Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

Parents have all experienced the reticence associated with dental care. Our kids do not want to brush their teeth. “It’s boring,” they tell us. Or, “It’s no fun,” they squeal. Yet, proper oral hygiene is essential to good health. This is why you should learn about teaching your kids about dental care. In this piece, we will show you why good oral care is essential to whole body health, and then we’ll give you some ideas to make dental care fun.

Teaching Your Kids about Dental Care

The Importance of Taking Care of Your Teeth

Kids don’t necessarily want to hear why you think they should brush their teeth regularly. They would much rather play video games, or spend inordinate amounts of time playing in the bathtub. Anything besides having to scrub those pearly whites to keep them thus. So, perhaps it would help if you were able to share with them the effects of bad oral health. The issues on this list are significant, and might be useful in illuminating why our teeth are so important:

  1. Memory loss– Teeth help signal the hippocampus, a significant contributor to memory. So, the more teeth you have when you are older, the better your memory will likely be.
  2. Heart disease– Coronary artery disease can be linked to gum disease and since that is a main contributor to heart disease, it is obvious how people are making the connection.
  3. Alzheimer’s disease– It is possible that brain inflammation is linked to the gums. A study linked gum disease to the dangers of cognitive dysfunction, which is also related to Alzheimer’s disease. Learn more.
  4. Heart attack– The link to heart attack and mouth plaque is still being investigated, but it is worth considering.
  5. Stomach ulcers– H. pylori can build up in the mouth. These little nasties can enter the stomach and create peptic ulcers.
  6. Exacerbated lung disease– Infected gums can allow that bacteria to get transported to your lungs whenever you undergo medical treatment requiring intubation.
  7. Worsened Rheumatoid Arthritis– The infections that cause inflammation in the gums can also trigger the symptoms caused by rheumatoid arthritis. When oral care is improved, many people report relief from their arthritic symptomology.
  8. Erectile dysfunction– You probably won’t want to share this one with your kids, but it’s a heads up for you and your spouse!
  9. Worsened diabetes– Severe gum disease could cause increases in blood sugar. And, the infections caused therein, are particularly problematic for people dealing with an already suppressed immune system, like those with diabetes. Read more.
  10. Increased risk of cancer– Cancer caused deaths have actually been linked to high levels of plaque and bacteria in the mouth. In fact, large amounts of bacteria on your teeth can increase your chances of death by oral cancer up to 80%. And, inflammation of the gums is a contributor to 20% of cancer deaths!

Making Oral Care Fun

Now that you have taught your kids the import of taking care of their teeth it is time for you to locate the right Overland Park dentists. You will want a group that will provide the starting point for a healthy smile. And, you will want to ensure that they are invested in you and your family from the beginning. The truth is, you can’t make dental care fun if you don’t get the right dentist.

Once that is accomplished, you can try these fun experiments with your kids:

  • Acid and Your Teeth
  • Taste Buds
  • Sugar Intake
  • Fluoride’s Value
  • Flossing Required
  • Fake Mouth

Full explanations can be found here.…

Parenting and Hoverboards

Two wheeled scooters were the hottest items on many Christmas lists last year. They are a huge hit with kids and even celebrities have not been unphased by the draw of these explosions and injuries waiting to happen. If your children have been bitten by the hoverboard bug as well, there are some things your parenting mind will want to know.

The swegway, one of several different brands of hoverboards, is not immune to the controversy. However, there have definitely been some improvements and fine tuning done in order to ensure that previous negative experiences do not occur again. That said, as a parent who cares for the safety of your children, it is advisable that you take note of the hoverboard’s past.

Parenting and Hoverboards

Hoverboard’s Controversy

In reality, hoverboards today are not exactly what their names imply. They do not actually hover, instead they roll around on two wheels that are electronically powered and minus a steering wheel or handlebar. This means they are solely controlled by your ability to balance on the board itself. While that would seem like the major issue in the design flaw, it is not the prime candidate. Rather, the following are the more serious issues noted with hoverboard designs:

  • They explode– This is obviously the most serious problem associated with the hoverboards that infiltrated the market last year. Apparently some sort of problem with the batteries caused spontaneous, or seemingly so, combustion and set plenty of things ablaze. Learn more.
  • They are banned– Due to their instability, both explosively and balance based, there are a number of cities and countries that will not allow them to be ridden in public spaces or even on sidewalks.
  • Can’t bring them on planes– This is attached to the potential for them to burst into flames. Obviously airlines cannot risk allowing them in their baggage claims, or storage, when there is the possibility they will catch everything on fire. This is not to mention the potential to cause a plane crash due to the fires.
  • Old ones are pretty much trash– When people realized the problems, they wanted to return their purchases but companies like Amazon and Overstock were recommending that those people just trash the hoverboards. They didn’t want them back. Read more.

