregnancy is a very sensitive period and it isn’t recommended to try and lose weight during this period. Instead, one can avoid gaining too much unnecessary weight during the pregnancy. In this article, we are going to look at some of the ways to avoid gaining too much pregnancy weight.

Start pregnancy at a healthy weight if possible

You should try and have a healthy weight by the time that you’re conceiving. One can visit their doctor for advise, checking their body mass index (BMI), and also suggesting ways that they can lose weight.

Eat moderately and often

You need to watch the calories that you eat since you won’t need very many. The calories needed increase as the pregnancy progresses, with a recommended 340 extra calories per day in the second trimester and 450 extra calories per day in the third trimester for those that started off with a healthy weight. This means going for very nutritional foods and eating them in small amounts frequently. Concentrate on meals that are high in lean proteins, fruits, and vegetables.

Drink up

It is important to hydrate during pregnancy, and when the water is enough, it makes people feel satisfied during meals and snacks. It is recommended to drink at least ten glasses of water and other fluids, per day. When your urine colors, it is an indication that you need water. It should be pale yellow of clear, not dark yellow or cloudy. Water also reduces constipation and prevents bloating, since the fluids keep things moving.

Make your cravings constructive

Cravings will always be there but it is important for one to try and keep them as healthy as possible. Go for the nutrients. One good way of doing this is by combining the craving with something healthy, rich in proteins, healthy fats, and fibers.

Make starches work harder

Go for foods with complex starches such as whole grain bread, brown rice, and quinoa. They have more nutrients for the mother and baby, and they make the mother feel full for longer, reducing the chances of unhealthy cravings.

Start a simple walking regime

Walking is one of the best things that a pregnant woman can do, and they should do it for at least 30 minutes every day. It not only helps them to maintain good weight, but it also keeps their bodies in great shape.

The New York Hypnosis Institute

In the event that you would like to lose weight rapidly before you conceive, you can try out a lose weight hypnotist. The New York Hypnosis Institute has the solution for you to not only lose weight, but also quit smoking, drinking, gambling, and even manage stress. One gets to attend a number of hypnosis sessions whereby the mind is trained on how to deal with situations. If you’re used to going for that ice cream whenever you’re tired, the hypnosis can retrain your mind to go for something healthier such as a fruit, instead. We store everything in our subconscious, and this what determines our actions and behaviors. Hypnosis therapy influences our way of thinking and reacting to things.


It is important to ensure that you have the right weight before you get pregnant as this could ensure a smooth pregnancy. It is better for a pregnant woman to avoid gaining too much weight as compared to shedding weight. Having the right weight makes it easier to control the weight during the pregnancy.…

Factors to Consider to Become A Loving Parent

Parenting is not a piece of cake. There are days when all goes well but there may be weeks where all you do to train your child goes in vain and nothing seems to make it a good day for you and your kids. As a parent, we all want the best for our child but are we trained well to be a parent?

Here are some points that we need to learn to become a great parent:

  • Walk The Walk: We need to make our children differentiate between the right and wrong things. Usually, we order them to do certain things and not to do certain things in a bossy style and the child has to obey that. However, it is better to show them the right ways by doing them yourself first. Sleep early if you want them to do so, read before sleeping if you want them to do that and so forth. Instructions given should be demonstrated as well for long-term effective impact.
  • Love Is In The Air: Show your kids that you love them. There is no harm in showing your child that you love him/her. It will not spoil him or her but rather create a positive bonding between your child and you. If your child enjoys time with you, then he/she will not wait for anything else in the world. Treat them nice, hug them, give gifts, and be with them especially at the imperative events.
  • Be Positive: Create a positive parenting attitude by showing your child that you are there and no matter what happens you will always be on his or her side. When you talk about positive things the child’s thinking process becomes positive and no matter whatever happens the child tries to find positive solutions to even the worst of problems.
  • Communicating: Make sure you have the time and patience to listen to your kid from the very beginning. Let them talk whatever they want, encourage them to ask, think, and feel the good and bad and keep you in the loop of all their activities. Enjoy time with them and show them that you are having a lot of fun. It builds a trust between you and your little one.
  • Faceoff: Do not have two versions of things. Telling the child to work in a perfect manner and not doing the same yourself, lying to your child, being frustrated and being angry for a good reason will have adverse effects on them.
  • Create a loving place: A house is built by its inhabitants. A family stays joined if the rules are equal for all members. Parents need to spend a lot of time with their children especially when relocating or starting a new living or when new siblings are born. Relocation with children should always be at child-friendly places and you may use real estate or broker services for finding an easy home like if you are looking for a House for sale Playa Del Carmen you should use the services of Giada real estate.

Visit and check out their property listings. They are known for their dedication, hard work and are the best international brokers in the area. They have a 10-year experience in Europe and Mexico and are expanding to the US and Russia as well.

They can help you with commercial places, land, houses, homes, apartments and even condos. All you need to do is to contact them, tell your priority. After that sit back and relax as they will search for the best property for you and keep on working with you till you find the best property for yourself.…

The Importance of Pets – The Benefits of Owning a Pet

Most of the families in the United States own a pet in their home. For some people it is the company that they enjoy, others for the luxury of it, while others from peer pressure. Whatever the reason, pets play a very important role in our lives when we have them in our homes. In this article, we are going to take a look at the importance of pets, the benefits of owning pets.


The fact that the pet relies entirely on the owner means that the owner has to be very responsible. They will be responsible for another being, feeding them on time, the right diet, keeping a tab on their health, and generally keeping an eye on the pet. This requires a high level of commitment and care towards the pet.

