Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Ride a Bike

Bicycles are important for exercise reasons amongst other reasons. It is best if people learn how to ride bikes when they are still young. We are going to look at the reasons why every child should learn how to ride a bike in this article.

It’s pure and simple fun

Just like the title says, giving your kid a bike can be a way for them to learn how to ride and have fun with their friends and family. President John F. Kennedy once said, “Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of a bike ride.” Give them that bike and just let them be kids.

It keeps kids physically active

In order to stay healthy, children should spend at least one hour a day doing a physical activity, and what better way than to ride. Encourage them to go out and ride their bikes to their fill, and they might even adapt to that healthy lifestyle for life.

It benefits kids’ mental health and learning

The learning development and mental health of your child are actually boosted when they ride bikes. According to some studies, children that rode their bicycles to school are ready to learn and more focused as compared to those that were dropped off. Bikes also make the kids get more social connections.

It’s something the whole family can enjoy together

This is an activity that you can enjoy as a family, from the kids right up to the grandparents. This is a good way to share quality time while having fun.

Reasons Why Every Kid Should Learn to Ride a Bike

Best Road Bikes under $1000 for 2017

Now that we know the importance of learning to ride, we are going to go ahead and review – best road bikes under 1000 USD. This will make it easier for you when you go scouting for a bike, whatever your biking needs. These are top of the range racing and leisure bikes that you wouldn’t want to miss out on.

Vilano FORZA 2.0 Aluminum Carbon Shimano Tiagra Road Bike

The FORZA 2.0 is responsive and comfortable that comes with a good quality frame. It is a racing bike with a stylish frame, elegant and highly functional components. The frame is made from aluminum and it has a solid fork made from durable carbon fiber for durability on all sorts of terrains. It comes with a drop down handle bar that is great for racing. It comes with front and back Shimano Tiagra derailleurs and a huge crankset, which is perfect for a fast, dependable and refreshing cycle. The Shimano shifters and shifting gears are responsive, while the brakes are very responsive. The cushioned seat and the design of the bike eliminate fatigue. This is the bike to go for if you’re a racer.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Century 1 Complete Road Bike

This bike is the perfect workhorse that is suitable for adventuring or commuting. It has an attractive frame that is made of aluminum, and it also comes with a shortened cockpit, reducing the space between the cycle and road. The most notable features of this bike are the 105 collection set made by Shimano, back derailleur, shifters, and brakes. Despite being heavy, this is a very powerful bike, durable for racing. It has powerful wheels that can tolerate huge potholes.

Tommaso Sentiero Compact Gravel Road Bike

The Tommaso road bike is the best option for pro-adventure riders, and those that are after the best quality. This bike gives you the chance to experience top-standard control and shifting due to the complete Shimano drivetrain. Also, the bike’s Avid BB5 brings about enhanced braking capability even in dangerous road conditions. The frame is made from an ultra-durable aluminum frame, and is equipped with a gearing range, 50/34T crankset, as well as 11-32T cassette. The tires are 32C, perfect for all sorts of terrains.

Diamondback Bicycles 2016 Haanjo Comp Ready Ride

This bike comes with an alloy fork and an aluminum frame. It has a 1 1/8” – 1.5” ACB headset. There are a number of gearing options to attain the desired speed. It has an angled head tube, making it easier to sit erect, as well as a great gearing ratio for a comfortable ride, even over long distances. It comes with 40C Kenda tires for a smooth ride over varied terrains. It also has responsive brakes.

Nashbar 105 Road Bike

This bike was designed for pro cyclers and happens to top-end model. Unlike the other ones we have reviewed so far, this one comes with a carbon frame that is light and durable. The fork is also made from carbon for a comfortable and smooth ride. The drivetrain is excellent, with 20 gears that all work exceedingly well, not having any hitches. It comes with 24mm aluminum rims that are sturdy even during acceleration. This is a good price for those that want a carbon bike.

Tommaso Monza Aluminum Tiagra Road Bike with Carbon Fork

This racing bike comes with a premium aluminum frame and Carbon Technology fork. It comes with premium Shimano features and Tommaso wheels. It has a compact geometry that brings about a smoother ride as well as strong transfer increment, all coming with a lifetime frame warranty. In Tommaso’s road line, the Monza has the strongest drivetrain for a powerful and smooth velocity. Adequate power and control is brought about by b the derailleurs and shifters provide the ultimate experience for this race bike.