Avoid some of the Issues

If you choose to allow your children to purchase and ride hoverboards there are some things you can do to avoid any negative issues. Of course, these suggestions will not protect your children from themselves. The truth is, other injuries can ensue whenever you ride an electronically powered, two wheel scooter, devoid of any handheld steering apparatus. There have been a number of children who sustained broken bones.

So, keeping all that in mind, these suggestions are only designed to assist you in decreasing the potential for injury. Here they are:

  • Spotter- Unlike skateboards, the hoverboards have the ability to increase speed regardless of your child’s skill level. Do not let them ride unsupervised and convince them to keep a spotter nearby incase the hoverboard decides to take off when they are not prepared.
  • Protective gear- The things can cause serious damage, so ensure that your children utilize helmets and pads whenever they ride.
  • Avoid traffic– While some states have banned the use of hoverboards on public streets, others have not. Still, it is not advisable to ride these things when there is the potential to be hit by a car.
  • Charge under supervision– Leaving the hoverboards to charge overnight will increase the potential for igniting the battery. Do not leave the board to charge without supervision.

You can read more about hoverboards here.…

Top Parent Nursing Tools for Home

One of the toughest parts of being a parent is figuring out when your kids are in need of professional medical attention and when you can care for them yourself.  Children and especially young children can seem terribly ill and only have a light flue or they can seem perfectly fine and be terribly ill.  A false alarm at an emergency clinic can be terribly costly and most medical firms don’t cover false emergency visits.  You also cannot exactly book your child into a hospital each and every time they have a mild cough or fever because you need your medical to be ready and fully available when true emergencies arise.  Good home medical gear can make parent nursing a lot easier because you can help your kids through minor illnesses and you will have better guidance as to when to seek professional help.

Top Parent Nursing Tools for Home

Get a Stethoscope

Stethoscopes are no longer just for doctors or nurses.  Anyone can buy a stethoscope because they are commonly found on online stores and even in some pharmacies.  Parents can use a stethoscope to identify irregularities in their children that they would otherwise have not noticed.  These irregularities can include wheezing sounds in a child’s chest, an off heartbeat, strange noises in a child’s belly and more.  The irregular sounds can be caused by a major problem and being able to identify these problems early on is key to getting your child the help he or she needs.  It is important for parents to learn to use a stethoscope the right way so they can in fact pick up these irregular noises and seek professional help. You should also try to find out what normal body fluids and sounds sound like and what abnormal sounds sound like so you will be able to identify off sounds to begin with.

Get an electric thermometer

A child’s temperature is often the biggest indication that something major is wrong.  With a thermometer you can monitor your child’s temperature and figure out whether they have a fever or whether they are still all right.   Thermometers can also be used to see if baby’s body temperatures are too cold or warm which is great for guiding parents on how warm to dress infants and especially newborns who still have difficulty in regulating their own body temperatures.

Keep a tiny led flashlight

With a tiny flashlight, parents can check their kid’s mouths for problems such as teeth decay, cold sores, tonsillitis or blisters and sores which will tell them if a doctor’s appointment is needed when their kids aren’t feeling well.