Managing time

When one owns a pet, it means committing a considerable amount of time to the pet, and this requires time management skills. This way, a person can organize their time well so as to give their pet the necessary attention it needs.


Owning a pet means nurturing and taking care of it, and this brings about the realization that living things have needs and have to be taken care of. You’ll find that many great parents are also great pet owners, treating them with love and care.

Emotional Link

The act of actually grooming and petting the animals brings about an emotional link between the pet and the owner that will last a lifetime.

Grooming Brushes for Dogs

People that own pets like cats or dogs understand the need to groom and clean the pets, and that is the reason why we are now going to review some of the best grooming brushes for dogs according to

Pet Neat Pet Grooming Brush

This grooming brush comes with a good design, and is made to remove excess dog hair without irritating the dog skin. It is also made of materials that aren’t harmful to the dog, making it the perfect choice for grooming and cleanliness of the coat.


  • Made of strong, non-irritating materials
  • Has a durable handle
  • Has 100 mm stainless steel replacement comb
  • Versatile
  • Easy to use
  • Capable of removing up to 80% of loose hair


  • Non

FURminatorDeshedding Tool for Dogs

This is a stainless steel grooming tool that comes with a FURejector button, meaning that it can go deep into the dog fur, making it lose at least 90% of excess fur before the FURejector button removes the refuse from the tool.


  • Doesn’t damage the dog coat
  • Brushes away loose hair and undercoat
  • Minimizes shedding up to 90%
  • User-friendly unit
  • Has durable and hardwearing yet comfortable design


  • Costs more than other brushes
  • Might irritate dog skin when used the wrong way

OxGord Pet Brush Grooming Comb

This grooming comb gets rid of excess fur allowing for proper distribution of natural oils on the dog’s skin for better health. It stops the shedding of fur in a gentle and non-irritating way. It features self-cleaning stainless steel bristles that are perfect for removing knots.


  • Self-cleaning bristles
  • Gentle and non-irritable on the skin
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Stops excessive shedding of dog and cat hair


  • Produces static charge
  • Rake doesn’t hold and collect hair on the brush

HappyDogz Pet Grooming Shedding Brush for Dog & Cat Hair

Able to be used on both dogs and cats of different sizes and breeds, this comb comes in medium and large sizes. It is gentle and doesn’t irritate the skins of dogs and cats. The grooming comb features quality stainless steel shedding blades and a handle with eyelet for easier, convenient storage. It comes with a 10-year warranty.


  • Has an ergonomic handle
  • Decreases excess shedding by up to 95 percent within minutes
  • Gentle on coat and skin of pets
  • Suits dogs and cats of different sizes, coats or breeds
  • Removable stainless steel shedding blades for easier cleanup
  • Durable and well-made product


  • Doesn’t catch all the hair

Pet Portal Pro Quality Self Cleaning Slicker Brush for Dogs and Cats

This brush gets rid of knots and tangles of cat and dog fur, and it comes with a patented self-cleaning function, a comfortable grip handle, and stainless steel pins that can reach down to the deepest and densest coats. A 5-year guarantee tells you that it is worth every penny.


  • Patented self-cleaning design
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Eco-friendly product
  • Can be used on dogs with sensitive skin
  • Has retractable stainless steel pins which take away loose hair, tangles, and knots gently
  • 5-year manufacturer guarantee


  • Size could be too large for some people


Pets are very important in our lives, helping us in more ways than we might ever realize. When we have them, we should appreciate them and treat them well. That is why we also threw in some of the best grooming combs on the market for dogs.…

Men’s Style Tips for a Perfectly Groomed Photoshoot

Are you preparing for a photo shoot and don’t have a clue as to what to wear, how to comb your hair or how to style your beard?  Well, stick with us because we are going to share some pretty fantastic style tips for men that will get you ready for a picture perfect photo shoot.

We all want to look our best when it comes to special events and especially when someone is going to be popping out a camera.  A picture says a thousand words and you want your portraits to say all the right things about you and your personality.  Here are a few of the best men’s style tips to consider while you are prepping for your big photo shoot.

Get a Clean Shave

For the ultimate groomed look you should get a proper shave.  Traditional barbers believe that you can get the cleanest shave with a straight razor.  Yes, we are talking about those slick blades that you can sharpen yourself on a leather belt and use over and over again for the rest of your life.  Here is a good view of all the best straight blade razors that you can still buy to this very day.

Get a Haircut

Bad hair will make you look messy, sloppy and can make a huge difference in the end result of your photographs.  Do a bit of research on the most popular hairstyles for men and ask your local hairdresser about the possibilities of these hairstyles with your natural hair type and your face shape.  A good haircut will do wonders for your confidence so you will feel great at the shoot.

Reconsider Your Beard Style

If you have a beard then you should check out some of the most popular beard styles and see if it is time for a change or time to freshen up your beard.  A beard that is cared for looks brilliant and will bring out the manly man in all of your photographs.

Choose Your Outfit Carefully

This is one of the hardest decisions you will have to make during your shoot.  It isn’t easy to figure out what to wear but in general, your outfit should at least match the main goal of your shoot.  For example; if you are taking the shoot for business purposes then your outfit should be smart-casual or professional.  If you are taking a shoot for casual family purposes then a smart-casual or even casual outfit that suits you well should be just fine.

Do a Mini Pre-Shoot

A good way to see if your chosen outfit, hair and beard style suits you well is by asking a friend to take a couple of shots of you before the shoot.  These shots will help you determine whether your clothes are fitted well if the outfit matches and you can spot anything about your outfit or hair that you don’t like.  And if changes need to be made then there is still plenty of time to do these changes before the big shoot.…