Giordano Libero 2.0 Road Bike

This bike was inspired by a rich Italian legacy and crafted for enthusiastic riders. This is a speedy bike Shimano STI shifters, cranks, and derailleurs that are made from a carbon fork and have a light aluminum frame. The wheels are lightweight 700c aluminum. It weighs 22-23 lbs., and has a carbon-constructed for better maneuvering ability and handling. This is for those that hope to become professional racers or triathletes.

2015 Kestrel Talon Tri Carbon Fiber Bike

The Kestrel road bicycle is the best option for triathletes on a budget. It is made from Kestrel’s enhanced carbon, combining 700K as well as 800K carbonized fibers. Highly engineered Wind Tunnel A2 was used to make the seat tube, saddle, and stays, and its cable routing allows for a clean airflow. It comes with …

Take Family Videos to the Next Level

What type of family videos do you have at the moment?  Are they scattered video clips that you captured here and there of special events, occasions and crazy things your kids did?  Well, at least you do have some videos to look back on right?  The only downside is that these videos aren’t very descriptive and ten years from now on you might not even remember most of the events that happened around these short clips.  It is also hard to seek out these short clips and hard to find a particular special moment.  There is a way to get much better family videos that will actually tell the entire story and that is by giving videography a try.

Take Family Videos to the Next Level

What is videography?

Videography involves taking short video clips, images, songs, voice clips and messages and developing it into a mini film that is great to watch because it has much better presentation and the burps and boring parts have been taken out of all the clips.

Why videography

Let’s say you want to capture your son’s first sports game or your daughter’s first concert… it’s a nightmare to capture it on your phone because there simply isn’t enough memory and the clips will be distorted, out of focus and will have terrible sound.  With videography you can capture all of the best moments of the special event, edit it into a breathtaking little movie, add special effects to highlight certain moments and much more.

How to get started in videography

For videography you will need video editing software or a digital mixer that will enable you to cut, paste, copy, review and edit clips and add different effects, sound effects, text and much more.

Next you have a choice; either stick to your smartphone and continue taking those poor quality video clips or invest in a proper camcorder like the Canon XF305. With this camcorder you can take much better videos and create much better mini films.  It is the ultimate way to take your videos to the next level because you will be able to take mini films instead of just clips.

When you have all of your gear in place it is time to start learning videography. Video editing isn’t easy.  It takes quite a bit of practice and you really do need to know your stuff when it comes to the editing software.

Get your ideas in place

The most important part of videography is the planning.  Take a wedding video for example;  the videographer will capture all types of shots of the bride getting ready, the groom tearing up a bit, her shoes, the flowers, the location, speeches, children playing, the dance and much more.   During the editing these videos will be shortened and only the highlights will be chosen.  The videos will then be combined along with music, special effects and much more and in the end it will result in something that looks more like a mini film rather than a simple wedding video.  The same type of planning has to go into your family photos.  For your daughter’s ballet video you can capture her outfit, her smile, the audience, her moves and the dance and then you can combine it all into a cute little film.…

Choosing the Right Headphones for Your Kids

Since everyone is currently using headphones, as much as parents we may try to restrict our kids from using headphones it may not be possible. It is therefore worth investing in a good pair of headphones to protect our children’s hearing. With the right headphones we can be sure that we are protecting the hearing of your kids and thus can be confident about our kids from where we are. Most of the things kids do affect them into adulthood and thus not protecting their hearing may affect them in the long run. Some of the things to consider when choosing headphones for kids include:

Choosing the Right Headphones for Your Kids

Quality of sound

This is a very important factor to consider when choosing headphones for kids as the quality of sound may affect their hearing in the long-run. The headphones to be used by kids should therefore have a high quality of sound to make sure that their hearing is protected. In most cases, high end models have a high quality of sound than their cheaper counterparts.

Features of the headphones

This is an important factor not to be ignored now that the headphones will be used by kids. Some of the features to look out for include volume limiting feature as health professionals recommend sounds of up to 85db or less.  Noise isolation and noise cancellation can also be important to look out for. It will cancel or limit external noise making sure that your kid’s ears do not get much noise. Other features may be whether it is wireless or not and whether it supports Bluetooth or not. Just like grownups, kids would also love the convenience of Bluetooth to be able to listen to their favorite jams with convenience. Most kid’s headphones would with interesting features such as cartoons or funky colors which make it even more interesting. You can choose for them a character from their favorite movie or cartoon and also their favorite color.

