Tips to protect your child from abduction

It is scary to think that roughly 800,000 children are reported missing every year. Every parent’s worst nightmare is to lose their child to abduction. In the old days we could be more relaxed and allow our children to play around the neighborhood. Things have changed drastically over the years and we now have to keep an eye on them at all times. It is now a priority to let your child know of the dangers of abduction and how easily it could happen to them so that they are always prepared if something as horrible as that should happen. The question in every parent’s mind is how do I keep my child safe? Here are a few tips.

Tips to protect your child from abduction

As previously mentioned it is our responsibility to let them know of the dangers that lurk outside and that they need to be aware of their surroundings at all times. Take a class on communication with your child about safety issues which will help you to bring the message across in a safe and effective way. Click here to read more about communication with your child. You can also get hold of an ID card for your child that is laminated and always on their person. This should include information like their name, surname, address and contact numbers for you. This might help strangers to contact you if they come across your precious child.

Keep up to date with current affairs so that you know exactly when kidnappings are happening in your area. If you are looking for democratic motivation take a look at the foundation for defense of democracies to read more about a foundation that makes it their business to learn about democracy and situations where there is none. These guys do a great job to actively get involved in situations where we would be too scared to be combative. Watch the news and check the net at all times.  An informed parent is a parent with an advantage.

You can also set up and ID kit for your child with a physical description if they go missing that can include fingerprints, hair and eye color. This will make the investigation a lot easier for the detectives that are looking for your child. The sooner they are able to find your child the better your chances are to find them alive and unharmed. Set up emergency hot spots where your child should go if they feel threatened for example a populated area on the playground or on the beach or at an entertainment park. Let them know that they should make a noise if they ever get into a threatening position and that they shouldn’t be scared to run and yell. You can go as far as giving your child an armband that has a GPS locator installed. This is obviously the best way to keep track of your little ones. Click here to take a look at these nifty devices that might just save your child’s life and give you more peace of mind.…

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Dad

Your dad’s birthday is coming up and you find yourself clueless about what to get him for the special day. The options are endless but pinpointing on one of those options is a pretty tough thing to do. That’s where we come in. We are here to put your worries to end – as we will provide you with a comprehensive list of short-listed options. You can then choose your pick depending on your dad’s personality and preferences because you obviously know him better than we do! Here’s a list that will help narrow things down:

  1. A Decent Collar Shirt

Going with one of those well-known and common gifts, go and get him a collar shirt. You can choose any brand that you know he likes – be it Marks & Spencer or Zara. If you are willing and if your budget allows then opt for a high-end brand as your dad will probably appreciate it. Remember to pick a color and pattern that you know your dad will like, and will wear as well. If your dad likes dark and dull colors, then choosing a shirt with a bright color or a funky pattern won’t be a safe bet. Pick something safe yet classy.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Your Dad

  1. A Gun Safe Dehumidifier

If your dad is into weapons, especially collecting guns, then chances are he has a gun safe. If he does not have one, then get him an awesome looking and durable gun safe. If he does have one, you can get him a gun safe dehumidifier. It acts as a waterproof wallet for your gun, protecting it from rusting, preserving its shine and keeping it up and running.

  1. A Smart Phone

If your dad has not yet entered the world of touch phones and social media apps, it’s time to get him involved. Pick a smart phone that has a large screen, a good touch and some other good features. Remember, don’t get too fancy of a phone that your dad would have difficulty understanding how to use it. Additionally, teach him how to use the phone and install any applications that you know he would like. For instance, if your dad is into cooking, then download a few cooking and recipe apps for him and check out his reaction. Companies like Samsung and Apple are safe picks.

  1. A New TV

If your dad is one of those guys who loves to watch the TV, whether he likes viewing and commenting on those political talk-shows or to catch the baseball game being aired every weekend. Go all out and purchase an astounding 4K flat-screen Smart TV for him. There is no doubt in the fact that he’ll love it and will think of you every time he switches on the TV.

We hope this helped narrow things down for you. Remember, at the end of the day, you are the one who knows your dad the best. So pick something that he wants, likes and enjoys – and he’ll love it for sure!…

Get your children to read more

With technology so present today it isn’t a common site to see a child reading a book. It is however one of the best ways for children to learn. Unfortunately some children don’t like reading. I remember when I was a child I loved getting lost in my favorite books and reading for hours. I didn’t really have technology to keep me occupied so books were my save haven. As parents it is our responsibility to keep our children’s minds sharp and to keep them reading. It is time to switch off the XBOX and go to the library for good old fashioned entertainment.