Get a first aid kit

Children have accidents all the time. They fall, they bump and they do crazy things.  A first aid kit is a must in any home with a child.  Your home first aid kit should include basics like gauze, plasters, scissors, cotton swaps, bandages, alcohol swabs, arm and leg props and more.  You can also include some basic medications like sanitizers, fever and painkillers, flue medicine, diarrhea meds, constipation meds and some wound ointments.…

How to Treat the Top Six Common Infestations So Your Kids Can Be Healthier

Home infestations are terrible.  Rats and termites can cause horrid damage to your home and bugs like bed bugs and fleas are terrible for your health because they rob you of a lot of sleep due to itching and the bite marks they leave on your skin look terrible.  It is important to clear an infestation in your home as quickly as possible when you have children living in your home because insects and rodents are much more likely to affect kids than adults.  Children are much more likely to be the target of bites because their skin is softer and they are much more likely to catch terrible diseases that some insects like squirrels spread.  If you want to give your children a cleaner, happier and healthier home then you should start learning how to treat the most common infestations.

How to Treat the Top Six Common Infestations So Your Kids Can Be Healthier

Bed bugs

Bed bugs are tiny insects that can easily hide away inside the mattress.  They are difficult to spot but their bite marks are a nightmare!  The bites can swell into puffy masses that look much like a rash which is also why so many people don’t realize they have a bedbug infestation.  To rid your home of bedbugs you will need a professional fumigation service because that is the only way to reach the bugs within the mattresses.


Termites can ruin your home and furniture.  If you have a serious termite infestation then your home could be in danger.  Termites can chew their way through anything that is wood and you probably won’t even realize that they are there until it is too late because they are such quiet creatures.  A termite infestation will instantly result in a drop in your property value which is why it is so important to treat them ASAP.  On http://mytermitetreatmentcosts.com/ you will find a fantastic termite exterminator company that can get your home termite free instantly no matter how big the infestation is.


Ants probably won’t cause as much damage to your home but they can cause a lot of damage to your lawn and they are incredibly annoying because you can never leave any food in the kitchen for more than five minutes. Ant infestations can easily be treated with a good pesticide that you can spray all on your own.


Rodents are and will probably always be a consistent battle in your home.  Rats and mice are fast and they are cunning.  They can easily squeeze into the tiniest of spaces.  Once in your home they will cause havoc.  Rats can easily damage anything in your home, from your hi-fi to your vehicle’s electronics and they chew their way through all your food.  The best way to treat rats and mice is to set out poisoned food or to create a trap for the creatures.


Flea infestations are common in the city and towns because these bouncy creatures thrive on man’s best friend.  They will easily spread from one home to another and they can leave terrible marks on your skin if they cannot find a pet to feast on.  Fleas are also treated with a pesticide and pets should also be bathed to keep fleas from targeting them.…

Great Thanks For Being an Awesome Dad’ Gift Ideas

Dads are awesome.  They are always the ones that make home life fun.  They do the craziest things and think of the wackiest ideas.  They take the drama out of raising kids and they are a family’s protective barrier.  They support you when you have ideas, lift you up when you are down, carry you when you are weak and challenge you when you feel like giving up.  Dads or husbands don’t just deserve a special gift on father’s day.  They deserve to be thanked and reminded of what they mean to the family much more frequently.   If you and your kids aren’t good with words then let a small gift of gratitude do all the talking for you.  Here are some of the best gifting ideas for super dads.

Great ‘Thanks For Being an Awesome Dad’ Gift Ideas

Pocket knife

All men love pocket knives.  It is a practical gift that can be used for just about anything.  Corporate dads can use a pocket knife for opening envelopes.  Hunting dads can use it for their hunts.  Handy men can use it for their work and the list just goes on and on.

Knife sharpener

Knife sharpening is as much a hobby as hunting is.  It takes a lot of skill to sharpen knives properly without harming the blade.  This is a great gift to any dad who loves knives.  The top three best knife sharpeners currently on the market is the Apex 1 sharpener, the Smith’s adjustable edge pro and the KME sharpening system.  Any one of these three will be a fantastic thank you gift.


All guys love torches, and for good reason.  A torch can help you out of a lot of trouble when you have a breakdown beside the road and can save dad from danger when he is inspecting the house for danger or when he is checking things out outside.


Is your dad hip and does he travels a lot? Then a set of prescription shades might just be the thing for him.  It’s always hard to switch between specs and shades for driving but with prescription shades he can wear his shades all day and still enjoy great vision.

Grooming kit

Lots of men love to maintain a well groomed appearance.  A grooming kit is a great way to help dads stay in style while he works hard to keep you fed and cared for. With a grooming kit, dad can even start exploring some of the popular guy trends and become completely fashionable.