Form Factor

Headphones come in different form factors. There are those that come in form of headsets while others come in form of earbuds. You should make sure you make an informed choice that will be safer for your child. Also keep in mind that the form factor affects the quality of sound emitted by the headphones.


In most cases price reflects quality but not always. The bottom line is that you should make sure that you get value for your money. It should have a reasonable price but at the same time be of good quality.


For sure there are many headphones in the market and the only bet to make sure you end up with the right ones for your kids is to do a vast research and comparisons as well. From sites such as the sweet flow, you will get a stop point for all your headphones needs. Not only will you get great reviews on headphones but latest recommendations as well to make a wise decision.…

The Non CIO Method for Getting Baby to Sleep through the Night

A lot of parents and baby experts will tell you the best way to get your baby to sleep through the night is with the CIO (Cry it out) method.  Basically you just put your baby in the crib and let him cry himself to sleep… night after night… until he gets used to it.  While there is probably nothing wrong with the CIO method you really do need to be tough to handle it.  Listening to your little one cry without attending him is nerve wrecking and conflicts with your natural instinct.  The CIO method just isn’t for all parents or children.  If there is absolutely no way you can stand this type of sleep method then perhaps these sleep training tips can help you get your baby to sleep alone.

The Non CIO Method for Getting Baby to Sleep through the Night

Establish a strict nap schedule

The most important factor for successful sleep training is to stick to a strict nap schedule, day in and day out so your little one’s body will start craving sleep during certain times.

Prep for nap time

It is good to tell your child in advance that nap time is approaching.  Some parents do this by scheduling a bath just before bed time; others prefer a routine song or reading time.  The important thing is to inform your child that nap time is approaching so they can mentally start preparing – even though they don’t want to sleep.

Every nap time is a chance to bond

One of the best benefits of the non CIO method is that you get to bond with your child when it is time for naps.  Try reading a book, singing quiet songs or simply snuggle together when it is time to go to bed.

Sleeping in his or her own bedroom is a must

Babies from the age of six months can remember where they were when they last fell asleep.  Removing your child from your bed and transferring them to another room or bed is terrifying to them because they are suddenly faced with a huge change.  It is important to get your child to fall asleep where he or she is going to sleep the entire night.  That way everything is familiar to them when they wake during the night and the chances are much better that baby will fall right back to sleep again.

Get a baby monitor

A video baby monitor is crucial for the non CIO method.  Babies and small kids will wake several times throughout the night, they will stir, cry and moan without being fully awake.  When you have a monitor you can give it a few minutes before you respond to crying to see if the child will go back to sleep.  Parents also sleep much better because they can hear if anything goes wrong or if your baby is fully awake so they won’t end up terrified of waking alone and having no one to come to their aid.  Parents can also do a bit of spying to see when their little ones are just playing around in the crib without notifying your little one that you are close by so they won’t start seeking your attention.…

How to Nurture Your Kid’s Ambition

Parenting is a difficult job; no matter how many children you have, you are always learning to cope with them. Every child is different from another and has different dreams; sometimes it’s hard for parents to deal with their dreams and ambitions because kids from 21st century have far more different goals and aims than the children of last decade.

It is a blessing if your child is passionate about their goal; therefore, it’s amazing to see how ready they are to give their 110% to achieve that instead of forcing them to do something you want. It’s quite challenging for the parents to let their kids, what they want to be because now a day nobody wants to be mediocre they want to be different from the other and stand out from the crowd.

How to Nurture Your Kid's Ambition

Don’t run after money

The most common mistake parents do they force their child to choose a profession with high earning and careers which is mostly the doctor, engineer, pilot et cetera. There are far more significant things in life than money. Happiness and the peace of mind which comes only from doing what you really love. So, let your kid go where their heart takes them.

Accept them as they are

If you want to see your child’s success, you must inspire them. Do not try to change them; they are creative and productive in their own way. Let them create their path and walk it through, allow them to fall and stand up again and don’t let the failure stop them; that’s how the nature of the success works.