Get your children to read more

One of the most effective ways to get your little ones to read is to read stories to them. Even if they cannot read themselves yet they will love the mystical and fun experience of you reading to them. Make the story come to life by being interactive and later on bring a bit of spelling and grammar into the equation. There are also many ways to introduce writing to your little one. Magazines that are colorful, comic books and books with puzzles are a great way to start. You could perhaps get the ball rolling by playing games that have instructions. Have them help you with reminder notes or grocery lists. Click here for fun books to start reading with.

You need to create the impression that reading is fun. Ask questions during reading sessions. Let them tell you what is going to happen next. This is a great way to get them engaged and interested in the story and the book. You could also turn a reading session into a play or dress-up session. This will only make the experience much more fun and give them the desire to want to read the story on their own. The internet has great reading material so while you are reading factual political articles written by Stephen Collins, one of the most well-known political writers you can introduce your child to some light reading online. It might just open up the world of books to them in an electronic way.

Reward always works for a child when they accomplish something. Click here for tips on setting up a reward system for your child. You can set up a reward system which perhaps gives them a new book to read every time their reading gets better. Instead of hanging out at toy stores take them to a book store where they can enjoy reading corners and learn as they go. At the end of the day they will surprise you by their love of reading.  The most important thing to do is to have a variety of books available for them to read. You want to make reading fun and a choice. It shouldn’t feel like a chore and that can be done by giving options when it comes to which book they would like to read. Perseverance is very important on this one.…

Great Gifts for Moms and Dads Who Love To Cook

Now that you have your own children to care for, you probably know what it is like to struggle to make dinner with bad cookware. Good quality cookware can make cooking a pleasure even if you aren’t the most enthusiastic cook in the world. If your mom or dad has always spoiled you with the best food simply because they love to cook then perhaps it is time to make their cooking expeditions a bit easier by giving a good kitchen gift for Christmas.

Parents that like to cook together

Kitchen knife set

A good knife set is a must for every kitchen. You can prepare foods a lot quicker and easier with a good quality knife set and you can create a greater variety of dishes. The right knife can also save your mom or dad from injuring themselves while they cook because they won’t have to use unnecessary force to get food chopped and diced. Any parent who loves to cook will love a good quality kitchen knife and you can get the best knives by checking some of the reviews on Best Utility Knives Reviews.


Knife sharpener

Best Utility Knives Reviews also has some great knife sharpener reviews that you can check out to find a good quality knife sharpener. A good knife sharpener will save parent cooks a lot of money in the long run because the sharpeners are specially designed to protect knife blades better so knives will last a lot longer and the sharpener will definitely improve general kitchen functionality.


Personalized cutting boards

You can create your parents a gorgeous personalized cutting board. Simply buy a cutting board from a local store and get a solder machine. Print a quote, picture or personalized message on paper and copy it to the wood by tracing the image you want with pencil. Take the soldering machine and start burning the wood until your personalized message is complete. Your parents will love this type of personal, yet handy kitchen gift.


Cupcake set

If you want to give a sweet gift this Christmas then a cupcake set is a great idea. Get a set of silicone cupcake pans, some cupcake mix, a few whisks and bakers spoons, a cupcake recipe book and some cupcake decorations and combine everything for the ultimate sweet gift.


Matching apron set

Do both your parents enjoy cooking? Then perhaps a matching apron set is the right gift for them. There are plenty of online shops where you can buy couples aprons. Some are very modest while others are hilarious or even inappropriate. You can get your parents the apron set that matches their personality so they can cook together and be a good team in the kitchen.


Spice rack

A spice rack is a great gift to people who love to try new things in the kitchen and to those who love to create different spicy dishes. With a useful spice rack your parents can cook and explore a lot easier and their kitchen will look a lot better.…

Throwing the Best First Birthday Party

As a parent, you only want the best for your child. As long as you can afford it and you know that it will be good for your child, you will strive to give your best even if it means that you will be depriving yourself of other things. You know that the fact that your whole family has accomplished the first year of your child is a reason to celebrate with other family members and close friends who can party with you.

Throwing the Best First Birthday Party

By throwing a first birthday party for your child, it will seem like you are celebrating the following things:

  1. The fact that your child is now starting to eat solid food.
  2. You were able to comfort your child at different times when your child felt uncomfortable due to different reasons.
  3. The first step of your child has already been taken and you cannot help but be proud of that moment.