Beer making kit

Beer making kits are great gifts for dads who love to be creative and to those who…well…love beer.  With a beer making kit dad can learn how beer is made and he can make wonderful and unique flavors of his own.

Personalized leather wallet

A wallet is something every man carries around with them wherever they go.  By giving a personalized leather wallet you are giving something of high quality that will constantly remind dad that his family loves and supports him.…

Help Your Children Prepare for School Sports

Getting a kid into sports can be overwhelming. It can feel like stepping into a minefield! But, a few simple steps can help you AND your child feel prepared for the season ahead.

Safety First

If there’s nothing else, read this: get your child a physical. The time to find out about any potential health issues is before the game, not after the hospital. Even if your child seems healthy, if they’ve never endured long-term stress related to regular sports practice, something may pop up that you haven’t gotten the chance to see before. All sports will result in a few bumps and bruises, which is fine. Asthma attacks are less so.

Sports School

Keeping Things in Balance

School sports carry a lot of pressure! Even at a very young age, athletes can feel pushed into overcommitting to sports, to the detriment of other activities (like grades or that whole sleeping thing). Start an open dialogue now about how your child feels, so that if he or she becomes overwhelmed, you can intervene before things go out of control.

Set an Example!

Simply put, your child will see more success in sports if you are fit. Even if it is 100 percent their idea, they may underestimate the work if you sleep in every Sunday, or if you skip your workouts. If your older kid is waking up at 6:00 in the morning to lift weights, well, it’s going to mean a lot for them if you chipped in, too. Your excuses for skipping exercises will be reflected by your child, so cut it off at the pass: work alongside them to get in shape yourself. To help your workouts, consider adding a supplement to help you build muscle. Check out this Super DMZ 2.0 review for guidance.

Your kids may grumble at being at the gym with Mom and Dad, but they’ll stick with it much longer.

Scout the Coach

Some coaches are just mean. Like any instructor, having someone to help push you through tough times is helpful, but there’s a line between firm and brutal. A strong work ethic begins at home: if you’re not sure if your child is willing to pull up the britches and get to work, having a coach work the kid to exhaustion won’t help anything. At best, the child will just hate sports. At worst, there’s a very real risk of permanent injury. Have an idea of what the kid is walking into.

Keep Things Playful

Sports shouldn’t be entirely about competition. If the only time your child plays a sport is at practice or competition, then maybe this isn’t the sport for them. And don’t pigeonhole the child, either: just because he signed up for football doesn’t mean he can’t play baseball with his friends.

Let’m Be

Once they’ve settled in, it’s good (and helpful!) to watch them play in actual competitive games. However, coming to every practice is overkill. Children act much more conservatively when their parents are watching, which will not only hurt their performance in the long run, it’ll make it difficult for them to open up to other children, harm their ability to make friends, and it can potentially make you the enemy of the coach. Your job is the setup: after that, relax!

Sports are a huge deal in a lot of schools. But it can also be a positive force in your child’s life. Help them be safe, and then let them go on their way. You’ll be surprised how well they do.…

Holidays are great for your little ones

Today it is quite obvious that we have busy lifestyles and rarely spend enough time together as a family. Life demands are tough and to make ends meet we have to sometimes do extra work and make extra money. It isn’t easy to be at the same dinner table at the same time let alone going on holiday together. It is however very important to make time for family vacations seeing that bonding with your family is incredibly rare every day. There are many reasons why a holiday is a refreshing time for you and your loved ones.

By spending time with your family away from home you will give your children the opportunity to be with you in a relaxed environment. Believe it or not, their daily lives are also stressful and school can sometimes take its toll. By taking your little ones on a holiday you will give them the opportunity to relax and just be kids again. There is a great big world out there where your children can learn about different cultures and worldly ways. This does not mean you have to invest in a holiday abroad at all times. There are some really great local destinations that you can visit. Click here for great budget holiday ideas.