Encourage them and let them know you are always on their side. If they would like to be a writer; buy them a typewriter. If your kids like hiking; you should purchase binoculars and other outdoor equipment. Buy the best hunting knives or any other hunting gear click here to find out the dandy knives and outdoors gears. Access the and check out the top-notch knives for hunting and camping purposes. They offer you to choose from the incredible quality knife models you want and other camping things. Some of the best models include Gerber Bear Ultimate Serrated Knives, KA-BAR US Marine Corps Fighting Knives and Special Fixed Blade Buck Knife with Leather Sheath.

Discover potential

You have a great pleasure to uncover the real potential and abilities your child possesses. Keep your focus on them and give attention to what they are doing and saying because there are clues for the future which lies underneath that and positive attributes are a plus point. Along the topsy-turvy road, they will find out what they want.

Reality of deception

Do not wrap your child in an overprotective blanket as it will do no good to your child. It makes the world more frightening than it really is, no matter what media teaches us, you have the power to change it, let them travel alone and face the challenges because humanity is something that cannot be taught that could only learn through experience. Teach them to treat everyone as equals despite their dress, color, religion, and gender.

Stop comparison

Even twins are different from each other despite the same atmosphere than how can you expect your child to be like someone else? Some kids tend to be extroverted, and some are not, that does mean that they can’t do anything they both are special in their own fields.

If your neighbor child plays the violin that does not necessarily means that your child has to do to. May be your child is good at mathematics, but the other kids are not, every child has their own special powers, recognize these and nourish them with a compliment because that’s what makes your child strong and confident and ready for the world.…

Benefits of Parents Incorporating Mini Stepper in Their Exercise Routine

With sedentary lifestyles that most people are leading, it may be a challenge to get optimum health. Some people want the convenience of being able to work out from anywhere since they may not get time to go to the gym and that is where a mini stepper comes in. The device has been made in a compact way such that it is light and easy to carry around allowing you to exercise from anywhere including the office or at home without necessarily having to go to the gym. They will provide you will all the health benefits you would get from going to the gym. Some of the benefits of a mini stepper include:

Benefits of Parents Incorporating Mini Stepper in Their Exercise Routine

Cardiovascular fitness

It will make sure you are up to health when it comes to cardiovascular health. The stepping motion produced by the machine is the same you would get from walking, jogging and other aerobic exercises. For maximum benefits, it is recommended to so a workout of at least 150 minutes per week. Good thing is that this can be easily achieved by spreading out the time throughout the week.

Toning muscles

Mini stepper puts your muscles into work and hence helps in toning them. Since using a mini stepper produces a motion that is more like walking or climbing stairs, it engages the muscles and hence can help in toning the lower body muscles such as the gluts, hamstrings, calf muscles and the quadriceps. The more it is used, the more the muscles get toned.

Weight Loss

Mini steppers help you to burn calories which help you to lose weight. It will however not burn many calories since it is a low impact moderate exercise. However with consistency and more usage, you can burn a good amount of calories which will help you shed off that extra fat.

Can be used from anywhere

The fact that it is light and portable gives a lot of convenience in terms of usage. It can be carried anywhere and used from anywhere. It can be a clever way of working out from the office since it can be tucked away under your desk and can help you burn extra calories everyday increasing your fitness levels. If you don’t like the idea of walking or running around your neighborhood, then a Mini stepper is a good alternative for you as you can do that from the comfort of your home.


It may be small and under estimated but its benefits are massive. A mini stepper is worth investing into. When shopping for one, you will notice that there are many brands and types of mini steppers which are relatively the same but some may be better than others. It is therefore important to do a proper market research and read reviews to find one that will be suitable for your needs. From sites such as you can get reviews of mini steppers and make an informed choice on which one to purchase.…

Why You Should Get a Dog For Your Kids

When it comes to having a pet, a dog is probably the most loving and caring animal you can get. That is one of the biggest reasons why kids tend to love them. But did you know that keeping a dog can actually prove to be beneficial to a child’s development process.

Teaches companionship

There is a reason to why a dog is considered to be a man’s best friend. They prove to be great companions through the thick and thin. A child as they grow up has their ups and downs and with a dog they have a companion through everything. Dogs are a big source of comfort, great listeners, and are forever ready for a hug. This can help them have someone to always go to when they are down, vent and hug.

Makes children active

When caring for a dog, you are required to be more active. Going to the park, taking it out for walks, playing fetch and so on. When your child is taking care of a dog, they will be more active which is always good. Any source of physical activity is great for development and a dog will ensure they get it.