There are a lot of things that you usually want to celebrate for your child’s first birthday so you ought to make sure that it is something special. If you are planning something different and not too common, you may check out because you know for sure that this is something that the guests of the party will not forget. The bus will be classy enough to hold different events and it will be perfect for a limited group of people too. The bus that you are going to rent out will depend on the number of people you are going to invite. You need to remember that your baby’s first birthday party is focused on your baby but it is not really for your baby, rather, it is for the different things you have accomplished as a parent.

Focus on the Event

What are the things that you plan to do during the event? Are you planning to have a children’s birthday party wherein other kids can enjoy games or you would rather have the adults play certain games instead. It will depend on the people that you are going to invite. Planning about this ahead of time will make a lot of difference.

Know the Decorations You Want

It is best if you have a theme in mind. Do you want the decorations to be simple and still classy? Would you like it to be over the top and funky? The decision will be up to you. What matters is that the theme you are going to pick out will help complete the event that you have in mind.

Plan Who You Are Going to Invite

You may be tempted to invite everyone who has played a role in your child’s life but if you do this, you will end up inviting a lot of people. Some of these people may not even care that much for you and your child. It is best to pick only the best people to be with you on this special event. It will make the whole party more intimate too.

The tips that are mentioned above are meant to help you in planning your child’s first birthday party. You can check out some other party ideas from here too. After you have planned the first one, the next ones will be easier to do.…

Teaching your child to love a sport

We all want the best for our children and that includes getting them active and interested in certain extra-mural activities. It often happens that parents end up pressurizing their children to partake in a sport of some sort. It is important to want the best for your child but there is a thin line that we should not cross. There are a couple of ways we can help our children to find what works for them and to support them completely in an activity that they actually want to do. Getting your child involved in sports will teach them life skills, discipline and motivate them to do better and to take part in things. Click here to read more about the benefits of practicing sport as a child.

As previously mentioned the most important thing to remember is to not overdo it with pressure. Enrolling them in too many activities won’t give them the time to find the sport or activity that they enjoy and want to excel at. Too much pressure on a singular sport is also not a good thing. Look at the lesser approach by asking them what they would like to do and trying out different things without investing too much into it. If your child has tried out a few sports he will definitely have some preferences which will make the decision easier and which will give them a say. Take a look at the most popular sporting activities here.

Teaching your child to love a sport

It is also important for you to do some research about the different activities that you and your child has in mind. Will it be suitable for them? Is it within your budget? There are many factors to look at when deciding on different sporting activities. This is where you need to help with guidance and you can only do that if you know what you are talking about. You as the parent will need to explain to your child what the real commitment is to their chosen activity because it might take a bit of money of gear and signup fees.  Sometimes it is a good thing to select the tried and tested sports like baseball where you need to invest in a uniform and a few other items. Get your kid one of the best youth baseball bats to give them the chance to hit that perfect homerun. A good bat for baseball is vital and cheap imitations can only be a disappointment.

It is also important that you as the parent see the big picture. Your child doesn’t always have to win to be a winner. If they step out of their comfort zone to take part in an activity and try their best they should be a winner in your heart. Praise them when they do well but not just for winning. You can reward them for team spirit or because they are getting better. There are too many parents that don’t see this bigger picture.…

Why Every Parent Should Enjoy Photography as a Hobby

A good hobby can mean a lot in your life.  With a good hobby you always have something to do, you always have a reason to study and you always have a challenge to better your skills.  Hobbies are terrific for relieving stress, anxiety and for distracting you from work.  When you enjoy a hobby you are much more than just your job and you can even a good income from some of the hobbies.  If you are looking for a terrific hobby to help you get rid of stress or just to have something to do then you should definitely consider photography.  In fact, any parent should practice photography because there are so many benefits to photography.

Why Every Parent Should Enjoy Photography as a Hobby

Top reasons to enjoy photography

  • When you can take your own studio quality photos you will save a lot of money on photographers because you can photograph your children yourself.
  • Photography is one of the best hobbies for earning extra cash. You can make money from part time photography by taking wedding, celebration, birthday or birth shoots.
  • If you can take glorious photos you always have the perfect gift to give someone without spending a dime. You can simply give them a free photography session.
  • Photographers always have terrific holiday photos and they always have great photos of their loved ones.

Learn photography skills online

One of the best reasons to give photography as a hobby a try is the fact that you can learn photography online.  There are plenty of terrific online tutorials on YouTube and popular sites like Pinterest that you can check out and most of these online tutorials are completely free.  CreativeLive is a site where you can study professional online tutorials online.  They have the best online courses from professional photographers like Justin Katz.