Holidays are great for your little ones

It is also great that flights aren’t as expensive as they used to be so leaving home for a couple of days will not cost you a fortune. Take a look at discountmyflights.com for some fantastic budget options. The holiday starts with the flight and it is a known fact that children find flying exhilarating and part of the fun. When deciding on your holiday destination it will be fun to involve everyone in the family. Make it part of the bonding process by discussing your holiday and finding out which activities everyone would like to engage in. If you are trying to save money on your holiday you should try and stay away from restaurants and pack more picnics or have barbecues. It is a known fact that a lot of holiday spending goes to eating out.

Everything proves that it is an enriching experience for your family to go on holiday and you should make time for it at least once a year. You can schedule one long family holiday and perhaps a few weekends away. This should provide you with sufficient time spent together. Make sure that you plan a few activities that will keep your children occupied because you don’t want them to get bored. Depending on where you choose to go, make the activities suitable for example a beach holiday is great for beach games and a skiing holiday would include building a snowman.  Click here for more ideas on how to keep your little ones busy on holiday. Children grow up incredibly fast, take the time to spend quality time with them so that you can build great memories for yourself and them to reflect on.…

5 Ways Parents Can Prevent Drug Addiction in Their Children

Drug addiction is a painful thing, and can destroy a person’s life in ways that are indescribable. Prevention is a better option than treating drug addiction and as a parent you should focus on teaching your child about drugs and their effects from his/her early years. Check out these tips if you want to prevent drug addiction in your child.

  1. Be supportive

This is particularly valid before a child has an issue. Attempt to encourage everything positive in your child’s life—decent evaluations, being awesome at a game or side interest, assisting a friend or relative—ensure they know you see the positives! This strengthens the idea of positive practices promoted by uplifting feedback. Try not to depend on educators, companions or others to bolster your kid’s great behavior. On the off chance that your youngster does get addicted, be supportive in their treatment as well; this will encourage them to work harder for it. Ensure your kid knows you will be there compensating temperance. No pressurizing! Reward them with something when their efforts start to work out.

  1. Teach your child about the consequences of negative activities

The parents construct a feeling of good and bad in a child’s mind since they are the most imperative power figures for youngsters. Parents ask what they should do if their child acts out. Our answer is—the same thing that your parents would do. It reverberates when they understand that they are less strict than their parents were. Remember that being strict is not the same as being “mean.”

5 Ways Parents Can Prevent Drug Addiction in Their Children

  1. Be included in your child’s life.

Increase your involvement in their games, their side interests, their hobbies and performance at school. Reward them for their good behavior and teach them about the consequences of bad behavior. Believe us, it’s significantly more enjoyable to be involved in games and leisure activities than to be involved in legal advisor visits, court dates and sessions. Educate them about safer options like cannabis, marijuana etc. which are actually proven to be healthy. Try to incline them towards e-cigarettes and vape pens which are safer and easier to use. Get the Best Portable Dry Herb Vaporizer as a birthday gift for your child as soon as he starts taking interest towards such things.

  1. Try not to expect it couldn’t happen to your family.

Addiction could happen to anyone, it cuts over all social and financial levels, races and religions, and it can happen in any family. Since the hidden issue is by and large biochemical, it can happen to just anyone. Believing that it can’t in any way, shape or form happen in your family could be your greatest mistake.

  1. Be the best parent you can be.

We’re not perfect, but good child raising is based on selflessness. It’s an adjust of compensating great behavior, instructing the results of bad conduct and being included in your child’s life. Being overprotective, excessively punishing, excessively tolerant or absence can just increase the possibilities of a child who is prone to addiction to become even more addicted.…

Seriously, Parents, Kids Aren’t as Fragile as You Treat Them

It is amazing to those of us who grew up in different eras how coddled and over-protected children of today are. They are treated as though one wrong move, one act of discipline, or a disapproving glance will scar them for life. But, at the same time we all recall the metal playgrounds and gravel we enjoyed as children. You learned to check the heat before you burnt your tush. We are doing our children a serious disservice by treating them as though they are far more fragile than they are.

In fact, you would think we needed to invest in marble polishing-(click here), when it comes to the way we treat our children. Are they precious? Absolutely! Infinitely more precious and valuable than the marble in our kitchens. That’s the stuff that needs polishing, not our kids. We don’t need to keep shining them and putting them on pedestals. The more we elevate them the greater they will shatter when reality hits them. And it will, it always does.