Teaches responsibility

Having a pet is one of the best ways of teaching your child about responsibility. You have to help them out along the way but asking them to make sure the dog eats and drinks enough water throughout the day. If you have dog beds then they can even make the bed for the dog and so on. Not only does it teach them responsibility but also compassion and empathy. Which are wonderful values for children to possess.

Promotes better health

A study have been carried out to determine the impact of having pets on babies and it has concluded the babies that are exposed to a pet, such as a dog, are less likely to get sick. Exposure to the microbes and pet dander that pets carry helps improve the immune system of a baby as it develops into a child. So they have a reduce risk of cases of allergies and other illnesses.

Keeps them happy

Nothing beats the happiness of a child and a dog is sure to be a source of lots of happiness. Whether it is when they go out to play or just lay down and cuddle with one another. A dog will be a major source of happiness for not only the child but the whole family.

A dog is a wonderful pet for a child. It teaches them love and companionship from a young age. The bond your child and the dog share as they grow is one that they will cherish for their whole life.…

The Best Smoothies to Make for Your Kids

You already know that one of the hardest things you can ask your child to eat is his vegetables. You can prepare vegetables in the most appealing way possible but your child will still be picky about it. An effective way to incorporate veggies and its nutrients into your child’s diet is by creating smoothies or juices out of veggies.

You need to have top rated blenders that will allow you to add all the various vegetables that your child may need and at the same time, cut through ice so you will have wonderful smoothies to share. Remember that the right blender can make a lot of difference. The more powerful the blender is, the smoother the smoothie is going to be. You want something that your child will love so you can add some fruits that will mask the taste of vegetables.

The Best Smoothies to Make for Your Kids

In order to make your child enjoy the smoothies, you may allow them to create the smoothies with you. You can cut the various vegetables and the fruits and you will assist your child in placing the ingredients in the blender. Here are other tips that will allow your child to enjoy the smoothies:

  • Allow your child to make names for the smoothies you are going to create.
  • If there are some smoothies that he do not particularly enjoy, you can mix and match other ingredients that may taste better for your child.
  • Do not be afraid to add ice cream and other ingredients that your child loves when making smoothies.
  • You can make smoothies into popsicles during the summer season. It can be a fun experience for your child and he can share it with his friends too.

Here are some of the smoothies you can help create with your child:

  1. Fruit Bowl Smoothie

You can incorporate different fruits that are available at home but do not forget to add the carrots and the cucumber that will help make the smoothie taste better in general.

  1. Strawberry Galore Smoothie

This is a smoothie that is made out of different strawberry ingredients. It is already expected that you are going to add the fresh strawberry fruit but you can place more strawberries like strawberry flavored yogurt and strawberry flavored ice cream. This is guaranteed to be a favorite.

  1. Variable Smoothie

The ingredients that you will place in this smoothie will vary except for the broccoli and spinach that you are going to include in the mix. Make sure to add about 5 – 6 more fruits that will blend well together so that your child will barely taste the vegetables you have placed.

  1. Kale and Banana

Kale is one leafy green that adults do not particularly like so you can imagine that your child will not like it that much as well. If you add it with a banana though, the taste will not be too evident. Just add a bit of soy milk and maple syrup in order to improve the taste of this smoothie.

These recipes can be enjoyed by your child but there is no reason why you cannot enjoy it too. Be creative in making your own smoothies. It will be worth it.…

Must Haves for a Safe Family Snorkeling Trip

Snorkeling may seem like a safe and fun holiday expedition but it is actually quite a dangerous hobby, especially if you are including kids in this type of activity.  In fact, snorkeling is the most common cause of death at most beaches and islands.  The reason for this high death risk in snorkeling is not because inexperienced snorkelers venture too deep into the sea.  In fact, most people drown in shallow waters that are just about waist deep for one simple reason; the snorkeling fins make it hard to get your feet underneath you and to stand up after being faced down.  It can take several attempts and several seconds to get into standing position and by that time you could have easily consumed several gulps of water and you are lost if panic sets in.

But that doesn’t mean that children shouldn’t enjoy snorkeling at all.  In fact, snorkeling is terrific for kids because it teaches then so much about the world and they enjoy it so much.  Thousands of children snorkel without any hazard each and every year and yours can too as long as you teach them proper safety instruction, keep them close by during snorkeling trips and invest in these must haves for your trip.