Top photography courses to look out for

CreativeLive is loaded with lots of terrific online photography courses.  Everything you ever wanted to know about photography can be found on this site.  You should definitely keep an eye out for the following types of courses;

Beginners – There are plenty of introductory courses to check out that will teach you the basics of photography.  It might be wise to watch a few beginner photography tutorials before you invest in photography gear because the tutorials are loaded with great advice on what gear to get for different types of photography.

Portraits and poses – Portrait photos and posing is one of the hardest types of photography simply because people are so difficult to please.  You can study different types of poses and portrait photography tips on CreativeLive.

Light room Learn Lightroom with online Lightroom classes and make multiple photos stand out brilliantly with the use of Adobe’s Lightroom function.

Photoshop – It is important to have good Photoshop skills to make your photos work despite odds.  CreativeLive has lots of Photoshop tutorials that will help you learn Photoshop skills.

Lighting skills – When you learn to control the lighting in photos you can create wonderful photo studio quality photos no matter where you are.…

Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

Parents have all experienced the reticence associated with dental care. Our kids do not want to brush their teeth. “It’s boring,” they tell us. Or, “It’s no fun,” they squeal. Yet, proper oral hygiene is essential to good health. This is why you should learn about teaching your kids about dental care. In this piece, we will show you why good oral care is essential to whole body health, and then we’ll give you some ideas to make dental care fun.

Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth

Kids don’t necessarily want to hear why you think they should brush their teeth regularly. They would much rather play video games, or spend inordinate amounts of time playing in the bathtub. Anything besides having to scrub those pearly whites to keep them thus. So, perhaps it would help if you were able to share with them the effects of bad oral health. The issues on this list are significant, and might be useful in illuminating why our teeth are so important:

  1. Memory loss– Teeth help signal the hippocampus, a significant contributor to memory. So, the more teeth you have when you are older, the better your memory will likely be.
  2. Heart disease– Coronary artery disease can be linked to gum disease and since that is a main contributor to heart disease, it is obvious how people are making the connection.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease– It is possible that brain inflammation is linked to the gums. A study linked gum disease to the dangers of cognitive dysfunction, which is also related to Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more.
  4. Heart attack– The link to heart attack and mouth plaque is still being investigated, but it is worth considering.
  5. Stomach ulcers– H. pylori can build up in the mouth. These little nasties can enter the stomach and create peptic ulcers.
  6. Exacerbated lung disease– Infected gums can allow that bacteria to get transported to your lungs whenever you undergo medical treatment requiring intubation.
  7. Worsened Rheumatoid Arthritis– The infections that cause inflammation in the gums can also trigger the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis. When oral care is improved, many people report relief from their arthritic symptomology.
  8. Erectile dysfunction– You probably won’t want to share this one with your kids, but it’s a heads up for you and your spouse!
  9. Worsened diabetes– Severe gum disease could cause increases in blood sugar. And, the infections caused therein, are particularly problematic for people dealing with an already suppressed immune system, like those with diabetes. Read more.
  10. Increased risk of cancer– Cancer caused deaths have actually been linked to high levels of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In fact, large amounts of bacteria on your teeth can increase your chances of death by oral cancer up to 80%. And, inflammation of the gums is a contributor to 20% of cancer deaths!

Making Oral Care Fun

Now that you have taught your kids the import of taking care of their teeth it is time for you to locate the right Overland Park dentists. You will want a group that will provide the starting point for a healthy smile. And, you will want to ensure that they are invested in you and your family from the beginning. The truth is, you can’t make dental care fun if you don’t get the right dentist.

Once that is accomplished, you can try these fun experiments with your kids:

  • Acid and Your Teeth
  • Taste Buds
  • Sugar Intake
  • Fluoride’s Value
  • Flossing Required
  • Fake Mouth

Full explanations can be found here.…

Parenting and Hoverboards

Two wheeled scooters were the hottest items on many Christmas lists last year. They are a huge hit with kids and even celebrities have not been unphased by the draw of these explosions and injuries waiting to happen. If your children have been bitten by the hoverboard bug as well, there are some things your parenting mind will want to know.

The swegway, one of several different brands of hoverboards, is not immune to the controversy. However, there have definitely been some improvements and fine tuning done in order to ensure that previous negative experiences do not occur again. That said, as a parent who cares for the safety of your children, it is advisable that you take note of the hoverboard’s past.

