Benefits of A Chicken Diet To Your Kids

By | November 2, 2017

Chicken is not only delicious to savor, but is also loaded with many health benefits that would be good for the healthy growth of your kids. Many homes have incorporated chicken into their diets but they don’t know the exact health benefits of chicken. There are also those that have taken the vegetarian route ruling out chicken from their diets. Regardless of the diet you have chosen, you need to keep in mind that chicken has many health benefits. Some of the reasons you should give your children chicken includes:

Breeding Chicken

Rich source of protein

Chicken is well known as a rich source of protein content which is needed for the health of your kids. The building blocks of protein are amino acids which is responsible for building muscles.

Good source of vitamins and minerals

Chicken is loaded with vitamins and minerals which are needed in our bodies. It is a rich source is vitamin A, B, and D which is needed for optimum functioning of the bodies. Those vitamins are responsible for eye problems and cataracts, preventing skin disorders, regulating digestion, boosting immunity, help the nervous system to function properly, dealing with heart problems, and optimum absorption of calcium among many others.

Chicken is loaded with many minerals such as phosphorus, sodium and potassium among many others. Apart from proper brain functioning and bone health, those minerals are also important for dealing with any metabolic issues and dental care. Phosphorus is also responsible for proper functioning of the liver, kidneys and the central nervous system. Chicken is also rich in selenium which is an important mineral responsible for proper thyroid functioning, increased metabolism and stronger immune function.

Weight loss

Chicken is loaded with vitamin B6 which is responsible for increasing metabolism. This helps in easy burning of calories and that helps in weight loss. This also helps in making sure that blood vessels remain healthy and energy levels are high.

Cancer prevention

Chicken helps in prevention of cancer as it is rich in niacin which prevents cell damage that may cause cancer and other forms of genetic damage.

Reduced cholesterol

Since chicken helps in increasing the metabolic rate, it helps in burning of cholesterol that may be responsible for heart diseases. As compared to red meat such as beef, chicken has lower levels of cholesterol and saturated fat and that is why it is recommended by the American Heart Association.

Healthy tissue growth

Chicken is rich in vitamin B2 also known as riboflavin that is responsible for ensuring healthy tissue growth. That will help in reducing skin problems and repairing damaged skin.

Control of blood pressure

Chicken has been highly recommended for hypertension patients since it is well known for controlling blood pressure.

Relief from common cold

That is a grandma recipe that actually works. Warm chicken soup provides so much relief from common cold symptoms.

Breeding chicken can be a fun activity to engage your kids and you will also be sure about your source of chicken. If you are considering that route, click here to get started.