Seriously, Parents, Kids Aren’t as Fragile as You Treat Them


Didn’t you ride a bike without a helmet? Or skateboard without knee pads? You bet! And, you fell down, you crashed and burned and what happened? You learned to be more careful, you learned that practice was necessary to avoid the pain of road rash. But, when we treat our children like marble, when we prevent them from sustaining any potential cracks, we teach them that they are invincible and that life doesn’t hurt. Essentially, we lie to them. Remember.

China Dolls

Think back to those china dolls your grandmother gave you because she thought they would be a great thing for you to collect. Of what value were they to you as a child? Not much. Why? Because you couldn’t play with them. They had to be handled ever so carefully because one wrong move and a finger would become a fragment. So, you stuck them on a shelf with their little stands and pretty much never gave them a second thought. This is what we are doing to our children, making them useless because any misstep will destroy their value. Learn more.


We are not implying that helmets and safety gear are ill-advised. Don’t mistake the message here. Rather we want to open your eyes to the resiliency of youth. Consider all the things you endured as a young person. Certainly you weren’t exposed to as much heinous graphic violence and illicit sexual imagery, but maybe that was partially because you wouldn’t have sought it out in the first place. Why? Because you were busy playing outside, getting hurt, and conquering your own fears and giants.


When we wrap our kids up in protections upon protections we eliminate the ambition to seek adventure. Why? Because real adventure means risks, but when we take those risks away we also eliminate the value of the adventure. Why go outside and try jumping that ramp on my bike when I have to first get all decked out in protective gear and place padding around the ramp?


It is time we really allowed our kids to get back outside and enjoy the mishaps and injuries that are inevitable with true childhood. When we prevent them from these experiences we drive them to “safe” technology where they have access to the most damaging experiences available. It is time for a perspective change, parents, let the marble chip a little. Click this for more thoughts on this subject.…

Introducing Your Children to Causes That Are Close to Your Heart

Many parents want to introduce their children to the causes and charities that they value, but it can often be difficult to explain some of the concepts to younger children.  Whether you want your children to understand why you support the American Red Cross, Foundation for Defense of Democracies, or your local food bank, taking the time to present the information in an age-appropriate way can help you pass along the causes that are closest to your heart.

Introducing Your Children to Causes That Are Close to Your Heart

Keep Things Simple

The basic concept behind charity and giving is fairly easy to explain.  It is simply the act of supporting a cause that otherwise would not have the funds to operate.  Explaining that certain organizations rely on support from the public, and people like you, can help them see the connection between your decision to give and how it can work to make the world a better place.

Along with that, your explanation of the function your cause provides needs to be kept age appropriate.  Certain organizations focused on complex socioeconomic issues may be beyond the grasp of a five year old child, so try to include keys about the basic goals instead of burying them in the details.

Remain Positive

By keeping the tone upbeat, you can help your child form positive associations with the work.  For example, explaining how your local animal shelter provides a safe place for animals who need a new home is appropriate for most children while getting into the details of euthanasia may not be suitable for younger children.

While some of the facts are not always pleasant, helping your children connect charitable actions with joy and contentment can help lay the foundation for them to support such actions when they are older.

Make a Personal Connection

If you support your local animal shelter, and you have an adopted pet from the organization, make that connection with your child.  The same can be done for certain medical or health causes, such as if a family member experienced the disease so you want to help find a cure, as well as community projects that are taking place in your local area.

Showing a child how the organization has impacted the lives of someone they care about, or how it works to improve their own neighborhood, can help them see how these groups work and what they do.

Consider a Hands-On Approach

If the option to become more directly involved exists, consider bringing your child along to support a cause.  While donating money is often a fairly abstract concept to children, taking part in charitable work is easier to understand.

Before automatically signing up for an activity you would like to participate in, talk to your child about their interests and concerns and find an appropriate opportunity from there.  If they want to help people, consider volunteering at a soup kitchen.  If they are concerned certain children don’t have access to toys, consider a toy drive for your local shelter.

If your child doesn’t appear to be inspired in a particular direction, feel free to guide them to an appropriate activity associated with a cause that they will likely get behind.  If a child is excited about their participation, it is more likely to form lasting memories for them, and may lead to a more charitable life overall.…