Must Haves for a Safe Family Snorkeling Trip

Underwater camera

It is always great to capture a few action shots of your kids while they are having fun.  With an underwater camera you can capture gorgeous images of the reef and of your kids as they enjoy themselves. The Snorkeling Gear Shop is the perfect website to use for finding the best underwater camera.  When you click on this link you will gain access to a detailed review that explains to you exactly what you should be looking for when shopping an underwater camera. You can also check out the top underwater cameras on the market and find out which one is the absolute best for your snorkeling trip.

Top quality snorkel set

The last thing you want is for your child to be at risk due to an ill-fitting pair of goggles or flippers. The Snorkeling Gear Shop also features all of the best and highest quality kids snorkeling sets that is bound to keep them as safe as possible on their trips.  You can choose your sets according to size and each set includes basically everything you will need including mask, fins, snorkel and a mesh carry bag.

Dive watch

A dive watch can be good to monitor just how long you are out and about on the water.  It can be so easy to lose track of time when you are having a blast and kids can only endure that much of swimming.  With a dive watch you can be sure that your snorkeling expeditions won’t become too long.

Waterproof sunblock

Skin cancer is no joke and that is exactly why you need good quality waterproof sunblock for your trips.

Remember to hydrate and snack up

It is important to stay hydrated between snorkeling trips and to keep snacks close by because snorkeling can take up a lot of your energy and you don’t want to be too tired to stay afloat when you are out there in the big blue.…

Plastic Craft Ideas to Do with Your Kids

Summer time can often seem endless for parents. We are all waiting for our kids to go back to school while our kids are all waiting for the next exciting thing to do. So, we feel certain that parents will enjoy these plastic craft ideas to do with kids.

However, prior to attempting some of these creative plastic craft ideas, it might behoove you to get a little thermoforming training. This training will offer you valuable insight into plastic behavior and safety around it. Besides, you might find you like it and want to learn more about the machinery and sheet extrusion fundamentals. Who knows, you or your kids’ next great career could be in the plastic and thermoforming industry.

Plastic Craft Ideas to Do with Your Kids

5 Super Cool Plastic Bottle Crafts for Kids

If you are one of those “crunchy” parents who is hugely environmentally focused, these are some great ways to repurpose all the plastic bottles your family disposes of. So, without further ado, please evaluate these 5 super cool plastic bottle crafts with your kids and then get ready to have fun with them. We are confident this will add some joy to the summertime “I’m bored’s.”

  1. Apples for the Teacher– Cut the bottoms off two large 2 liter bottles. Fill the base with red crinkle paper. Let it overflow so that it will fill the top piece too. Fit the two bases together, one inside the other. You can use some brown and green felt to make leaves and a stem. Then glue a ribbon loop to turn this cute creation into a year-round ornament for your child’s favorite teacher.
  2. Bottle Family– Take plastic bottles of various shapes and sizes. Allow your kids to paint them however they wish. Stripes and polka dots look extra cute. Then paint some smiley faces at the top and add some hair. You can do this with paint or with yarn. Screw on the top to hold it in place and your decorative bottle family is complete. Consider making a six of them and allow your kids to play bowling bottles with them. Learn the exact requirements here.
  3. Bottle Horses– Surely you’ve got some old broom or mop handles hanging around your place. Cut a straight line at the top third of a 2 liter bottle and fold the remaining piece down (the bottle’s opening will fit over the end of the broom handle). On the bottom of the bottle, add a half circle red felt tongue, and two black circles above it for the nostrils. Then, near the area you cut, add the eyes. You can use additional felt and yarn to make the mane and ears. Better instructions are found by clicking this.
  4. Laundry Bottle Dollhouse– Using a large laundry detergent bottle, cut one side out in whatever shape seems most appropriate for the dolls to be used. Then you can add windows by cutting the other sides with scissors. Allow the children to decorate the dollhouse with paint or stickers. They can add small pieces of furniture or other décor to their liking and then play time can begin.
  5. Bottle Bug– Turn a plastic water bottle sideways and wrap the center with decorative paper. Add some wings. Then at the top, add some pipe cleaner for antennas. And two yellow beads glued to the top make the eyes. Insert a glow stick and the super cool bug becomes a firefly.

These great ideas will offer tons of fun for your kids, but if you’re looking for additional suggestions you can follow this link. Enjoy the time; it passes faster than you realize.…