Parenting and Hoverboards

Hoverboard’s Controversy

In reality, hoverboards today are not exactly what their names imply. They do not actually hover, instead they roll around on two wheels that are electronically powered and minus a steering wheel or handlebar. This means they are solely controlled by your ability to balance on the board itself. While that would seem like the major issue in the design flaw, it is not the prime candidate. Rather, the following are the more serious issues noted with hoverboard designs:

  • They explode– This is obviously the most serious problem associated with the hoverboards that infiltrated the market last year. Apparently some sort of problem with the batteries caused spontaneous, or seemingly so, combustion and set plenty of things ablaze. Learn more.
  • They are banned– Due to their instability, both explosively and balance based, there are a number of cities and countries that will not allow them to be ridden in public spaces or even on sidewalks.
  • Can’t bring them on planes– This is attached to the potential for them to burst into flames. Obviously airlines cannot risk allowing them in their baggage claims, or storage, when there is the possibility they will catch everything on fire. This is not to mention the potential to cause a plane crash due to the fires.
  • Old ones are pretty much trash– When people realized the problems, they wanted to return their purchases but companies like Amazon and Overstock were recommending that those people just trash the hoverboards. They didn’t want them back. Read more.

Avoid some of the Issues

If you choose to allow your children to purchase and ride hoverboards there are some things you can do to avoid any negative issues. Of course, these suggestions will not protect your children from themselves. The truth is, other injuries can ensue whenever you ride an electronically powered, two wheel scooter, devoid of any handheld steering apparatus. There have been a number of children who sustained broken bones.

So, keeping all that in mind, these suggestions are only designed to assist you in decreasing the potential for injury. Here they are:

  • Spotter- Unlike skateboards, the hoverboards have the ability to increase speed regardless of your child’s skill level. Do not let them ride unsupervised and convince them to keep a spotter nearby incase the hoverboard decides to take off when they are not prepared.
  • Protective gear- The things can cause serious damage, so ensure that your children utilize helmets and pads whenever they ride.
  • Avoid traffic– While some states have banned the use of hoverboards on public streets, others have not. Still, it is not advisable to ride these things when there is the potential to be hit by a car.
  • Charge under supervision– Leaving the hoverboards to charge overnight will increase the potential for igniting the battery. Do not leave the board to charge without supervision.

You can read more about hoverboards here.…

Top Parent Nursing Tools for Home

One of the toughest parts of being a parent is figuring out when your kids are in need of professional medical attention and when you can care for them yourself.  Children and especially young children can seem terribly ill and only have a light flue or they can seem perfectly fine and be terribly ill.  A false alarm at an emergency clinic can be terribly costly and most medical firms don’t cover false emergency visits.  You also cannot exactly book your child into a hospital each and every time they have a mild cough or fever because you need your medical to be ready and fully available when true emergencies arise.  Good home medical gear can make parent nursing a lot easier because you can help your kids through minor illnesses and you will have better guidance as to when to seek professional help.

Top Parent Nursing Tools for Home

Get a Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are no longer just for doctors or nurses.  Anyone can buy a stethoscope because they are commonly found on online stores and even in some pharmacies.  Parents can use a stethoscope to identify irregularities in their children that they would otherwise have not noticed.  These irregularities can include wheezing sounds in a child’s chest, an off heartbeat, strange noises in a child’s belly and more.  The irregular sounds can be caused by a major problem and being able to identify these problems early on is key to getting your child the help he or she needs.  It is important for parents to learn to use a stethoscope the right way so they can in fact pick up these irregular noises and seek professional help. You should also try to find out what normal body fluids and sounds sound like and what abnormal sounds sound like so you will be able to identify off sounds to begin with.

Get an electric thermometer

A child’s temperature is often the biggest indication that something major is wrong.  With a thermometer you can monitor your child’s temperature and figure out whether they have a fever or whether they are still all right.   Thermometers can also be used to see if baby’s body temperatures are too cold or warm which is great for guiding parents on how warm to dress infants and especially newborns who still have difficulty in regulating their own body temperatures.

Keep a tiny led flashlight

With a tiny flashlight, parents can check their kid’s mouths for problems such as teeth decay, cold sores, tonsillitis or blisters and sores which will tell them if a doctor’s appointment is needed when their kids aren’t feeling well.

Get a first aid kit

Children have accidents all the time. They fall, they bump and they do crazy things.  A first aid kit is a must in any home with a child.  Your home first aid kit should include basics like gauze, plasters, scissors, cotton swaps, bandages, alcohol swabs, arm and leg props and more.  You can also include some basic medications like sanitizers, fever and painkillers, flue medicine, diarrhea meds, constipation meds and some wound ointments.…